Free Webinar: Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership Training

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Discover the Transformative Power of Psychosynthesis Coaching in this FREE info webinar.

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PSYCHOSPIRITUAL INSTITUTE (PSI) invites you to join us for our upcoming FREE webinar that will inspire you into the next step in your journey and participation in life.

Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Leadership Training Info Webinar

Monday, July 13, 2020.

7pm-8:30pm EST

Experience the leading edge of transformational regenerative coaching, personal growth and evolutionary leadership.


Our next Fully Accredited Board Certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach Training and Leadership Program begins September 2020!

Join us for this free webinar.

And you can learn more about our program at our website here:


Psychospiritual Institute offers one of the world’s leading fully accredited transformational coach training and leadership programs in the transpersonal psychology of Psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthesis is a spiritual psychology, also known as the science of the soul. It explores the evolutionary potential of human consciousness, and blends science and spirituality through 7 core concepts of transformation that address the whole person and our larger planetary shift.

This psychology forms the roots of the transpersonal psychology movement and was created over 100 years ago by Psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. It is an evolutionary framework that continues to evolve as we learn more about the nature of what it means to be human, whole and interconnected with life.

We believe that each person is creative, resourceful and whole. It is our mission to help people remember exactly who they are and support them to become who they are meant to be, beyond the conditions of society.

The work we do here is unique. Our programs combine spiritual psychology, deep ecology, leadership skills and conscious business development to address and develop not only ourselves as individuals, but our ability to impact and transform society as a whole.

In this webinar, you will learn some of the basic principles behind Psychosynthesis, including:

  • The Self as Loving Observer- With Psychosynthesis coaching, we work on supporting and empowering clients to witness themselves in a new way so they can develop their observation skills and direct their life with more awareness and aligned action.
  • Disidentification- In Psychosynthesis, we help people create a distance between who they truly are (the self) and the contents of their consciousness: thoughts, emotions, sensations, stories, beliefs etc. In this way, we recognize that we are is so much deeper than these transient experiences, which allows for a profound sense of freedom.
  • The Will- Coaching works with helping people to become more aware of what they want and what's in the way. With Psychosynthesis coaching we go even deeper than that by engaging and developing the Will to take actions on our awareness. To live a life aligned with a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and values.
  • Synthesis- Psychosynthesis is a methodology of non-duality. It embraces the both/and, and recognizes new possibilities. It deals with dynamic, creative tension in order to harmonize and transmute the seemingly conflicting elements. It's goal is wholeness and unity.

This unique methodology is a game-changer in our world. It embodies what it means to lead ourselves and lead our world in a time of change.

At PSI, we work with passionate people, who feel this shift in our world and want to be a catalyst for change.

We stand for wholeness, connection, limitless potential and personal and global NEW PARADIGM leadership.

Our world is changing. Right now, we are called to awakened action and participation more than ever before.

If you're ready to take that next step, join us for this free info webinar. And learn how we can work together for the transformation of our world.

This webinar is led by Psychospiritual Institute co-founder/director: Val Silidker, M.S., BCC.

Val Silidker is a Board Certified Master Coach with over 20 years in leadership and transformation. She is a Deep Ecologist and evolutionary activist, international speaker, mindset and leadership coach, and coach trainer. She is also the author of “Call of the Ecological Self”. Val works with changemakers, emerging leaders and visionaries to inspire the highest level of mindset, connection and purpose in their lives. She has been featured on Hay House Radio, NBC, and USA Today. Through mindful living events, summits, workshops, retreats and coaching, Val has inspired the transformation of thousands of people throughout the world.

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