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San Francisco, CA

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Are you circumcised? Do you wish you weren't? Would you like to know more?

Foreskin restoration helps to reduce some of the damages caused by circumcision, including irritation, soreness, drying, loss of sensitivity, and other discomfort. Both you and your partner can benefit by restoring some of the functions and feeling. This natural process can be done privately, inexpensively, and without surgery.

NORM (National Organization of Restoring Men) meets in discreet locations in the Bay Area.

Berkeley or Concord:
First Sunday of some months, 3-4 pm
Contact: James, james@norm.org

Email the coordinator for the exact location and to confirm the date and time. The meeting content depends on attendee interest and can include informative presentation, discussion, Q and A, etc. Individual counseling is also available.

To find meetings in other areas, see http://www.norm.org/coord.html
and http://www.restoringforeskin.org/public/foreskin-restoration-calendar

If you aren't ready to meet in person at this time, then join us online for information and community. Men and supportive women are welcome in the forum: http://www.restoringforeskin.org

Further resources: http://www.savingsons.org/2009/10/foreskin-restoration.html


Who coordinates the meetings? How do they work?
The coordinators are volunteers who have agreed to abide by NORM's Policies & Guidelines while providing support and advice to men interested in foreskin restoration.

What topics are related to foreskin?
Awareness about circumcision and intact care are relevant not only for childbirth education, infant care, baby care, and child care, but also for the effects on men's health, women's health, and sexual health. Genital autonomy, gender equality, and children's rights are involved, including in connection with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Intactivists often hold outreach at birth fairs, human rights celebrations, OB-GYN conferences, and LGBT events. Medical, health, cultural, tribal, and religious claims are sometimes made, including through Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Also, foreskins are sold for use in cosmetics, cosmetic testing, and skin grafts. #i2

How do I attend? Do I need to bring an Eventbrite ticket to the event?
The next step is to email the chapter coordinator for your desired location. You don't need to use Eventbrite tickets at all.

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Date and Time


San Francisco, CA

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