Food Swap Silicon Valley - November 2019 Food Swap

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Sunnyvale, CA

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Welcome to Food Swap Silicon Valley’s November swap!

We are excited to have you join us for some fun food swapping. We are creating a community around a shared love for locally grown, foraged and handmade foods. From herbs to honey, jellies to jam…we provide a space for you to swap and share your favorite home-crafted delicious delights. But what if you’re a gardener and have overly abundant fruit trees, overflowing vegetable bushels or plentiful herbs in your backyard? Come and swap those, too!

You are welcome to share your reserved spot with someone but if both of you will be swapping different items please have each of you sign up separately so there is enough space for all the items.


3:00 – 4:00 Set up items, check out what everyone brought, mingle, and enjoy the potluck

4:00 – 4:30 Swap

Please make sure you arrive with enough time to set up all your swap items and to fill out your swap sheets. We have found that if you arrive after 3:30 there is a good chance you will not have time to set up your items for the swap. Plus you want enough time to see and taste what everyone brought so you can decide who you want to swap with.

If you find that you need to drop out of the swap please let us know so we can open your slot up to anyone who is on the waiting list. Thanks!

What to bring

1. Potluck Item
2. Swap Items
3. Samples

Potluck Item

Since we will be doing this swap mid-afternoon we will do a snack and light appetizer potluck. Please bring a small item to share.

Swap items

Wondering what kind of items to swap? There is a wide variety of things that would make a good swap item. You can bring things such as jams, chutneys, condiments, sauces, baked items, individual size meals, eggs, honey, homegrown fruits and veggies, pickles, fermented items, syrups, infusions, mixers….. You are only limited by your imagination. If you are unsure if your item is a good swap idea feel free to ask us.

How much do you make and how do you package the item? It will all depend on the ingredient costs and time it takes to make the item. Imagine a half pint of delicious homemade jam…. Then think about how much of your item would make a fair swap for that jar of jam. Packed that item in a way that you think will attract interest in your item. For the swap, you will want at least five to ten items to share. Some people package up enough to share with everyone in case you like everything and want a chance to get something from everyone. However, you do not need to bring enough for everyone if you don’t want to.

Please label your items. When we get home sometimes it is hard to remember what we scored during the swap. Please clearly label the item with the name, your name and contact email ( in case they are so in love they neeeeed the recipe) and how they need to store the item ( ie can keep in the pantry, use by, good until, keep refrigerated, shelf-stable until opened….)

If you have questions feel free to email us.


One way to get people excited about the item you have brought to swap is to give them a chance to sample it first. Bring small plates, serving items such as a toothpick, crackers, small spoons, or sample cups to provide easy sampling. Bringing samples is optional but it is a great way to boost interest in your items.

Swap etiquette

Food Swap Silicon Valley will have swap cards to fill out for each type of item you bring. Make sure you let people know if your item meets some special dietary needs. ( an ingredients list can be helpful) The people with those needs appreciate knowing what they can swap for. After looking over and tasting everyone’s swap items, tasting the samples we will gather to start the official swapping portion of the afternoon. Everyone will go around and write down their interest in the item on their swap card and what you have to trade for that item. One we are done we go back to our spots on the table and look over who is interested. Scope out where those people are who you want to swap with and be ready to trade. When we say “Trade now” the trading starts. You can stay at your spot and wait for the trades to come to you or you can take your items over to the other traders to make your trades. It is all up to you and your trading style. This part will go quickly so be ready for about five minutes of chaos.

Remember what you choose to swap for is completely voluntary. You do not need to swap for something if you don’t like it or can’t eat it. You can just politely say no thanks. No harm no foul. And remember there are lots of people out there with dietary restrictions so do not feel put out if someone does not want your item. Those apple almond mini torts that you slaved over with love may cause another person to swell up upon touching. So be kind, swap for fun and know you are going home with some awesome new things.

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Check your spam if you do not get the email with the swap address. If you have any questions you can email us at

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all at the swap!

-Kari & Angela

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Sunnyvale, CA

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