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Hello beautiful spirit.

Welcome. You have arrived at this page for a reason.

Sometimes this life and our circumstances can feel so overwhelming. Has darkness wrapped itself around you? Do you feel helpless or even a desire to bring this lifetime to an end?

You are not alone. Please accept this free gift to help you explore this sadness and despair.

*Please note that Mas is not a doctor and this information does not and should not act as a substitute to medical or psychological treatment. If your mental or emotional state is an emergency, please reach out for immediate medical or professional assistance and contact a loved one who can provide support. Detox and heavy emotions are normal but your safety is important to us.*

For many people, as we begin to detox we may feel a sense of sadness, darkness and even like we want to end our life. As our pain body is cleared, we identify closely with this departure and emptiness and may feel great discomfort. In reality, we are finally shedding all that has controlled us. We are now liberated and are poised for great growth and awakening.


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