Fort Randolph Immersion Event 2022 - Who Killed Arbuckle?

Fort Randolph Immersion Event 2022 - Who Killed Arbuckle?

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Fort Randolph

Lighthouse Lane

Point Pleasant, WV 25550

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This is a "total immersion” event for colonial era/American Rev War reenactors wanting to experience fully immersive "time traveling."

About this event

Historical Fact: On July 27, 1781 Captain Matthew Arbuckle was on his way home from Staunton, Virginia when he was accidentally killed by a falling tree....

Historical Fiction: Or was he????

Both Men and Women are welcome to join us for an “Alternate Realty” “Total Immersion”


Who Killed Arbuckle ?

This event will use an exciting cast of real historic characters as suspects

in a totally fictional setting to “re-imagine” this actual historical event,

and “what might have REALLY happened.”

  • Could it have been Loyalist swine and a contingent of vengeful Natives?
  • Power-Hungry Colleagues? Or.....
  • A disgruntled “Black Widow” Wife ?(she’d already buried one husband!)

You are cordially invited to come solve this


November 5, 2022 at Fort Randolph, Point Pleasant WV


• As a Total Immersion Event, the grounds inside Fort Randolph will be in total time period immersion mode from 12:00AM until 11:59 PM on Saturday, November 5, 2020, and only open to those reenacting on that day. This means all participants will be required to adhere to immersion guidelines while inside the fort during the stated times, but may enter/exit at will.

•Participants will be given the opportunity to “solve” the murder by gleaning information and “clues” from the “cast.” The “cast” consists of the primary suspects and certain designated” fort folk.”

• Participants will be encouraged to try to identify the killer — but are welcome to also just come and enjoy immersion.

• Supper will be held at 5:30pm and the guilty party will be revealed at that time in the tavern. PRIZES will be involved!

• Pre-registration is heavily encouraged, as last-minute walk-ons will only be permitted at the discretion of the event director.

• Tickets are available on Eventbrite. Event Cost: Registration Fee includes breakfast “rations”; “tavern bucks” to purchase 2 meals on Saturday (lunch and supper) and evening tavern snacks; additional “tavern bucks” may be purchased in the trading post. Registration Fee: $30 by Oct 15,2022; **Early Bird registration special: $25 through Sept1 ** Last Minute and Walk-On “Day Of” Registration Fee- $50 (limited availability and subject to director’s approval). All Fees must be prepaid through Eventbrite and are NonRefundable unless event is cancelled. Note: Any local Covid19 protocols in force at the time of the event will apply.

CHILDREN/YOUTH : All children/youth attending under the age of18 must be accompanied by a registered adult or sponsored by a registered adult who assumes responsibility for that child/youth. Children 5 years and under are free; Children 6 -12 years are $5. Youth 13 and over are $10. Children/Youth will receive their own "tavern bucks" for food/drink. Participating children/youth are also expected to adhere to immersion guidelines, with the exception of modern diapers, pacifiers, medical items, and bottles for feeding, which should be concealed as much as possible and used discreetly.


  • Registration for this event is open to all who are interested in participating in an immersive/time travel type experience. The fort will not be “open” to any non-immersive participants on this day.
  • All modern items must be kept out of sight of others (this includes cell phones) and participants must be dressed in kit when inside the fort and viewable by others between the hours of 12am – 11:59 pm on Nov 5, 2022.
  • During the event, participants may exit and enter the fort as often as they like, and may “day trip” or come only for a few hours, if desired; however, the same pre-registration requirement and registration fees will apply.
  • Kits/Outfits should be as accurate as possible for the time period—we will permit simple modern eyewear, non-descript “passable” shoes, disguised medical devices, and cleverly crafted “passable” slacks at this event. However, no blue jeans, or other obviously modern attire that is clearly nonperiod will be permitted.
  • Both period and nonperiod (outside the fort) rustic camping is available upon request.
  • No Prior Reenacting Experience is Necessary To Participate in this Event - If you are new to reenacting and need help with “where to start” with a kit/outfit, feel free to contact us at our email below and we will be happy to provide a bit of guidance.
  • This fundraising event for the fort is meant to be fun, lighthearted, and historically fictional.

Questions? Email us!

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