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Champs Downtown

139 South Allen Street

State College, PA 16801

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Fortnite Snow Skirmish is a 64-team tournament

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Sponsored by:

Chute Laundry - yourlaundrychute.com

Champs Downtown - https://champsdowntown.com/

Associated Realty Property Management - arpm.com

Following ticket purchase, a Chute member will reach out to coordinate your partners.

All contestants must arrive between 12:00 - 12:45 pm for registration

Contestants may bring their own WIRELESS controllers and headsets

You must be 21+ to purchase and drink alcohol


Tournament Format: The tournament will be running in teams of Two (duos). Each game will be a 2v2 match where a team of 2 will join the same squad as another team of two and compete for the highest amount of kills.

For a 2v2 tournament, all four (4) players will invite each other to a party and search for a squad game.

Win Condition: The winning team will be determined by the team with the largest number of total kills. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be determined by the team that had a player survive the longest. If that is still a tie then the winner will be decided by the team that got the final kill.

Griefing: Teams are permitted to work together, however, you may not intentionally cause the death of your opponent. This includes sabotaging structures, causing fall damage, or any other negative interference in your opponent’s gameplay. Doing so will result in a forfeit of the map.

Single Elimination: After losing a match, teams will be eliminated from the bracket.

Warm-up: No warm-up or practice games are permitted once the match’s first game has begun. If a match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official results.

Delays: Teams may not delay the start of a match beyond its scheduled start time, without the approval of a tournament official. Teams may delay a match between games for up to five minutes. Teams can request that a tournament official enforce this five-minute time limit. After five minutes of a tournament official enforced delay, if the delaying team does not have the minimum required players, they will forfeit the match.

Minimum Required Players: Teams may be shorthanded by one player in order to start a game. A Team will Forfeit the Match if they are missing all of their players 15 minutes after a Match’s default start time (Grace Period). Teams will be forced to start a Game at the end of a Grace Period as outlined in the No Show procedure.

Lag: As the game is hosted on dedicated servers, replays will not be issued for lag.

Disconnections: If a player does not get into the game lobby before the start of the game, all players should back out and rejoin the party.

If a player disconnects or leaves the game after the game has launched, their kills at the time of the disconnection (proof must be provided in the case of disagreement) will be added to the kills of their teammate and the remainder of the game will continue.

No Shows: All no shows must be verified by a tournament official. The No Show grace period time is 15 minutes after the match's original start time. For example, if a match is scheduled for 10:00 PM, the no-show time for this match would be 10:15 PM. If a tournament official isn’t available, a ticket must be submitted immediately. The ticket must include proof that their opponent did not show.

Time Limit: Both teams must report the match results within 10 minutes of its completion. Failure to report the match results on time or respond to any messages that you receive from a tournament official may result in your team receiving the loss

Cheating: Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a forfeit of a game, match, or ban from the tournament. Cheating, glitching, and abusing in-game mechanics accusations must be verified by a tournament official. If a Tournament Official isn’t immediately available, a Ticket must be submitted immediately, along with proof, screenshot or video, of the cheating. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language. For all cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the accuser.

Proof: We highly recommend that proof is taken with the console's built-in recording system to gather proof. At least one member of each team should take a video or screenshot(s) of each game’s results in case proof is needed for a dispute. All proof should be clearly visible and contain the players' names if they are dead, and their number of kills.

Disputes: In order to dispute game results, players/teams must notify a tournament official that they would like to protest the game before a new game has begun.

Concessions: Teams may request that they are allowed to concede victory of a game. Teams may request that their opponent not receive a forfeit penalty. A tournament official must be contacted with these requests.

Dispute Evidence: In the event of a dispute, please provide your video/screenshot proof to a tournament official. In the event that you are not able to access tournament official, a Dispute ticket should be created The URL for the image(s)/video must be attached to a dispute ticket. The issue must be clearly stated as well as the time in the video in which the issue occurred, and/or what the tournament official should be looking for in the picture/video.

Modified Console/Hacks/Mods: Use of a modified/jailbroken console, in game hacks, and/or mods will result in the immediate disqualification of that team.

Rules: The rules may be updated and modified at any time, for any reason. Rulings may be made outside the scope of these Rules in order to preserve fair play and tournament integrity. Participation in this Tournament constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Rules, the Official Rules on the Prize tab, and Tournament Official decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to this tournament. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

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Date and Time


Champs Downtown

139 South Allen Street

State College, PA 16801

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