Free CES Network Training
Free CES Network Training

Free CES Network Training

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Various Locations Throughout Los Angeles County

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As part of the Community Homeless and Supportive Services (CCHSS) Training Academy, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles and United Homeless Healthcare Partners are proud to offer enrichment training throughout all Service Planning Areas of Los Angeles County. These training programs are intended to encourage on going learning and collaboration.

All training is geared towards homeless services staff and supervisors of staff.

HHCLA can provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the following providers: CCAPP – 2s‐08‐115‐1017 / BRN – 9537 / CAMFT – 129916


Click on the green registration button to the right of this screen and a drop down menu of all training courses will be shown. Please select all the courses you want to register for. You are able to make changes to your registration by logging back into this website and editing your registration. Registration for each training course will close the day before the training is scheduled to start.


November 2016– Harm Reduction, Housing First, and Trauma Informed Care (4 hours) 9AM to 1PM

This training reviews the philosophies of Harm Reduction, Housing First and Trauma Informed Care. This training identifies practices and techniques of providing services that reflect the core principles of these philosophies

December 2016 – Landscape of Homelessness (3 hours) 9AM to 12PM

This training provides an overview of homeless services in Los Angeles and is intended to support direct service staff and promote understanding of the coordinated entry system in a national and local context.

January 2017 – Substance Use and Overdose Prevention (ODP) (2 hours) 9AM to 11AM

This training provides an overview of substance use and overdose prevention and response. Participants will be review commonly used substances and learn to identify an opioid overdose and understand risk factors that can lead to overdose.

February 2017 – Cultural Diversity (3 hours) 9AM to 12PM

This training is intended to facilitate self‐reflection and openness to cultural differences and to assist participants in applying this learning to their work with clients. Participants will develop an understanding of the influence of culture in the delivery of services and be able to identify the components of cultural responsiveness as they are legally and ethically applied in their work place. Participants will learn techniques for effectively working across cultures and recognizing stereotypes.

March 2017 – Burnout Prevention (2 hours) 9AM to 11AM

This training focuses on identifying symptoms of burnout and identifies positive coping skills service providers can utilize to prevent or recover from burnout in the workplace.

LAFD 82 Community Room, 1800 N Bronson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

April 2017‐ HIPAA, Boundaries and Ethics (3 hours) 9AM to 12PM

This training discusses the importance of professional boundaries and ethics in homeless services, including confidentiality and mandated reporting. It stresses the importance HIPAA to protect client information and identifies staff roles in ensuring client compliance.


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Various Locations Throughout Los Angeles County

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