FREE 2-DAY Hands-on Blockchain Developer Workshop taught by leading experts

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King's College London

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United Kingdom

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Will you be the next blockchain developer? Now is your chance to become one for FREE :)

Our overall aim is to train as many software developers as possible taught by internationally recognised experts, provide intuition on distributed systems, cryptography, the blockchain, smart contract security, real-world applications, hands-on coding experience and more.

Our free blockchain coding workshops are reliant on sponsorships and donations.

If anyone want to anonymously donate to our free blockchain developer training workshop we are running on a regular basis, you can make your donations here. Please note that donation does not guarantee you a place at our workshop. Each of our student will be selected based on their technical background and their desire to work in this space as a blockchain developer.

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This event is brought to you by The Blockchain Connector, and VOLT Project.

Thank you to the VOLT Project for kindly sponsoring our venue.

Due to popular demand and positive feedback from our students, we are running a series of blockchain developer workshop in London for FREE. We have trained over 400+ developers to date since Jan 2017. A number of our students have either gone on to work as a blockchain developer or set up their own blockchain start-up.

The need for blockchain developers is increasing. “Blockchain engineers are in high demand. 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer”. Source: Techcrunch, Feb 14th, 2018.

Join our free two-day workshop and be at the very forefront of this new technology. Our workshop consists of topics that all future blockchain developers must know and we incorporate plenty of hands-on coding sessions. To help our students further, we provide one month on-line support free of charge via our own dedicated private on-line channel. Our goal is to help regular software developers enter the blockchain space. This workshop is also available on-site for start-ups and corporates at your desired location. Some of the areas we cover but not limited to are:

Day 1

Intro to Blockchains, Bitcoin and Byzantine Fault Tolerant Networks plus more...

Intro to Ethereum and Smart Contracts plus more...

Series of hands-on coding on Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Day 2

Smart Contracts Security and Ethereum Internals - Cryptography, Consensus, EVM, Privacy plus more...

Smart Contracts Design and Best Practices

What to know as a Blockchain Developer plus more...

Series of hands-on coding on Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Review the feedback from our last workshop by clicking HERE.

Minimum requirement to enter the course

To qualify, 6 months current coding experience is required or currently studying in their final year, about to graduate or recently graduated from a computer science/software engineering subject. This workshop consists of a series of hands-on coding exercise. With this in mind, as a minum requirement, all our students must be proficient in writing code.

Historically, our workshops were chargeable, but recently we offered the last two sessions for free to female developers. Moving forward, we have decided to offer free places to everyone (all genders) and this will be our second free workshop where we cater for all. BUT only to software developers/computer science students who are PASSIONATE about working in the blockchain space and are ready to take up employment as a blockchain developer.

Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge required to become a blockchain developer and help our students secure a job in this exciting new space. We have built an on-line hiring platform going live in Sept that will hopefully help our students secure a job. Subscribe here for further updates

As we will be offering two days of our valuable time, one month of online support, further support thereafter if required and a few weeks of preperation per workshop, we are only able to offer a free place to those who are GENUINE about moving into this space.

What's next after the workshop?

After the workshop, we hope our students will continue to code and explore the Ethereum platform, and in good time, we hope our students will have the opportunity to work professionally in the blockchain space. With this in mind, to help our students succeed, everyone have up to a month to ask further questions in relation to Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contracts, Security, Privacy, Scalability etc. We have further coding sessions for our students to work on with our guidance during the one month support. Furthermore, we encourage our students to work on a personal project or form a team to create a project. Once the project is complete, we will offer our services free of charge to audit their code and provide guidance where necessary.

Right to cancel our workshop

If we don't reach the minimum number of students for our workshop, we have the right to cancel and reschedule the date.

We have a great line up of internationally recognised experts that will help you break into the Blockchain space.

Patrick McCorry

Patrick McCorry is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) as from September 2018 at King's College London. Previously, Patrick was a Research Associate at University College London. His focus is cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, cryptography and decentralised systems. Patrick is the UK’s first PhD graduate in Cryptocurrencies and his work has recently appeared at Devcon3, Scaling Bitcoin 2017, Breaking Bitcoin 2017 and BPASE 2018 alongside numerous academic venues.

Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson is a Senior Software Engineer and has been working in the software engineering space for the past 16 years. Nick is currently working as a Software Engineer for the Ethereum Foundation and prior to this, he worked at Google for a number of years.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Solidity that he loves to share and will be teaching how to write and develop smart contracts during the hands-on development session, and will give students the opportunity to ask questions in relation to the Ethereum platform.

Laurence Kirk

After a successful career writing low latency financial applications in the City of London, Laurence was captivated by the potential of Blockchain Technology, and in particular smart contracts.

Two years ago, Laurence moved to Oxford and set up, a consultancy working with start-ups in the UK and overseas, developing applications on the Ethereum platform. He brings with him a wealth of real world experience that he loves to share with those new to this area.

Laurence hold a Physics degree from Durham University, and currently taking his MSc in Software Engineering at Oxford University. In addition to giving talks, mentoring at hackathons, and running groups about Blockchain Technology, Laurence also organise Artificial Intelligence and Data Science groups in Oxford.

During the workshop, Laurence will be teaching Solidity (an object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts) from the simplest smart contract up to interacting with a web application. The focus is very much the practical techniques that are needed when developing on Ethereum. The sessions will be very hands on, encouraging students to practice and explore Ethereum and raise any questions students might have regarding the Ethereum platform.

Matthew Di Ferrante

Matthew is a Software Engineer with a passion for Information Security, Cryptography, and Distributed Networks. He has worked in many different areas, from hardware, embedded and kernel programming, to data mining, analytics, and network / systems programming. He first started learning programming at 12 years old, and is completely self taught, both on the practical side of programming, and on the theoretical side of computer science, mathematics, and cryptography. Matthew was first exposed to Bitcoin in late 2010 due to his interest in information security, as Bitcoin was first mainly used on darknets/Silk Road, and got fully involved in the Blockchain space around the time Ethereum started to exist - beginning his foray while living with Vitalik Buterin and long time friend Vlad Zamfir (Creator of Ethereum's Casper Protocol) in London for a few months.

Matthew currently works as a Technical Lead at Clearmatics developing Blockchain Technology for financial use cases, a member of the Ethereum Foundation Security Team and FounderlLead auditor at Zero Knowledge Labs focusing on smart contracts security auditing.

In his free time, Matthew works on personal hardware projects, gives Information Security and Blockchain related talks at various events, and organise one of the largest monthly Information Security events in the North-West. Matthew’s design for a Secure Oracles Reputation System on Ethereum recently won first place for Smart Contract Security at the Thomson Reuters HackETHon.

Matthew will be introducing developers to the way the Blockchain works technically, and what its potential applications could be. He will cover the workings and history of the Bitcoin Blockchain, as well as Ethereum and its concept of smart contracts that allow Turing complete code to execute on a virtual machine on the Blockchain.

Matthew will also talk about Smart Contracts Security and Ethereum Internals. He will discuss the most important areas to know as a Blockchain Developer. Matthew will hold a Q&A session after each topic.

Date: Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th of October, 2018

Time: 10:00 to 18:00

Workshop Location: King's College London, Room K4U.12, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

Networking session

We invite our students to join our networking session at a nearby put from 18:00 onwards on Saturday and Sunday. This is a great opportunity to get to know our students. We want our students to become a core part of our developer community and foster collaboration.

Would you like to sponsor our future workshop?

We are looking for companies to sponsor our future workshop. Ideal for companies looking to hire from our talent pool. If you think our workshop will benefit your firm, please get in touch on


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Voting over Ledger Technology (The VOLT Project)

This project aims to explore applications of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in domains involving voting and collective decision making. There are many domains in which some form of balloting is required, such as voting on proposals or electing in charities, professional organisations, clubs, trades unions, political parties, and private companies. It is important to run such ballots in a way that the result is accepted by all parties even where they do not trust each other.

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Date and Time


King's College London

Room K4U.12




United Kingdom

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