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Mas Sajady Public Service Program
Support for Children with Gifts & Talents

You may listen for yourself, or on behalf of a loved one.

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From time to time we encounter a child whose brightness, intuition, or intellect is stunning. They are unique and unusual in a brilliant way; their gifts talents expand beyond those of their peers. These young individuals may not feel that they can relate to children their own age or they may feel isolated or misunderstood. It is also not uncommon for the abilities of these children to be unrecognized or unsupported.

The human existence is magical and can be created in a vast number of ways. Those with superb aptitudes need to feel encouraged and celebrated so that their true brilliance can shine through and their abilities can be strengthened. Join Mas for this free Medihealing® to support children with exceptional gifts and talents. This healing will help them to not only feel more complete and fortified in spirit but allow them to fully embrace their gifts and share them with the world.

The child or children who will benefit from this healing do not need to be present. Simply pull them into the healing frequencies by briefly thinking of them. You may also play the recording quietly for the child in the background as they sleep, do homework, or play. No need for the child to be physically present, Mas’ abilities will reach their spirit and the child will benefit from the frequencies generated.


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