Free Webinar: Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence

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This free webinar will review how you can increase your emotional intelligence through self-awareness and relationship building skills.

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Often, people get hired for their high IQ (they know a lot!) but get fired or passed over for promotions because of their low EQ (self-awareness and relationship building skills).

We all struggle with aspects of self-awareness and relational connectivity. In fact, everyone has broccoli in their teeth in one way or another! Want to know what it’s really like to be on the other side of you? Start by understanding the basic hard-wiring of your personality. Our 16 Types Webinar (built upon Myers-Briggs) will not only hold a mirror up to help you see those undermining tendencies, but will also give you the tools to do something about it.

Understand yourself and others by exploring some of the following topics in the webinar:

  • Are you solar powered or battery powered?
  • Do you need the pressure of deadlines to make decisions to do great work?
  • Are you a big picture dreamer, or do you thrive in the details of today?
  • Why Introverts hate to be interrupted
  • Why Extroverts do their best thinking when their lips are moving
  • Why Sensors tend to play it safe
  • Why Intuitives can take huge risks based upon their “gut feeling”
  • Why Perceivers struggle with organization
  • And more!

Move from accidental living to intentional living by better understanding your tendencies and setting yourself up for greater success. A time for Q&A will also be provided at the end of the webinar.

About the host: Tom Blaylock

Tom serves as Content Director for Five Capitals. His passion is to empower people at every level. Raising up leaders worth following and living life to the fullest are his goals. Tom has been coaching leaders and training teams for over 15 years and personally led organizations across a diverse spectrum. Tom and his wife, Sandi, have three children and live in South Carolina. Together they authored Marriage on Mission in 2016 and travel the country speaking to groups on growing stronger, more impactful marriages.

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