Freedom From Feeling OUT OF CONTROL

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Kingston upon Hull


Kingston upon Hull

United Kingdom

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Discover the 3 quickest ways to recognize & stop ANGER and get back in control of you, your mind and your reactions.

About this Event

Freedom from feeling out of control with suppressed feelings of ANGER.

Is Anger controlling you and making you lose it in public?

Women ANGER is the biggest undiagnosed epidemic on the planet, leading to bad health, failing finances and a stream of ruined relationships.

**About this Event**

During this FREE online event you will discover..

The quickest 3 ways that will give you a radical change with your feelings of being out of control with suppressed ANGER.

We have put together this course to FREE YOU FROM FEELING OUT OF CONTROL as we see and feel so many women are struggling with the same issues we struggled with and these bottled up emotions and feelings make you fit to burst, lose it in public, feel exhausted because you are pushing down and controlling something that is far bigger than you.

It is a shame because the solution is at your very finger tips. The real reasons why have you not achieved all of what you set out to achieve is because these BIG FEELINGS like anger, hurt, fear, sadness, guilt and shame are stopping and blocking your progress in business, creating lasting health and in being able to cultivate loving supportive relationships.

1st step for today : BE BRAVE and admit that you have faced real fear, trauma, been hurt, felt sadness, been abandoned, have story upon story of neglect and abuse that eat away at you and make you feel angry inside which get triggered to the surface with the slightest prod.

The transformational solutions we use are 100% natural, quick and easy to implement, they take just 5 minutes to do and you can do them anywhere and at any time, so that you can become a woman who feels far more confident, looks and FEELS fabulously at ease in any situation and has access to her calm controlled self, so that she can be seen heard and express her needs and desires clearly and easily and have them delivered to her.

Be the woman now who can ask for what she wants with conviction, has a clear intention of what she wants next in life and reaches her next goal in a very short space of time.

On this ONLINE EVENT You’ll get…

1. To be crystal clear how to free yourself from your biggest stumbling block and burden

2. Uncover your NO 1 Trigger to why you react the way you do and how to control it

3. Realize that your thoughts and feelings are what create your outside world and your experiences and are the KEY to what either works or does not work for you

4. Learn how to kick start a surprising brand new relationship with yourself, to nurture your own needs, shift your energy and rock you so gently that you go further and faster and to where you want to be.

5. Discover how to do this for yourself 100% safely, easily and naturally with life skills that you can use again and again in any and every area of your life

*****This Is A FREE Online Event. There Are No Costs, But Seats Are Limited******

You will receive an email with a zoom link after your registration confirmation

This is ideal for you if:-

-If you are fed up with pushing down and controlling your suppressed anger which makes you feel sick to the stomach

-You’ve got somewhere you want to be and you feel you are missing out or doing something wrong.

-Have feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment about your emotional outbursts or the way you are coping by using food, eating, drinking, shopping, keeping busy and generally trying to gain control.

-Your mind is overactive and sends you into a whirl with what to say and do.

-Severely restrict your social or work activity to control your feelings of anger towards family, colleagues or other people.

-Fantasize about how much better life would be if you were a different kinder, calmer and hold it together style of woman

-Spend too much time thinking about past events, arguing with yourself about what you could have said or done instead and resenting the fact you didn’t.

-Feel angry mostly at yourself for the lack of confidence (lady balls) you had to control a situation, that now still haunts you and exhausts your mental energy.

-Feel really angry at a member of your family or colleagues who did not support you the way you wanted them to

This is NOT for you if:

-You have NO issues and do not carrying excess ANGER

-Looking for a quick win over someone else strategy with no effort on your part

-You have never tried to recognize that you have bottled up anger as its easier to keep passing the blame onto others

-You are not searching for freedom with regaining control of your emotions and the subsequent effects on your mind, body and soul

FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

Should I take Notes? Yes it’s a good idea to take notes of key important items

Is there a minimum age requirement for this training? No this is suitable for any age

Do I need to understand about mental health and emotions and how they work? No, This training is easy to follow without mental health or emotional training, we will guide you.

Is this training all about Anger and emotions? No, I offer a very rounded look at the mind, body and spirit and how she operates and how all conditions, symptoms and perceptions are reversible and transformable

.How can I contact the speaker?

You can contact the speaker on email

Client Visit :

Client Visit:

Fiona Robertson is the Body Renewer, and a Body Whisperer, a health & fitness trained healer and coach with her specific skills in food and eating disorders from suppressed emotions.

Fiona gets to the heart of the matter with health, weight and physical symptoms, she changes the perceptions of nutrition, stress and the mastering the mind and awareness of how you feel

She re-educates women how to eat and be conscious using intuition and emotional counseling, to renew their minds, bodies and connect with her spirit so that women can feel FREE and at peace in her body.

She strongly advocates listening to the body cue’s and messages (The psychology of eating, over working, being a shopaholic- recognizing, persistent physical symptoms, metal over thinking, and repeated patterns of behaviors) to provide adequate fuel for herself to nourish, raise her energy and ROCK her self every day.

Fiona Robertson the one and only “Body Whisperer” — is a teacher and up and coming author of ‘Girls just want to have Fun’, mother and all round personality, founder of the dropping 2.2.2 and Feeling Priceless programs that see women discovering their bodies again. The Home Detox Box (home detox kit) and Retreat Biarritz (the place to have a detox, quality rest and time out)

Hello I am Fiona Clark

* My fascination with the world of Alternative Therapy as a means of helping people overcome their physical and emotional blocks and imbalances has led to a fulfilling 25-year career helping my clients to triumph over whatever problems they may be facing and equipping them to move forward with their lives independently.

* As a Life Coach, Kinesiologist, Solution Focused & EFT Practitioner, who never stops studying balancing and mindset changing techniques to pass on to my clients, I specialize in helping you find your ‘Zen Zone’ so you have the courage to be yourself and reconnect to your ‘Zenergy’.

* I am also a qualified Reflexologist, and Theta Healer and have studied Faster EFT, Flower Essences, Reike, Sekhem and Crystal Healing.

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Date and Time


Kingston upon Hull


Kingston upon Hull

United Kingdom

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