Forward Incubator Digital Demo Day Spring 2020

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We invite you to the first-ever Forward Incubator Digital Demo Day! Expect pitches on Transportation, Energy, Food, Education, and FMCG.

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With new vegetarian food innovations on the rise and food delivery services' business models disrupting the traditional way we consume our food, the food industry is expected to change dramatically. Now that restaurants and bars have been closed for a couple of months and chains like Vapiano have gone bankrupt, you will probably wonder: what are you going to do about it?

What we have in store for you:

  • A completely new concept for take out dinner
  • An innovative way for meal delivery locally
  • Unchartered meal delivery market niches
  • New types of food products
  • Crepes! Are you serious..? Yes!


The space for business to business advisory has become increasingly crowded and competitive over the last decades. Wilsth the Western world is being flooded with advice it is upcoming markets that are being overlooked. These markets can be niche markets here, at home, but also geographical markets such as the MENA region.

What we have in store for you:

  • A rapidly growing niche market in the MENA region
  • An innovative approach to interior design from Iran
  • How to do business with the MENA region
  • A look into the Eritrean community
  • Social media with a MENA twist
  • What restaurants can do with their equipment


Education has traditionally been focused on the physical dispersion of knowledge by a teacher to multiple students in a classroom setting. Although online education was on the rise already, with the recent crisis the speed of change has been turbo-charged. What new things are there to learn? Or more importantly: how will I learn in the future?

What we have in store for you:

  • An inside look into the Middle-Eastern culture
  • How good design can be taught online
  • A multilingual train the trainer centre
  • Online coding for refugees across the planet
  • Traditional Arabic language teaching in a modern world

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer demands are shifting: not only is the customer looking for new products and a different experience, channels for obtaining new products are also changing. Demand for sustainable, healthy products is growing as is the personalised experience and the instant delivery service the customer is expecting to get. What do these products look like? And what type of experience can I expect?

What we have in store for you:

  • Sustainable and personalised high-end jewellery
  • Healthy soap created from an ancient Syrian recipe
  • A quick way to obtain health equipment for home use

Transportation & Energy

We have been moving around so little these past few months that we almost forget about the daily traffic jams, overwhelmed public transportation systems or the range anxiety we experience when driving our brand new Tesla's. Yet, it seems only yesterday if we think about that other big crisis that is looming in the background: the environment (or what is left of it). How do we transform our transportation in the future? And how do we move towards more sustainable sources of energy?

What we have in store for you:

  • An innovative proposal for an e-bike infrastructure
  • Laundry-as-a-service (LaaS)
  • Smart energy grids in Sub-Saharan Africa
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