Fresh Inspiration Show Virtual Symposium - 08/25/2022

Fresh Inspiration Show Virtual Symposium - 08/25/2022

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Fresh Inspired Power - Seek Your Wisdom

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The Fresh Inspiration Show is a monthly virtual symposium full of information from different experts each month. Grab a complementary digital ticket and enjoy your front row seat for Mindset Transformation Entertainment (™). Grab your ticket and receive VIP treatment as you have an opportunity to win prizes, get the recipe of the month specially picked out by the host and founder Rhonda Liebig, and special presents from each star. Share this show with friends as this is a bring your friend event.

Since this is a virtual show and workshop (symposium) style we deliver the show straight to you on all your devices which is broadcasted LIVE in Facebook in our community, The Fresh Inspiration Show - Mindset Transformation Entertainment, then we are syndicated into a podcast on Spotify, iTunes, iHeart and Firestick and then professionally edited into a TV Show on ROKUTV and Amazon Firestick.

The experts/stars of the show and show schedule will be published down below as we book your experts:

8:00 AM - 8:45 - Theme "Fresh Inspired Power - Seek Your Wisdom

Opening Ceremony Rhonda Liebig we'll be inviting in a special guest to partner with us as we share Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM) with you. Rhonda will lead discussions on what we are seeing out there in the world so that we can create a focus on healing and clearing words and phrases that are not serving us right to live our lifestyle that we are craving to live in. We will be talking about the tools that you will want in your tool belt so that you live a life full in instead of the numbing that can occur throughout a lifetime. The Opening Ceremony is the opening steps into a world of saying more YES's to yourself to find "Fresh Inspired Power - Seek Your Wisdom". Come in and share your experiences too throughout this hour.

8:45 - 9:45 Let's get in real conversation about how to create a world where we live and seek wisdom in living ALL IN to feel that we are creating a lifestyle plan and business plan that feels do-able. That we have days feeling open, easily forgiving others, letting go, learning to play like the kid that we love to be with all of our years experience in what we have created as adults. This hour we are gong to be doing activities for morning routine how to take breaks where our nervous systems rests so we fully feel rested during our breaks and finally living in #truth with the, what I like to call the "Do Be Do Be Do" state.

9:45 - 10:45 living ALL IN with the three pillars of Truth, Heart and Healing. This is the second layer of pillars to get us to the ultimate level in life which is introduced in the third hour at 10:45AM Pacific.

10:45 - 11:15 Now that we have created the platform in the prior hours now is our final, "Fresh Inspired Power - Seek Your Wisdom" this is where Rhonda Lou Moxy introduce the top tier to living in this real conversation to create a global impact within the three pillars that Rhonda will introduce to you, Freedom, Safety and Vitality! Each pillars holds a secure space in this world so that you can have each day created with raw emotion to keep growing and learning about ourselves, how to serve ourselves and others at a higher level and not get stuck in the minutia.

11:15AM - 12PM Closing Ceremony

Basking in the transformation for the day. This is where we get to review the highlights from the show, and also give some additional free gifts. This is where I will make sure that you receive all your gifts from the day from each expert, also that you grabbed your spotlight recipe for the month that will help you heal on the inside and support you to calm your nervous system so that you know... "You Got This"! This is the final hurrah before we say good-bye for the day.


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Once you receive your complementary ticket and come into the LIVE symposium show you receive VIP mindset support from the best motivational entertainers out there right now. This is where you get to ask questions and comment directly to each star of the show (more details in how this works once you opt in). You will definitely want to have your journal and your full alertness to enjoy each fresh perspective from the experts for this monthly themed show.


The host of the show/ Rhonda Liebig


Bestselling author of The FITT Solution and 14 Days to a Flat Belly is an Energy Revitalizer & Cash Vitality Coach. PLUS Rhonda is the founder of The Fresh Inspiration Show and she is enjoying hosting the show lifting and warming the stage for the stars/experts so you receive the best mindset entertainment around. Rhonda has been in the health industry for over 20 years and is known to have "Insightful Vitality Solutions for your Desirable Results".


The show's inspiration that kicked off this unique entertainment in 2018


Rhonda Liebig, I am inspired by concerts and music, actors and stars, and speaker that inspire to create an experience as if you went to the movies and / or concert. When I was younger this was the way that I could get through my day and believe in myself as if the actors/inspirers where my coaches at that time when I needed it the most. This is a show that is unique in that the inspirers that we are bringing to you the top creatives and inspirers for your Mindset Transformation Entertainment. I believe you won't find something around like this around anywhere for the flow of the show and the fun and play we have with each superstar/expert.


We have been LIVE and now we are virtual in Social Media, a Podcast and a TV Show


The Fresh Inspiration Show has spent time with LIVE events as we have toured in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Burbank and throughout Northern California and now in your living room with virtual events, to support the community in creatively living in inspiration and new mindset for lifestyle and business. We have been creating a stage for worldwide superstar speakers to come in and support you and your community. You do not want to miss this unique day with The Fresh Inspiration Show. This event is your key to mindset transformation. Grab your digital ticket and enjoy your virtual front row seat giving you access to our experts and live questions.

We look forward to serving you and your purpose.

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