Fujitsu Laboratories Advanced Technology Symposium 2018

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Fujitsu Laboratories Advanced Technology Symposium 2018

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Santa Clara Convention Center 5001 Great America Pkwy Santa Clara, CA 95054

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On behalf of Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., we would like to invite you to our Fujitsu Laboratories Advanced Technology Symposium.

The theme of the event is "Make AI Trustworthy! Explainable and Ethical AI for Everyone". From autonomous vehicles to clinical diagnosis systems, AI technologies are increasingly making far-reaching decisions on our behalf.

The classic sense-decision-action loop is being replaced by AI technologies where there is exponential speedup of action. However, for society at large to have confidence in the accuracy and fairness of these systems, it is critical that they be transparent, free from bias and the causality between input and action be understood in easily explainable terms. This requires the development of new explainable AI models that maintain consistency, performance and accuracy. Another related and equally important topic is on the ethics of AI systems. AI models are only as good as the training data used to build them and the human operators deploying them. For AI systems to gain trust and wide spread adoption it is essential that they operate under social rules surrounding ethics and morality.

The symposium will explore these topics in greater detail thru keynotes and panel sessions. You will also have an opportunity to meet Fujitsu management, researchers and fellow thought leaders from Silicon Valley’s rich innovation ecosystem. It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Keynote Speakers:

Shigeru Sasaki

Tomoaso Poggio Mark Nitzberg Shigeru Sasaki Tomaso Poggio Mark Nitzberg

CEO, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. & CTO, Fujitsu Ltd.

Professor, Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, MIT Executive Director, Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, UC Berkeley Event Speakers:

Ajay Chander

Brad Templeton

Anand Rao

Jari Koister

Tina Hernandez-Boussard

Brad Templeton
Anand Rao
Som Shahapurkar Associate Professor, Stanford University Chairman Emeritus and futurist of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Global Leader of Artificial Intelligence, PwC US Director AI/ML Product, FICO

Karen McCabe
David Gunning
Mariarosaria Taddeo
Manish Saggar
Karen McCabe David Gunning

Mariarosaria Taddeo

Manish Saggar
Senior Director of Technology Policy and International Affairs, IEEE
Program Manager, Information Innovation Office, DARPA
Research Fellow and Deputy Director, Digital Ethics Lab, University of Oxford

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Ryan Welsh Tatsuki Araki Joel_O’Halloran
Seishi Okamoto
Ryan Welsh Tatsuki Araki Joel O'Halloran

Seishi Okamoto

CEO, Kyndi Inc Fujitsu Ltd.
Sr VP, AI HQ, Fujitsu Limited

Head of Artificial Intelligence Laboratories, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

Kiyoshi Sakai

Kiyoshi Sakai CEO, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.

Event Master of Ceremonies:

Ajay Chander Ajay Chander Director of Digital Life Lab, Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc.


Technology Showcase:


Successful Customer Case Studies of eXplainable AI Based on Combining Deep Tensor and Knowledge Graph


Newly Developed "Wide Learning" Technology for Increasing Learning Performance and Transparency of AI


Deep Tensor with Transparency Tools


Prediction Is Not Sufficient. Businesses Demand Explainability of AI Decisions


Applying Deep Tensor to Consumer Phone Call History to Predict Borrowing Risk


AI x Simulation: Using AI to Reduce Simulation Costs and Increase Product Quality and Manufacturing Efficiency


AI for Expert SAKE Brewing


Reinforcement Learning based Traffic Signal Control Validated in Real-Time Real World Traffic Simulation


High Accuracy Arrhythmia Detection Based on Topological Data Analysis


AI Based Service-Aware Network Operation Technologies for Optimal Planning and Optimization


Hardware-based Technology for Secure External Deployment of Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics


Open Set Recognition Technology for Better Identification of Unknown Objects


Enhance Web API Solutions with Automated API Learning


Solving Large Scale Lattice Protein Folding Problems Using Fujitsu Digital Annealer


Fujitsu Digital Annealer Real-World Use Case Scenarios - Improving Traffic Flow on Tokyo Roads

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