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Why do we work? Why does the sun go up? Why does anyone do anything?

Why am I reading this event inviting people to read aloud an article by turns?

Yeah and why an article, not a book or poem? Is it like some kind of therapy?

Also who will I be reading with? Will they be cute? Or perfectly weird like me?

Anyway, looks cool and I shall go!


Yeah you are

And we will be drinking, while reading whatever

Anyone knows any delicious mocktail recipes?

We will

✔ Go to your place, or a park

✔ Learn to make a mocktail

✔ Read an article


How to #ReadAloud

While one reads, others see with their ears.

Read an article of your own choice.

Everyone has up to 10mins.



To make the event happen, it requires at least

1 host
(who says hi to everyone, offers venues, sets the amount of money to share the cost of ingredients, and collects payments)

1 creator
(who makes wonderful drinks to make your day)

Guest number depends on the venue. Thus choose your role when signing up. And you can be both the host and creator if you are just that awesome.


Free For everyone

All guests pay only for ingredients

(It's free should you BYO ingredients)

Host serves you for free

Creator teaches for free

Fun times for EVERYBODY


Everyone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.

Events will be canceled automatically when no hosts / chefs / guests sign up.

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