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What if we could draw everyones attention to the good things that Macomb has to offer?

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The City of Macomb belongs to the people of Macomb. However, due to job loss, fear of job loss and lack of opportunities, many of Macomb’s residents are wondering if they need to be elsewhere. Lack of funding from the state and the mindset of several Macomb citizens have caused this, once vibrant, college town to feel as though it’s deteriorating. While these feelings are rooted in very real experiences, we believe that it’s not beneficial to dwell on these things. Macomb is full of stories of success, prosperity, triumph and innovation. Whether they have been well hidden for years, or have recently sprung up, these attributes are what we should be known for.

What if we could draw everyone’s attention to the good things that Macomb has to offer? Instead of always hearing, “Macomb has nothing,” what if we heard, “I love living in Macomb.” We love Macomb and the people that call this place home, so how do we get everyone to see what we see, to love what we love, to give back, improve, and lend a hand in restoring faith in our great community?

That’s where #ForMacomb comes in. The goal of #ForMacomb is to change the narrative. With this movement, we want to highlight the great things that Macomb has to offer and elevate the ideals that have brought the community this far. #ForMacomb aims to unite different groups of people who have historically been separate: from WIU students to local children to nursing homes and businesses. A united Macomb is a thriving Macomb. #ForMacomb is not about making Macomb look better; it’s about bringing people together, united in a love for the community we all share.

8:00-8:30 Registration—The Crossing Macomb Parking Lot

8:30-8:45 Gather Supplies

8:45-9:00 Drive To Job Site

9:00-9:30 Instructions About The Project You Are Working On

9:30-12:30 Projects Are Going On

As people finish projects they will head to the community BBQ

For more information and to keep up on latest updates, follow @4MACOMB on Instagram and Facebook.

For any additional questions, call 309.836.7870.

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