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(For Parents) Solutionites Unite: Because Your Family IS EVERYTHING

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Indoorance Sports Academy

609 Cooper Road

West Berlin, NJ 08091

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We are going to show you how this event will GREATLY reduce your family's cancer risk.

Moms And Dads, Do You Consider Yourself Helpful?

I feel moms and dads are the greatest gift to the world. You give up everything for your kids and your family.

When someone is hungry, who takes care of that?

When someone is sick, who takes of them?

When someone has a "boo boo", who's here to help?

Parents like you spend 99% of your time taking care of the kids, your work, the chores, the house, your friends, and your "to do list".

Sure, you love it because you are a Super Mom or a Super Dad. Yet, there are times you wish there was a little more "me time".

YOU wish you had a little more help.

YOU wish you can get your body back to the way it was before the kids.

YOU wish you could have a little more fun and not worry so much about who needs what in the family.

YOU wish you had just a little less stress.

However, we understand that your family comes first. Moms and dads are willing to do what it takes to no matter the amount of self sacrifice.

From working with thousands of parents in NJ since 2002, we've been helping moms and dads like you heal from the self sacrifice.

We've helped you fix your aches and pains.

We've helped you get their energy levels back.

We've helped you restore their body to be lean and confident

Yet, there is one aspect we have not been helping with until NOW.

There is a hidden cost of the self sacrifice that we didn't realize until NOW.

That hidden cost involves your kids' health and their future happiness...

In looking at research about the brain, we realized that the brain has these "Mirroring Neurons". What that means is, when we watch other people do things, our brains thinks we are doing them ourselves.

So what does have to do with YOUR KIDS?

Well, the actions of self sacrifice and the feelings of stress (no matter how much we hide them) directly teaches our kids. So what is it teaching them?

We Directly teach them to Do and FEEL as we do!
Now, most parents would never sit your kids down and teach them this:

"kids, I want you to stay extra busy when you grow up and put yourself last by doing everything you can to help others until your own mental and physical health is suffering..."

We realized that parents were accidentally and unintentionally teaching that because Moms and Dads were living it. To make matters works, when parents tried to take care of themselves, there were using broken tools.

You know the different diet plans (I just searched on Amazon and there are 184,211 books on dieting!!!) and workout plans (76,129 books on this!).

It's not only confusing but many of them are dangerous.

So we realized that we are not doing enough for amazing caring Moms and Dads like you.

We want to do more to help you protect your family from cancer and disease.

We want to give parents, who really care about their family, the tools and knowledge to not only be healthy but to stay healthy no matter what life throws at you, no matter how busy you are.

Before we discuss how we are going to do that, first we need to discuss a something that has become a serious threat to our families.

That threat is coming from the 82,000 chemicals that have been introduced into our daily products since 1976 with less than 200 tested to be safe. (YES, the other 81,800 were NOT tested to be safe).

This is why Thyroid cancer has increased 170% since 1999. Why just living in NJ you have a 30% HIGHER chance for Breast Cancer. It's why statistics on kids with inflammatory conditions (asthma, allergies, etc.) was 1 out of 100 just 20 years ago. NOW, it's 1 out of 2!

(I have two girls and one has major food allergies and eczema)

So how can we protect our kids from dangerous chemicals AND get some "me time" to take care of our needs at the same time?

What can you do as a parent who wants to protect your kids?

This is why we created this EVENT.

When you attend this event, you are not just sitting being lectured to. Come dressed to move as you will be moving and experiencing health. (prepare your yoga outfit or sweatpants and a comfortable shirt).

Yes, you know what you "should" be doing for optimal health, for more "me time", for getting rid of that stiffness and possibly some extra unwanted pounds.

At the event, you will take action and improve the stiffness right then and there. This event is the most meaningful "me time" you will ever spend.


1. You will learn and be given the exact tools you will need to protect your kids and your entire family from harmful chemicals that are EVERYWHERE.

2. You will be given the knowledge that will put an end to "dieting" and give you total control over your weight and your health.

3. You will learn how to inspire your family to live a life full of health and self love instead of self sacrifice. Want your kids to not grow up sacrificing their health and their bodies for their families? Just by attending you will end that pattern.

4. ALL profits will go directly to saferchemicals.org. They will use that money to reduce the chemicals your family, my family, and every family in this country is being exposed to. (there are the same chemicals linked to cancer, obesity, ADHD, etc.)

5. By attending, you will DIRECTLY help millions of people reduce their risk for cancer.

6. You get a resource guide with the safest companies to use for all of your personal and household products so you don't have to spend hours and hours researching online what's good and what bad. We did it for you to save time!

I understand you have a lot on your plate. To me, there's nothing more important than health, especially the health of our family.

Right Now, our kids are in danger. The chemicals in our food, our daily products, our environment, and our current health and lifestyle habits are killing us. We need to take action against it and not just let it harm us and our kids.

Imagine you're in a plane going down and the oxygen masks drop down. What are you told to do first?

You would put the mask on yourself first right?

By taking care of yourself FIRST, you have the ability to take care of your kids.

This event is like putting the oxygen mask on, taking a deep breath, and taking the first step towards life long health for you and your kids.

This event is not about tips and tricks.

This event is not for parents who don't care about their kids.This event is not for people who don't want to help. However, it is for moms and dads who want the best for your kids.

It is for parents who want to feel less stress.

It is for parents who wants to know with 1000% certainty that you are doing the BEST for your kids.

If you are a mom or a dad looking for answers on how to protect your family from illness and to inspire everyone to have life long health, then it all starts with your action today.

Join us. Join a cause. Join a community that is coming together to say. "we're taking a stand.

No longer will we let our health and our kids' health be in jeopardy". We have 150 tickets available and we are looking to raise enough money to save a few more lives.

When you attend, you will meet Philadelphia Eagles player Tra Thomas. He believes in this cause so much he is volunteering his time to attend and share his thoughts about health.

So buy your tickets now. We have only 150 available.

Registration is from 10-11am.

We will start at 11 A.M promptly and end at 3pm. Come dressed to do light movements and be ready to have fun.

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Date and Time


Indoorance Sports Academy

609 Cooper Road

West Berlin, NJ 08091

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