Frolic-Giving PG13 Family Friendly Potluck & Sleepover

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How are you celebrating the friendly family-oriented festivities this November? Would you like to join us with your family, your children, your pets and friends for a PG13 family friendly Frolic giving potluck?

We will sing, dance, connect, cuddle and play fun Interactive Whimsical games that'll be guaranteed to entertain everyone of all ages. I will open up the entire Temple for this event to create a fun-filled atmosphere with all the PG-13 family friendly fixens that we will need to celebrate.

If you could imagine a coming together of people from all walks of life, all family Dynamics, DNA and not DNA, that's what I am envisioning for us, family, tribe, community, oh yes lots of love!

We will provide some basic food fixins but are asking all guests to please bring a dish of some sort to share. I will create a Google doc with a list of what is being brought so that we don't get too many doubles, feel free to send me a direct text with the dish you plan to bring and I can add into the doc if you wish..

Doors will open at 5:30 PM

Opening Circle at 6:00 PM

Between Opening Circle and Closing Circle there will be interactive guided exercises, time for enjoying the food, socializing and open space for conscious connecting and sacred joyous play.

We will not close the doors until 10:00 PM

At around 9:30 PM they will be a Closing Circle for those that are not spending the night and once everyone leaves we will have another circle to open up our overnight container and discuss sleeping quarters. In the morning I will provide Coffee and Tea with a morning meditation and closing Circle before we part ways around 9:00 AM.

This will be a fully clothed and alcohol-free event.

My heart has a very sweet spot for family. I have had the great opportunity to work with children of all ages in varying degrees yet do not have any of my own. I will create exercises geared towards bringing children and adults together in sacred innocent and innovative playful exercises geared towards creating more opportunities for us to connect with our families of all ages.

There will be no strict door close time although try to arrive as close to doors open time to be there for opening circle. You will be able to leave whenever you wish but we will also be inviting guests to spend the night. The temple has many different comfy-cozy sleeping areas. We could even create a giant comfy cozy cuddle on the roof under the stars. There is a lot of space here but there will be limited space for sleeping and I want to make sure that everyone has their sleep needs met. If you would like to sleep over, please get in touch to arrange your sleeping quarters as soon as you purchase your ticket.

Let's drum, let's dance, let's sing, let's eat, and celebrate with gratitude!

Tickets will be available by donation through Eventbrite at a sliding scale of anywhere between $5 and $50 per person. When purchasing your ticket please purchase one ticket per guest making a donation anywhere in our sliding scale per person. In the spirit of giving, if our sliding scale does not fit within your budget, but you would really like to be with community on this day, I don't want finances to get in the way.

There will be a separate ticket for spending the night available at $10 to $100 per person. Before purchasing this ticket, contact Candice to verify there are appropriate sleeping accommodations to meet your needs.

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