Fullsterkur Strongman Conquest

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American Legion

4206 Daniels Avenue

Annandale, VA 22003

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Fullsterkur is Icelandic for "Full Strong". Fullsterkur Strongman, in conjunction with the American Legion bicentennial post 1976, is proud to present the "Fullsterkur Strongman Conquest"!

Under the summer sun at an awesome venue we will find out who truly is Fullsterkur. Team Fullsterkur is partnering with the American Legion to bring both competitors and spectators a fun and memorable contest. This will be a festival-type atmosphere with an emphasis on creating a great experience for everyone involved. There will be food, beer, music and high quality Strongman so bring the whole family out to support you! We will also have sponsors/vendors on site so there will be something for everyone to do while not watching the athletes bring their best.


Divisions: Novice Women (LW < 181, HW 182+), Novice Men (LW <220, HW >220), Open Women (LW <132, MW 133-165, HW 166-198#, SHW 199+), Open Men (LW<181, MW 182-198, 199-220, HW 221-275, SHW 276+), Masters Women (LW <132, MW 133-165, HW 166+), Master Men (LW<220, HW 221-242, 242+)

Events: 1.) Press medley C and P 1 x each: Circus DB, Axle, Log (8 Novice women, 10 Open women, 12 Novice and Open men) 2.) Farmers carry x 40 down, re pick, 40 back 3.) 12.5 Deadlift x max reps in 60 seconds 4.) Keg/H stone carry medley- 50 for each implement 5.) Stone carry and load over bar- 15 carry, load over bar for max reps for remainder of 60 seconds

Event 1: Press Medley-

Athletes will be required to clean and press three (3) implements one time each. The three implements (in the order they must be completed) are: Circus DB, Axle, Log. Athletes will start with their hands on the Circus DB and, once given the command from the judge, begin the medley by cleaning and pressing the DB overhead with one arm until they recieve a down command. The athlete will then proceed to the axle and finally the log. To receive a down command for each implement athletes elbow(s) and knees must be fully locked out with feet parallel. For the Circus DB, athletes may clean the implement with two hands but must have their "free" hand off the DB before initiating the press (aka if your hand is on the DB as you initiate hip drive you will get a "no rep"). Novice women will use an 8" log, Open women will use a 10" log, Novice and Open men will use a 12" log. Fastest time or most implements completed wins. Split times will be taken for each implement.

Rules: 60 second time limit, belt (buckle to the back), chalk, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves OK. Elbow/knee wraps, tacky, straps NOT ALLOWED

Division/Circus DB/Axle/Log

LW Novice Women <181 55#/100#/100#

HW Novice Women 181+/70#/115#/115#

LW Open Women <132 65#/115#/110#

MW Open Women 133-165/80#/135#/125#

HW Open Women 166-198, 199+/90#/150#/140#

LW Novice Men <220 100#185#/175#

HW Novice Men 221+/110#/215#/205#

LW Open Men <181 125#/225#/215#

MW Open Men 182-198, 199-220/145#/250#/240#

HW Open Men 221-275, SHW 276+/185#/280#/270#

Master LW Women <132 70#/100#/100#

Masters MW Women 133-165/75#/120#/115#

Masters HW Women 166+/85#/135#/125#

Masters LW Men <220 125#/225#/215#

Master HW Men 221-242, 242+/135#/240#/240#

Event 2: Farmers carry-

Once given the signal from the judge, athletes will be required to pick and carry the farmers implements 40' set them down, re pick, and carry back another 40' to the start line. Implements must fully cross the line on the way down and just the front end must cross the line on the way back. Fastest time or furthest distance will win the event.

Rules: 60 second time limit, belt, chalk, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, knee sleeves OK. Elbow/knee wraps, tacky, straps, suits NOT ALLOWED

LW Novice Women: 125# (per hand)

HW Novice Women: 145#

LW Open Women: 145#

MW Open Women: 165#

HW Open Women: 185#

LW Novice Men: 200#

HW Novice Men: 225#

LW Open Men: 250#

MW Open Men: 275#

HW Open Men: 300#

Master LW Women: 125#

Masters MW Women: 145#

Masters HW Women: 165#

Masters LW Men: 225#

Masters HW Men: 250#

Event 3: 12.5" Deadlift x max reps in 60 seconds

Once given the signal from the judge, athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. Judge will give an up AND down command. Pick height is 12.5".

Rules: 60 second time limit, Up AND down command for every rep, straps, belt, chalk, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, wrist wraps OK. Suits, tacky, elbow/knee wraps NOT ALLOWED

LW Novice Women: 245# (off blocks)

HW Novice Women: 275# (off blocks)

LW Open Women: 275# (off blocks)

MW Open Women: 325# (off blocks)

HW Open Women: 355# (off blocks)

LW Novice Men: 405# (off blocks)

HW Novice Men: 455# (off blocks)

LW Open Men: 485# (Truck tires)

MW Open Men: 535# (Truck tires)

HW Open Men: 585# (Truck tires)

Masters LW Women: 275# (off blocks)

Masters MW Women: 295#

Masters HW Women: 325#

Masters LW Men: 455#

Masters HW Men: 485#

Event 4: Keg/H Stone Carry Medley

Once given the signal from the judge, athletes will start by picking and FRONT carrying the keg 50' down. Once the athlete has crossed the line with the keg they will pick up and FRONT carry the H Stone back 50' to the start position. The keg and H Stone will start on opposite ends so that once the athlete crosses the line with the keg and set it down UPRIGHT the H Stone will be right there to pick and carry back to the start line.

Rules: 60 second time limit, belt (to the back), chalk, elbow/knee sleeves, wrist wraps, forearm sleeves (not stone sleeves) or tape OK. Tacky, suits, elbow/knee wraps, stone sleeves NOT ALLOWED.

Division/keg/H Stone

LW Novice Women: 100#/150# (Poundstone H stone)

HW Novice Women: 135#/175# (Poundstone H stone)

LW Open Women: 150#/150# (Texas Power concepts H stone)

MW Open Women: 170#/170# (TPC H stone)

HW Open Women: 190#/190# (TPC H stone)

LW Novice Men: 210#/210# (TPC H stone)

HW Novice Men: 225#/225# (TPC H stone)

LW Open Men: 225#/225# (TPC H stone)

MW Open Men: 250#/250# (TPC H stone)

HW Open Men: 270#/270# (TPC H stone)

Masters LW Women: 135#/135# (Poundstone H stone)

Masters MW Women: 160#/160# (Poundstone H stone)

Masters HW Women: 180#/180# (Poundstone H stone)

Masters LW Men: 225#/225# (TPC H stone)

Masters HW Men: 250#/250# (TPC H stone)

Event 5: Stone Carry and Load

Once given the signal from the judge, athletes will pick up and carry the stone 15' and load it over the bar. Once carried and loaded over the bar the judge will return the stone to the athlete who will complete max reps loading the stone over the bar in the remainder of the time limit. Athlete MAY NOT use the bar to push the stone over. If athlete grabs the bar or uses it in any way to gain leverage the rep will not count.

Rules: 60 second time limit, chalk, belt, elbow/knee sleeves, wrist wraps OK. Tacky, suits, elbow/knee wraps NOT ALLOWED.

LW Novice Women (46" bar): 105#

HW Novice Women (46"): 135#

LW Open Women (48"): 135#

MW Open Women (48"): 160#

HW Open Women (48"): 175#

LW Novice Men (48"): 175#

HW Novice Men (48"): 215#

LW Open Men (52"): 215#

MW Open Men (52"): 240#

HW Open Men (52"): 270#

Masters LW Women (48"): 105#

Masters MW Women(48"): 135#

Masters HW Women (48"): 160#

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American Legion

4206 Daniels Avenue

Annandale, VA 22003

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