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1 Glenwood Avenue


Raleigh, NC 27603

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First 20 to register & attend receive a Complimentary 60 Minute Session Valued at $300 for a Mindful Business Stress Management and Cognitive Behavioral Change Discovery Session w/ Jennie Wise from WiseMind Yoga Life & Business and an Entrepreneurial Wellness Breakthrough Call with Dr. Lovelle of Premiere Wellness.

Please note that light appetizers will be available 6:45-8 PM.

Your RSVP is important so we can accurately gauge the amount of food we purchase. Thank you!

Spaces are limited so please register!

You are cordially invited to join WiseMind Yoga Life & Business and Premiere Wellness for a Seminar on how we can better run our lives and businesses Mindfully, with Stress Resilience, Meditation, & Overall Wellness including Personalized Nutrition for stress management! This will be an interactive and life-changing 60 Minute seminar.

Gain a competitive edge as we show you how Business Mindfulness & Personalized Nutrition can help explode your company’s bottom line. Learn how Peacefulness and Productivity intersect to deliver a substantial increase in ROI - Return on Intention.

Stress in today's workplace is endemic and ever increasing. Why is this? We live in a culture where multitasking, distraction and overwhelm are the norm. We are bombarded with soundbites, Facebook posts, email, and text messages.

The workplace, being an entrepreneur, and owning a small business has become more and more demanding with greater pressure to meet deadlines, endless meetings to attend, a flood of emails to manage, and constant interruptions and distractions; research shows that in such a climate memory, attention, and concentration suffer.

Mindfulness and meditation have become a HOT TOPIC in corporate settings and are quickly becoming a staple of employee development in many Fortune 500 organizations such as SalesForce, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Google, Apple, and Nike.

To protect yourself and your team from the risk of overwhelm and burnout there are simple steps you can take that make a big difference. The beauty of these mindfulness practices is that you can do them anywhere any time - at your desk, waiting for your coffee, in the elevator, or in the car.

When you layer these practices with Eating Elite – choosing the right foods for you based upon your genetics and lifestyle – you become nearly unstoppable.

Join Jennie Wise, Master of Health Science (MHS), E-500hr RTY, Specialty in Yoga Psychology and Therapy, founder of WiseMind Yoga Life & Business and Susan Lovelle, MD, MACM, founder of Premiere Wellness for an interactive and life-changing 60 Minute seminar.

Do not underestimate the power of these simple-seeming techniques. If practiced regularly, over time they help develop the inner resources to navigate through stressful situations with more ease and competence. They are the building blocks of stress-reduction in your workplace.

Part I: Learning Objectives and Agenda, Let's Build a Business Entrepreneur Mindfulness Toolkit:

1. Mindfulness Defined

2. Foundations of Mindfulness & Meditation Stress vs. Relaxation Response

3. Benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness Stress Resilience & Emotion Regulation

4. Exercises and practice!

5. Understanding the Neuroscience of Thought, Emotion and Behavior Change

6. Stress & Life Management Daily Skills

7. Meditation Benefits Increases: Creativity, Focus, Agility & Productivity

Five Minute Break for Snacks and a Stretch

Part II: Eat Elite with Personalized Nutrition

  1. What foods are considered Elite and how do they affect your metabolism, stress levels and productivity?
  2. Which foods boost energy levels and support sleep?
  3. You know cookies don’t have as much nutrition as broccoli - why do you crave them? And what can you do about it?
  4. You’re busy - how do you Eat Elite and still have a life?
  5. What’s the best way to determine the right foods for you to eat? This is personalized nutrition at its best!
  6. How does Eating Elite support you so that you never need to diet again?

We are limited to 30 seats at WeWork in Downtown Raleigh so please RSVP today. Light snacks will be available.

About WiseMind Yoga Life & Business

WiseMind works with various size companies, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals to support the development of mindfulness, stress management, and meditation skills and to help clients live their best lives, a Legacy of Peace.

WiseMind’s mission and vision is to coach clients through the cognitive behavioral change process of their stress pattern or anxiety, getting to the root cause, and resolving it. We apply a unique combination of yoga psychology and therapy, neuroscience, and mindset coaching techniques to transform thought, emotion, behavior patterns that aren’t working for Women’s Business and home lives. This is the WiseMind Legacy of Peace Movement and WiseMind Method TM.

Many professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners feel exhausted, stressed and anxious due to increased workloads, pressure, targets and a whole host of other reasons. We often live in a state of mindlessness whereby our attention is divided between many things at once. It is a state where we are rarely present in our own lives.

Mindfulness training in your workplace, business, or individually can help you and your colleagues make major positive changes that include:

  • Daily Mindfulness, Meditation, and Stress Management Practical Skills
  • Apply Cognitive Behavior Change of Stress Patterns
  • Increased Stress Resilience
  • Improved problem solving and creativity
  • Lower levels of work-related stress
  • Better communication and listening skills
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Greater levels of job satisfaction

WiseMind Yoga Life & Business and Premiere Wellness are bringing each of our unique skills and credentials together to provide you the best client service and overall Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness!

About Premiere Wellness with Dr. Lovelle

Dr. Susan Lovelle is a former professional ballet dancer turned plastic surgeon and a lifelong health nut. She now supports busy, over-extended women who are ready to uplevel their businesses but are surviving on caffeine, wine, and willpower.

She believes that you're unique and there is ONE way of eating, moving, living, and loving that will bring you into harmony with your best and highest self - energetic, focused, happy, and productive.

Whether it’s to lose 20+ pounds, gain more energy, enjoy better relationships, or decrease pain and inflammation, through innovative and personalized programs and coaching, you'll discover your ONE way so that you experience wellness in every sense of the word - physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Just think - what would it be like if you had a proven, transformative plan designed just for you?

WiseMind Yoga Life & Business and Premiere Wellness look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

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Date and Time



1 Glenwood Avenue


Raleigh, NC 27603

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