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NB: This course is held over four sessions. It is complicated content and therefore necessary to have participated in session 1 to participate in session 2 etc.

Therefore: Remember to sign up to all four sessions and not just one of them.

The course in ADI/Decision Biology will take place:

  • Thursday 21. september, 17.30-20.30
  • Thursday 28. september, 17.30-20.30
  • Saturday 7. oktober, 9.30-13.30
  • Wednesday 11. oktober, 9.30-14.00 (incl. examination and course diploma)

In may 2017 more than 60 people attended the first public introduction to ADI/Decision Biology at Univate/Copenhagen University. No body left during the four hour session, and many expressed great interest afterwards.

We are now ready to introduce this four session course in which we will go into depth with ADI.

Why take this course?

There are multiple reasons to take this course, simply because ”ADI” and ”biological decision systems” and the modelling and concepts behind, lies at the foundation of most other sciences. Attend this course if you:

  • Want to be able to integrate all my knowledge into one framework, which will make it easier for me to think, get ideas, and be able to be more accurate and precise when I communicate them to others….
  • Want to know more about the brain, cognitive neuroscience, concepts and modelling
  • Want to understand more of the WHOLE BRAIN and its different cooperating functions
  • Want to know what ”thinking”, ”learning”, ”memory”, ”attention”, ”feelings” and other deep concepts really are and how they logically combine
  • Want a total new perspective and understanding of subjects like software architecture, management, communication, behaviour, user interfaces etc.
  • Want to prepare myself for understanding and working with Big DATA, data analysis, machine learning etc.
  • Want to know more about how knowledge of biological decision systems can be used in designing still more intergrated internet systems
  • Want to understand how biology, psychiatry, genetics, psychology, sociology, antropology, economics, management and many other sciences can improve their thinking by building understanding on biological decision systems
  • Simply want to know much more about evolution, behavior, selection theory etc.

Our promises:

You may have doubt about using your costly time to attend this course – we fully understand if you have. This is something completely new and untested (only tested by a few people). Therefore we will give these promises:

  • We will promise that you will not get bored one second while attending
  • We will promise that you can quit anytime you want
  • We will promise you will get a direct, precise and accurate answer to every question you can come up with – nobody is left in doubt
  • We will promise that after the course you start sensing and thinking in whole new ways you did not believe possible – this will bost your own creativity and self-assurance in most situations
  • We will promise that you will understand most things in the world in a way so you can easily make decisions and new moves for yourself and others
  • Since the course is free, we cannot promise you your money back if you are not satisfied, but you may write your critique and suggestions for improvement afterwards in public if you want

What is expected of me?

  • We expect you prepare and join every time we teach
  • We expect you to skim read certain chapters in the book ”The Human Decision System” at home during the first three sessions, since we will build many things from that book. You will get a free copy at the first session!
  • We expect you to participate in the open Q&A sessions during the course
  • We expect that you will do at least one homework task with another person during a week and present your results with that person to the other participants
  • We expect that you try to pass the exam at the last session (it is multiple choice, you get passed/not passed and a course diploma if you pass)


  • Our current understanding of the brain ? What do we know about the brain? What do I know?
  • Why have biological decision systems evolved to run living organisms? ADI and ”decision biology” – the observations, arguments and the science leading to the model of ”the human decision system”.
  • Why do we have a brain and how does it work? Different answers through time…and current views…
  • What is the ”best model of the brain” and what concepts and hypothetical constructs does it need to decribe it and to be complete? Decision biology versus neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience: Why cognitive neuroscience cannot/does not explain the six layers of the neocortex as ”The Human Decision System” can and does explain – what can we learn from the six layers in neocortex and the brains overall structure and purpose (starting from ”the human brain project”, a 1 bill euro EU financed project about the same problems as discussed in this course).
  • What assumptions are necessary to build a model of the brain? What scientific results can give us the necessary assumptions? Building the foundation for modelling the brain: Concepts, words, structures, functions…and information processing…integrated with evolutionary selection theory…from non-automation to complete-automation, from doubt to knowledge through Q&A.
  • The Human Decision System – the arguments and how it is defined and works…
    What is the practical use of The Human Decision System? Discussion of case studies…the value of knowing what questions that have not been posed and answered, and knowing what data are not measured and present! Re-engineering different software systems from the user perspective!
  • The status of current science, scientific philosophy and methods compared with The Human Decision System – discussions, examples, critiques – the core concepts of accuracy, precision, movement, sense objects, motor objects, automation…applied to existing scientific projects.


There's free parking at Symbion. If you park at our parking lot you have to check your license in at the reception.

We will provide food and drink.

Join the Copenhagen Software Architecture Meetup-group and get ongoing updates.

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Fruebjergvej 3

2100 København Ø


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