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Mas Sajady Public Service Program
Support for Teens Experiencing Depression

You may listen for yourself, or on behalf of a loved one.

(Frequency infused MP3 replay details included with registration.)

The frequencies of depression can dampen the brightest of spirits. For many teens, depression’s dark tentacles take root, clouding the richness of life’s experiences and draining precious energy. If you know of a teen who is hindered by depression’s heavy shackles, join Mas Sajady in this liberating free program in which he will work at the core frequency level to:

- lift the debilitating burden of depression

- provide a fresh, clear perspective with which to view life’s endless possibilities

- invite the spirit to know and embrace its true exquisite nature

- rekindle the energy, enthusiasm and passion to embrace new experiences

- introduce a life path of ease and effortless abundance

For this Medihealing®, those suffering from depression need not be present. You may “pull in” another by thinking of them during the meditation and then letting the thought go. Provided their spirit is willing to receive, they will benefit from the transformative effects as if they were present. The medihealing can also be played on a loop quietly in the background for maximum effect.

Because of a strong occurrence of youth depression in the area, this powerful medihealing will be held live in Portland to address the city’s youth. Mas will tap in and tailor the program as necessary to best address the specific needs of the group.


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