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Fully Developed Solution : Public Pension Fund Crisis

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Los Angeles, CA USA


Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Refund Policy

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For the first time in the United States, I am introducing a fully developed solution designed to reverse America's Dwindling Public Pension, now at more than $6 Trillion and rising. It is estimated that the national debt of the United States will grow to $30 Trillion by 2030, there is no doubt that this public crisis will probably double in size.

This very unique solution is designed to improve the current negative financial conditions of public pensions comes in two parts:

1) Training/workshop/conference - to understand all the negative factors that are affecting public pensions;

2) Team building - this is a team building or partnership between public employees and my firm to adopt my solution/program to protect public pensions. It is important to remember that this training/program/solution will only be offered to all those who will attend, adopt and participate in order to be implemented anywhere in the United States.

All of the following factors will be discussed and demonstrated in the presence of the best analysts from any government sector to prove that this solution is the only way to protect public employees pensions:

1) The national debt of the United States of America currently at $21.4 trillion is growing. This is the most important factor as far as national security is concerned. You will be able to understand why it is growing and how to reverse this from upward into a downward trend without raising taxes! Without this solution, there will be tremendous pressure against people of color, poverty will keep on growing in the United States and other parts of the world;

2) Budget cuts in the government: cities, states, federal government particularly education, law enforcement, fire departments, etc. is everywhere; you will learn how together we can eliminate all these without raising taxes; you will also learn why our political leaders will not be able to accomplish all these without these powerful solutions;

3) Social Security - the millenials are contributing to the fund, but we all know that by the time they retire, they will not be benefiting - that is totally unfair! How do we protect Social Security without raising payroll tax or retirement age and still provide the same benefits for the future generations;

4) Corporate Tax - the current administration was able to lower corporate tax rate from 35.1% down to 21% as a result of which the national debt will rise faster; you will learn how instead of 21%, my solution is to lower this corporate tax from 21% down to 9.5% or 10% and still lower the $21.4 trillion debt; that will provide tremendous opportunity for the American people;

5) Terrorism - Why the United States and other countries are unable to prevent terror attacks similar to those of September 11, 2001, Boston Marathon bombing, Paris, France; San Bernardino, California; Brussels, Belgium; or any of the mass shootings in American communities and schools; my solutions will bring safety and unity not only in the United States but other countries as well;

6) Gun Violence, Domestic Violence, Kidnapping and/or Trafficking of Women and Chidren - why is it that governments are powerless in preventing all types of violent crimes that affects families, communities, schools, workplace; how the president of this company discovered the real reasons and developed the proper solutions including racial inequality in the United States. This will provide NFL players a far more effective strategy than anthem kneel down. This prevention program is applicable to other countries including El Salvador where gangs are controlling women and children;

7) Homelessness - why is homelessness growing in the United States; why raising taxes will only make homelessness worst; how to totally eliminate homelessness in the United States and other countries without raising taxes;

8) Outstanding Educational Loans - The objective is to reduce it by 60% to 70% without help from taxpayers within the first five years; this will explain the entire program and how it will generate jobs for those who are unemployed and with outstanding educational loans;

9) Traffic congestion is affecting the world's economy, human's way of life and climate change; You will learn why despite the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, the solution is impossible without understanding and fixing basic problems;

You will also be able to understand why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration cannot solve the following traffic fatalities here in the United States. The following are fatalities in this country, and how this can be reversed within the first few years:

2010 - 32,299

2011 - 32,479

2012 - 33.561

2013 - 32,719

2014 - 32,675

2015 - 38,300

2016 - 40,000

Note: In 2010 alone $871 billion cost; 3.9 million injured and 24 million vehicles damaged; You will now be able to understand why the government (NHTSA) is not capable of solving this national problem despite spending million of dollars on research.

10) Why more than 100 police officers are killed while in the line of duty in the United States annually and why the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) cannot determine the cause:

2013 - 127 officers

2014 - 157 officers

2015 - 163 officers

2016 - 161 officers

2017 - 135 officers

11) Why the world's prison population is growing;

12) Using Australia as a comparison, this country was able to establish gun control but is facing similar problems like:

a) Domestic Violence with a $21.7 billion negative effect to their economy;

b) Prison population is booming;

c) Homelessness is rising;

d) Universities are experiencing budget cuts

13) Violence in Europe, particularly London, I will explain why this knife crime cannot be prevented by the government including:

a) How to prevent "knife crime" in London

b) How to reduce prison population and poverty

c) How to prevent terrorism

d) How to reverse the growing debt of the United Kingdom

You will be able to understand the problems and take necessary steps to solve : Poverty, All types of Violence against Humanity, Racial Inequality, Climate Change, etc. . Without understanding all of these, our government leaders would always be powerless regardless of political affinity.

This will be the first in the world type of workshop/training. You will be provided with the necessary steps in order for all of us to bring solutions to these serious challenges that we are all facing. By doing so, we will be able to provide future generations of better leaders in the governments, communities and businesses.

Since these solutions are ready for immediate implementation by the United States Government, one of the best benefit is to reduce any chances of an economic recession. For that reason, I would like to also introduce less work hours and more days off a month in addition to Holidays for all working people, private or public. This program will be called Family Days, at least two days a month!

The schedules of event are the following:

Oct. 12, 2018 - Los Angeles County

Oct. 26, 2018 - Washington, DC

Nov. 9, 2018 - Chicago, Illinois

Nov. 16, 2018 - London, U.K.

Dec. 12, 2018 - Sidney, Australia

Pre-requisites for attendees:

1) Review and analyze U.S. Debt Clock;

2) Find and review all news articles about gun violence/terrorism in the United States and other countries? Find out the political leader's response.

3) Review the War in Afghanistan: How much money was spent; How many soldiers lost their lives; How many were wounded; How much money do we need to provide for all veterans from Afghanistan War. How many veterans are committing suicide every month or year? How many veterans are homessless?

4) Review homelessness in various counties of California (Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego Counties); Review the sales tax increase of Los Angeles to fix homelessness;

5) Review the Battle of Mogadishu (Oct. 3 & 4, 1993): How many soldiers lost their lives; How many civilians were killed; Watch the movie Black Hawk Down and be ready to provide your analysis (you may ask for assistance from anyone with military expertise).

6) MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If any registered attendee is able to find any other individual or team from any private or government institutions including law enforcement, military or intelligence agencies anywhere in the world, that can defeat the analysis, strategies, programs and solutions presented herein, I will refund your your registration fee (excluding expenses and applicable taxes). This guarantee is good for 60 days from date of event.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

You must be 21 and above.

What can I bring into the event?

Two white sheets of copy paper, one blue and one red pen; Bring your exceptional knowledge regarding all of the above; Bring your exceptional capability to analyze all of the above; This is interactive presentation where you are expected to think, analyze and be able to make decisions.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You may contact me, the global researcher, program/solution developer, Daniel Ver, the company president -

What's the refund policy?

7 Days - Remember that this would be the first type of conference designed to establish Global Solutions not only for the United States but also other countries in the world. The initial number of participant is limited to 150 only. Any additional will be on our waiting list. We reserve the right to cancel this event. We will not be responsible for your personal or travel expenses other than to refund your registration fee.

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Date and Time


Los Angeles, CA USA


Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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