From Dating to Love - Use Your Intuition And Get It Right!
$79 – $97
From Dating to Love - Use Your Intuition And Get It Right!

From Dating to Love - Use Your Intuition And Get It Right!

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Hennessey's Tavern

7811 Herschel Avenue

San Diego, CA 92037

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1 DAY INTERACTIVE SEMINAR - From Dating to Love -- Use Your Intuition And Get It Right!

Plus brief intuitive sessions for participants by internationally recognized Intuitive Therapist and FM Radio Personality, Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

TOPIC 1: Why Modern Dating has gone WRONG! Let's get it RIGHT!

FACILITATOR: Join Jane Roder, International Author, Speaker, Sex & Relationship Specialist, visiting from Australia for this important conversation where you will learn how to reclaim your dignity, the joy of dating and attract the love you deserve into your life.

Do you often hear cynical and despairing remarks from every age group when the subject of dating, relationships and the opposite sex is brought up? Are you bewildered by the dating scene, not knowing what moves to make and what moves not to make? What to say and what not to say?

Men are despairing and so are women. As human beings we need love like we need air, but in today's world it is very clear that we are struggling to create and maintain healthy relationships. Why? What has changed? How can we re-write dating?

In this interactive seminar you will learn:

1. Why and how modern dating has gotten off track

2. The psychological and emotional impact of modern dating

3. The ONE main reason why dating isn’t working for men and women

4. UNHEALTHY dating patterns and how you can break them

5. Why addressing surface issues isn't the answer

6. Essential elements that will guarantee success over time and enable you to reclaim your dignity, the joy of dating and attract love into your life

If you miss this event …..years later you may STILL be wondering what you are doing wrong.

“Thank you Jane; for as always, a very thought provoking and enlightening insight into ourselves, our unconscious beliefs and how they affect all our relationships. The why and how of why we behave in certain ways, when revealed is empowering, and provides us with the opportunity to move forward in healthier and happier ways”- Regards, Robbie.

“In the past I have attended your workshops and thought they were informative and beautifully presented. That time for me was about learning and you were part of my renewed education. Now I am happy to say that the last three years have been wonderful. I really did meet the love of my life and I can say I am in an amazing relationship. Louise is just perfect and every day is Valentine’s Day for us. Thank you Jane for you dedication and passion that assists people to better their relationships and find love. It is for everyone” – Roy Barker

About Jane Roder

Jane is the author of What We Aren't Told About Sex, 101 Ways to Win a Woman’s Heart, How to Achieve a Successful Divorce, 77 Secrets to Dynamic Relationships and How to Find Your Soul Mate. She has also appeared at The Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival, on Today Tonight, The Late Date Show 101.9 Fox FM, Life Magazine, Sexpo and many other platforms. Aligning mind, body and spirit Jane creates breakthrough conversations to bridge the gap between men and women and to raise consciousness around dating, sexuality and relationships.

Jane also offers dating, relationship and sex counselling/coaching globally by phone or Skype


LUNCH BREAK 1pm - 2pm (lunch is available for purchase at Hennessey's)

TOPIC 2: Develop Your Intuition and Attract a Soulmate -- Not a Cellmate!

Facilitator: Join Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A., Intuitive Therapist, Counselor, Educator and FM Morning Radio Entertainer, in this exhilarating event where you will learn how to listen to your intuition to bring the love of your life into your life.

As with your other senses, you were born with intuition, yet it can remain largely unused. In relationship, when your heart and gut tell you one thing, do you sometimes go another direction – and later regret it? Your intuition is the gateway to your soul and Divine guidance. It will never lead you astray! Knowing whether it’s your intuition or imagination can be difficult in relationships as wishful thinking and fear can get in the way.

In this interactive seminar, you will learn how to:

• Assess the degree to which you use your intuition today to make wise and aware decisions

• Distinguish intuitive and Divinely guided messages from the egoic mind

• Learn the intuitive process and get the right answer right now to any question

• “Tune-in” to yourself and the inner world of another through empathy, love, and energy

• Discern whether you are on the right path where your relationships are concerned

• Uncover what is blocking you from having the love of your life in your life

• Intuit how you can improve your relationships and love life

* Participate in a mini-intuitive reading where Karen will help you answer any question you have regarding your love life.

"No one I know is better adept than Karen Storsteen at teaching us how to switch on the neural circuits for foresight, insight and intuition to magnify intellectual power. That's intelligence raised to the level of the mystical, which as Einstein stated, is 'the sower of all true art and science. Karen makes it easy to attain." -Don Joseph Goewey, President of ProAttitude and author of Mystic Cool (former executive of Stanford University Medical School)

"Working with Karen on our show has been a pleasure. Her connection to the spirit world is nothing short of amazing. If you are considering working with Karen regarding psychic readings, she is genuine. Karen works with your guides and gives you what they share. And I'm sharing my recommendation!" -Steve Mudflap McGrew, Morning Show Radio Host on The Wolf 92.5 FM, Stand-up Comic, Actor

About Karen Storsteen

Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A. has worked in the fields of human and organizational development for over twenty-five years and educated and counseled hundreds of thousands to self-actualize and reach their greatest potential. Storsteen has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and has been a regular on morning radio and several FM/AM radio stations. Her work is well recognized by Fortune 500 leaders, professional organizations (such as the Mensa the High IQ Society), higher education, the media and general public. Known for her “supersensory and uncanny intuitive gifts”, Karen blends this talent with proven psychological methods to help people gain instant insight and awareness in love, work and life. She helps people let go of limiting thoughts and behaviors so they may experience the miraculous and catapult their lives forward.

She provides counseling and business consulting services, as well as intuitive sessions, globally and by phone.

Karen graduated with Honors with a Master of Arts in Psychology from Regis University. She also holds a Master of Science in Management and Organization, and Master’s Minor in Finance, from the University of Colorado. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and holds numerous certifications in psychological, behavioral and organizational assessment and human performance improvement technologies.

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Date and Time


Hennessey's Tavern

7811 Herschel Avenue

San Diego, CA 92037

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