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FluoroFest International Fluorescence Workshop

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Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX 76129

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LEARN State-of-the-art fluorescence techniques from world-famous experts;

EXPERIENCE Hands-on with modern lifetime and steady-state fluorescence equipment

SHARE Research • Ideas • Problems • Solutions

Join us at this exciting workshop where we will have discussions and presentations on:

Materials Science/Nanotechnology including Nanoparticles, solar cells, photovoltaics, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, perovskites, supramolecular sensors, OLEDs and polymers;
Analytical/Chemometrics, including Absorbance and Transmission Excitation Emission Mapping (A-TEEM), CDOMs, phenolics and oils;

Bio and Medical Research, including Protein folding/unfolding, membrane dynamics, chaperones, intracellular ions, drug delivery, tissue imaging, and protein networks mapping


If you would like to present a poster at FluoroFest, please contact:

Alex Siemiarczuk (alex.siemiarczuk@horiba.com)


Renowned keynote speakers and their presentation titles include:

  • Kirk S. Schanze (University of Texas in San Antonio)

Fluorescent water soluble conjugated polymers: fundamentals and application to biosensing

  • Yves Mely (University of Strasbourg)

Imaging the dynamics and interactions of viral and bacterial proteins by advanced imaging techniques

  • Catherine Royer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Mapping protein networks in vivo using advanced fluorescence microscopy approaches

  • Bruce Weisman (Rice University)

Using near-infrared fluorescence to characterize single-wall carbon nanotubes

  • Tamás Bányász (University of Debrecen)

Coordination between cytosolic calcium dynamics and the electrical function of cardiac cell membrane

Additional speakers include:

  • David Birch (University of Strathclyde)

Fluorescence approaches to melanin structure and order

  • Gerard L. Coté (Texas A & M University)

Wavelength Selection and Encapsulation of a FRET-based biosensing assay for continuous glucose monitoring

  • Francis D’Souza (University of North Texas in Denton)

Design and singlet oxygen behavior of Visible and Near-IR fluorescent probes

  • Kayla Green (Texas Christian University)

Evaluation of pharmacological potential for antioxidant pyridinophanes using protonation constants, metal association constants, toxicity, and metabolic liability studies

  • Rafal Fudala (University of North Texas)

Fluorescent biosensor for hyaluronidase detection

  • Hays Rye (Texas A & M University)

Mechanistic insights into molecular chaperone action in protein folding and disaggregation from fluorescence spectroscopy

  • Anton Naumov (Texas Christian University)

Fluorescence imaging of 0, 1 and 2D carbon nanomaterials for biomedical applications

  • Arup Neogi (University of North Texas in Denton)

Second Harmonic Optical Interferometric correlation spectroscopy in a monolayer two-dimensional materials

  • Bin Hu (University of Tennessee)

Magneto-photoluminescence in steady and time-dependent regimes

  • David Mcloskey (HORIBA IBH)

The future of FLIM: a wide field TCSPC camera for real time imaging of fluorescence lifetimes

  • Sergei Dzyuba (Texas Christian University)

Fluorescent molecular rotors as environment-sensitive probes for various types of media

  • Adam Gilmore (HORIBA Instruments)

A-TEEM Molecular fingerprinting; taking fluorescence into the analytical realm

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Date and Time


Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, TX 76129

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