[Free] Bake everything #atmyplace

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❓ Decidophobia
❓ Trust issues
❓ High expectations

Cooking by myself?!

❓ Time
❓ Energy
❓ Knowhow

No to both!
Instead, why not

✔ Go to strangers' kitchen!
✔ Learn how they cook!
✔ Dine together!


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Free For everyone. All guests BYO ingredients.
Everyone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.
You can be both the host and creator if you are just that awesome.
Events will be canceled automatically if no hosts / creators / guests sign up.



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To have a new place you call home wherever you go
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From childhood memories to recent experiences, share your food inspirations.
Laughter can be found anywhere, from home kitchens to picnics in the mountains.
You are many things. Now you invite people to your life, add #PersonOfTheDay to that title.

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Meet foodies from all over the world, or the whole neighborhood.
Unlock talents you don’t know you have.
Be a visitor to another person's life.

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