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A series for Channeling Higher Guidance with Dr. Pam

Do you wonder what it feels like to be given specific information that moves you forward with purpose, the type of guidance you do not question, fear or doubt?

Do you want to receive information that gets you unstuck?

Are you interested in studying with a Medium?

There is a level of spiritual receptivity that moves you, it pushes you, it informs you and it heals you. It is what I call positive flow and comes in surges from your higher self. We all have access to hihjer self information, all we need is practie channeling and tuning in. In order to receive this information from what I call higher self guidance aka “spirit” you have to, have to, have to... open your channel and learn to receive.

How do I know that this works? I have been channeling powerful messages from spirit since childhood. These surges of energy motivated me to move through life with hope and have faith in something bigger than myself. Through channeling higher wisdom and guidance I was able to heal horrible depression, get rid of low self esteem, demolish lack of self worth, face my fear of public speaking, step into an empowered body, write 3 books, open 2 wellness centers, fall flat on my face and bounce back numerous times, lead thousands of people to connect to intuition, practice energy medicine, train life coaches, and offer incredible healing advice that defies modern science and medicine. ....Deep breath!

Spirit -your higher self-will challenge you to grow. Become stronger. Speak your voice. Face your fears. Face toxic relationships. Remove yourself from pain and suffering. Heal your body. Change your viewpoints on life. Shift into a more open possibility based mindset.

When you open your channel, you will be guided to change. AND with spirit by your side you can achieve what you want. You can grow beyond your limitations. You can build stronger relationships. You can find love. You can lead. You can prosper. You, can have it all……

YOU, can move to the other side of stuck and into flow.

In order to discover flow and surge with the positive power to face your challenges you can learn to open your channel with me LIVE. I will channel spirit with you and for you in the protection of your own home. All you need is a headset and a phone. Or a private space and a phone.

Sign up now and we will sen you the call in #!

Bring questions. Ask anything you want answered. You might receive the answer, and it will most likely flow through me.

What do you ask?

What are you facing that you want answers to in your life?

Self esteem










Weight Loss


And anything else you feel needs answered!

I know people come to psychics and mediums and wonder if what we are saying is “correct” or “real”. And so you want me to read you straight on. But I can tell you that the real answers are channeled through your specific questions. Your questions are anchors that pull in the information and it makes it easier for us to connect with you when you allow yourself to be open and vulnerable. Your questions are like Tarot cards. They connect us to higher meaning.

The answers you receive will help you learn to trust intuition and go with the flow of life rather than resist and control the flow. Learn how to let go and receive higher understanding. And join me! Sign up now!

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