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Green Living & Physical Purification

You may listen for yourself, or on behalf of a loved one.


Our bodies are the miraculous means through which we carry out our physical expression on earth. They are the density our spirits have created so that we may feel, see and integrate all that we experience in human form. Our bodies are with us through the entirety of our lives, and can be the source of great joy and pleasure or of suffering and pain. The ways in which we treat our physical bodies directly impacts the quality of our life experience.In this free public service event, join Mas Sajady as he works on our spiritual blueprint to help to purify our physical bodies to effortlessly attract and sustain health and vitality. By regular practicing of this revitalizing Medihealing, you may experience:

  • cleansing of harmful toxins that cloud our minds and bodies, leading to dullness, fatigue, inflammation and disease
  • effortlessly feeling attracted to clean nutrition and foods that build and maintain optimal health
  • being guided to exercises and activities that strengthen and tone our physique
  • pulling in any doctors, medicines or remedies that will restore us to our natural state of wellbeing
  • optimizing physical processes such as digestion, nutrient absorption and healing
  • restoring mental acuity and emotional stability to enhance alertness, efficiency and creativity
  • releasing any shame associated with our bodies so that we move through life with confidence and ease

Enjoy as Mas cleanses our spirit space so that our bodies are primed for maximum performance and feel an effortless attraction to what best serves us, helping us to do our part in making choices in line with our highest selvesYou may pull a loved one into the cleansing and transformative frequencies by thinking of them briefly during the meditation. Because Mas’s abilities transcend time and space, the willing spirit of your loved one will receive the full benefits as if they were present. The medihealing can also be played on a loop quietly in the background for maximum effect.

Mas Sajady is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. By registering for this product you agree to our disclaimer. View Full Disclaimer

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