Follow the Science: Lockdowns Go Viral (In-Person Premiere) with Tom Woods

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Follow the Science: Lockdowns Go Viral (In-Person Premiere) with Tom Woods

World premiere of the documentary project Tom Woods has called “extremely important”!

By SoundMind Creative Group

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Wednesday, April 19 · 7 - 10pm EDT


TBD TBD Orlando, FL 32801

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About this event

  • 3 hours
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About this event


Join us, FREE OF CHARGE, and be among the first to experience the impactful first episode of the Follow the Science docu-series.

Shake hands with the unstoppable Tom Woods (hosting the premiere), the Broadway veteran Clifton Duncan (series host), director Hawk Jensen, and the producers of the series. Join them for a free-ranging Q&A after the screening!

The SoundMind Creative Group—a dissident artist network—presents Follow the Science: Lockdowns Go Viral, a docu-series pilot that investigates the science, documents the human suffering, and challenges the invasive lockdowns.

Follow the Science: Lockdowns Go Viral is a Netflix-caliber pilot episode of what will be a five-episode docu-series. The pilot is a crucial retrospective of what happened to the world in 2020. It focuses on the issue of lockdowns and explores the critical conversations that should have occurred, but never came to pass: do lockdowns prevent the spread of Covid-19? what is the fallout of these globally-implemented policies?

Featured Cast

  • Broadway veteran Clifton Duncan as primary Host
  • Popular YouTube sensation Sydney Watson
  • Chairman of PANDA (Pandemic Data and Analytics) Nick Hudson
  • Renowned scientists Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford) & Dr. David Katz (Yale)
  • Provocative rapper, author and commentator Zuby


Basic Premise

Using the hugely popular docu-series format, storytelling finesse, and cutting-edge film and animation technology, Follow the Science examines whether legitimate scientific data justified the political strategies implemented throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is divided into five self-contained one-hour episodes. The earlier episodes include a deep dive into lockdowns, mask mandates, treatments, vaccines, and the origin of the virus. Later episodes connect all these pieces together and look closely at two overriding themes: the corruption and gross politicization of science, and the failure of top-down, centralized solutions to grapple with complex problems.

Target Audience

The primary target audience will be those across the political spectrum with an innate “live and let live” perspective, with particular emphasis on millennials and self-identifying moderates: those whose natural skepticism of authority may have been compromised by the weaponization of fear and grief by the politicians and media. The goal is to restore Americans’ sense of agency and to erode citizens’ naive trust in the proclamations of politicians and public-health “experts”, motivate them to think independently, and push back against future attempts to impose destructive authoritarian policies.

Tone of the Series

To increase the likelihood of changing as many minds as possible, the project takes a refreshing shift away from divisive rhetoric, minimizing the inflammatory statements and aggressive stances, and instead inviting the viewer to learn alongside the host, Clifton Duncan, who asks questions, pursues answers, and weaves us through a way of thinking that truly honors the scientific process.

Given the harsh realities of the past two years, it is obvious that the mere presentation of facts is insufficient to change people’s minds about these highly sensitive matters. The pilot is carefully crafted to engage the audience on a deep, emotional level and give them the permission to recognize that they have been misled by the authorities and leaders they have trusted. Facts are certainly key, and the pilot is packed full of them, but they are delivered through the mechanism of emotion and entertaining content, which give the audience the space to slowly change their minds without feeling threatened by unfamiliar ideas.

Topics covered in the full series will include:

  • Lockdowns
  • Masks and mask mandates
  • Early treatment protocols
  • Vaccines and vaccine mandates
  • Censorship, propaganda, the power of the media and mass psychosis
  • Origins of the virus, gain-of-function research and Anthony Fauci
  • The corruption and politicization of science
  • Problems inherent in top-down, centralized solutions

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