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FULL LIFE DESIGN 3-Day Intensive (Portland)

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The Benson Hotel

309 Southwest Broadway

Portland, OR 97205

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Have you had your business for 3, 4 or 5 years? Are you a mama now too and thinking, I know this was what I wanted, but how do I pull it all off- continue to grow my business, be a good mom, a good partner, and everything else life is asking me to be?! How do I do it ALL?

The FULL LIFE DESIGN 3-Day Intensive is for women entrepreneurs who have been trying to do it all, but have found that it's not working. It's not coming together like you had hoped or imagined. I show you how to break all the rules and do it your way; to design the life you want to live and a business to support it.

Day 1 – Personal Revamp

  • Release old beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you

  • Open up to the new vision for your life based on who you are & what you want NOW

  • Walk away with lots of new tools, a daily routine to support your new vision, plus a plan of action for the steps to get you there (one that you feel excited about- not burdened by)

Day 1 is all about your life. We look at what’s working and what’s not working. But don’t worry!, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded, equally talented, witty, kind, savvy and supportive women. This is a safe space for you to evaluate things that have probably been on your mind for a while now, but when do we actually have time to pause, reflect, and change anything up… like, never. This is the time to weed those things out! Old beliefs and behaviors you’re hanging on to but are no longer a fit for the life you desire, they must be cut loose because they’re holding you back. Is this therapy? No. Is it therapeutic for you and your business? Absolutely!

Once we clear out the old, we’ll be ready for the new. You’ll feel renewed and have the mental capacity to dive in. You’ll be taken through a process to answer the question- what is your vision now? You’ll be surprised at how easily clarity comes. Get ready for some soul-affirming ah-ha’s. You’ll finish the day with a slew of new tools and a daily routine to support your new vision, plus the steps to get you there.

Day 2- Business Revamp

  • Remember why you started your biz

  • Audit everything you’ve done over the last 3,4,5 years

  • Leave everything behind that's not working, plus pull forward & refine what is

  • Determine your big picture vision of success & the steps to get you there

Day 1 is a tune-up for your soul, Day 2 is a tune-up for your business! This is a judgment-free zone, it is NOT a place for you to feel badly about where you thought your business should be by now. It IS a place for you to take a look back and consider all you have done up until this point. You will “audit” your business; what’s worked, what hasn’t worked. For example, what systems or marketing changes have you had on your mind for the past few years, but not had the chance to implement (new website maybe, a new marketing tool, launching a new product or service that pushes you past your comfort zone)? How might you revise your services to reflect the way you actually want to be spending your time? Does your pricing need to change? And on and on. You’ll let go of business practices that are hindering your progress, pull forward the gems- the wisdom you’ve gathered over the years about what you do best, the tricks of your trade, and what your clients really need. You’ll take all of this one step further, refining them so that they fit in with YOUR vision, your definition of success for your life and your business. Work/life integration is not pie-in-the-sky thinking in this intensive- it is the rule of the day!

Day 3- FULL LIFE Acceleration

  • Learn 7 core full-life-living principles to guide your way forward on your new found path of work/life integration and towards your new vision

  • Create your own unique FULL LIFE DESIGN Formula

  • Walk away feeling the weight of old beliefs lifted, peace of mind from the clarity you've discovered, renewed drive and motivation, plus a plan of action you can't wait to get going on

At this stage of the intensive, with new-found clarity, you’ll know what you want and what you deserve. You’ll feel as if a huge weight has been lifted and you have left the past in the past- how good will that feel?! You’ll get 7 core full-life-living principles to guide your way, and develop a personalized road map for moving forward in your life and biz- your own unique “FULL LIFE DESIGN Formula.” This formula will include both inspirational and practical tools. And because you’ve given yourself the gift of this time, allowed yourself to be among like-minded women, and done the work, you’ll reap the rewards: things like peace of mind, renewed drive and motivation, a plan of action (including how to handle any setbacks along the way), and knowledge of the resources that must be put in place to support you on your new journey. You’ll know the work it will take to finally get your life and your business moving in a direction that fits for your now, and you’ll be ready.

Oh, and bonus!…

All of this, and the intensive is on a mama’s schedule. We end each day at 2:30pm. You’ll still have time to pick up the kids, do stuff for your family, or handle any life or work issues that come up. Because like I said, in the world of FULL LIFE DESIGN, work/life integration is the name of the game!


Rave Reviews for FULL LIFE DESIGN...

Working with Katie was so impactful for my continued development of my business. She used a technique that allowed me to explore and wonder in both fun and practical ways. In the short time we had together, I realized what the 2.0 version of my business could look like and a bunch of ideas on how to get there. Once I spent some time alone with the takeaways, everything crystalized for me. Her ability to ask the right questions and also share her genuine, thoughtful recommendations truly sparked something magical. Even with my own coaching & consulting skills, I couldn’t have done the work alone, or come to this immediate next EXCITING step (or certainly not as quickly!). It was the alchemy of working together!

-Maggie Helm, HelmCoaching.net

What a gift Katie has been to the unfolding of my journey. She has an innate ability to see me in the truest sense, gently guide me through a process that allows me to see my blocks, affirm my strengths, and at the same time provide practical steps forward to resolve them. I love how she brings her various tools like goddess cards, meditation techniques, or MI as they are needed in each conversation. I like how our consulting sessions feel as natural as talking to a friend, yet I'm held accountable to make forward progress. Thank you Katie!!!

- Elaine McGhee, ThriveMomma.com

Katie Slack offers an incredible gift in the form of Full Life Design. Throughout my time working with Katie, I gained clarity and direction not only in my personal life but also in my business. She perfectly balances addressing all areas of someone's life, working with the individual to create a thriving lifestyle… I highly recommend gifting yourself this opportunity to work with Katie, as she has much to offer!

-Tashina Beckmann, Empowered2Greatness.com

I want to thank you so much for taking your time during our sessions this year! I love how you actually listened
to what I was trying to say and understood the motivation and needs behind it.
You’re a very strong and caring woman, coach, facilitator, and entrepreneur and that compassion showed each time we talked. As a direct result of our sessions, my muck has cleared up, and I’ve embraced my authenticity in both my work and at home. I’m no longer stuck on so many levels and have you to thank for it! Now my energy’s going back to my family, and to an entirely new soft relaunch of my massage practice!

- Veronica McMullan

I have benefited immensely from one-on-one sessions with Katie. One of the amazing things is that with each session, I see the results and rewards in a different way! Sometimes she’ll help me get clear on my business, sometimes my goals, sometimes about my relationships, sometimes about my patterns and ruts. Katie has made a lasting impact in my life… She’s really opened my eyes to a new way of living…one that feels positive, feminine and productive. Thank you, Katie!

-Jessica Barna

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Date and Time


The Benson Hotel

309 Southwest Broadway

Portland, OR 97205

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