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Have you ever intended to only have one cookie and ended up eating 4...8...20? Have you ever told yourself that today you are NOT going to have the donuts in the break room only to find yourself devouring a giant apple fritter at your desk then feel terrible about it? That space between the choices you intend to make and the choices you actually make is widened by the thoughts you create, the excuses you make and the stories you tell yourself!

It's not a diet with rules and restrictions. It's not a meal plan mapping out everything you put in your mouth. It's a shift in how you make choices that makes it EASY to transform your life to live it to the fullest in a body you LOVE!

Every day for 5 DAYS we will connect in a closed Facebook Group with a (no longer than) 5 minute live video where I will share one nugget a day for you to focus on and give you a glimpse into how easy it can be and what you are capable of acheiving! You will also receive an email with the information as a back up if you are not on Facebook.



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