FLP Tour: Generational Wealth Bootcamp  (Springfield X)

FLP Tour: Generational Wealth Bootcamp (Springfield X)

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$59 – $399


1365 Main St (The Marketplace)

1365 Main Street

Springfield, MA 01103

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Fast-track your path to financial freedom, legacy building, improve your self confidence and make a positive impact in the lives of others

About this event

Are you the first (or one of the few) in your family to start or think about the process of building generational wealth?

Coming to a city near you!

Financial freedom. Vacation homes. Real Estate Owner. Entrepreneur. Living Life of My Own Terms. Generational Wealth. Comfort. Financial Security. Less financial stress. All of these are all sexy phrases that often is associated with building generational wealth.

But what does it really take to start building generational wealth and what does generational wealth actually entail?

What does it consist of?

How do you know when the wealth you are building is generational wealth?

What's Stopping You?

  • Fear of failure?
  • Fear of success?
  • Fear of losing hard earned money nvesting in the wrong program or opportunity?
  • Not knowing where to start or continue?
  • Limiting / Misinformed beliefs about money and the financial world?
  • Not having access to a mentor or guidance?
  • Financial Circumstances?
  • The risk of losing your investment?

If you have tried to start or continue the process of building wealth on your own, you know that the process is a long and daunting one. Between researching the right financial information to the discouraging risk of trial and error that may lead to investing in the wrong programs to the overwhelmng reality that you don't truly understand what the steps are to build wealth, running the risk of losing time, money and motivation, the process of building wealth seems more and more far fetched than ever before.

At First Ladies of Poverty Foundation, we want you support you in building wealth in the healthiest, most efficient and smartest way possible. Thus, we created a 5 stage framework to building generational wealth in our signature program, 5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth, which we teach and support you in during each and every one of our bootcamps.

Your Hostess:

Shatoyia Jones, First Ladies of Poverty Foundation

What to Expect

  • Network with local business owners (Local Vendors),
  • Learn the 5 stages to building generational wealth,
  • Apply for business funding (FLP Small Business Funding Program),
  • Learn how we can help alleviate poverty in your community (Poverty Think Tank), and
  • Learn more about career and employment opportunities (Job Fair).
  • First Ladies of Poverty Foundation's 5 Stages to Generational Wealth Bootcamp Tour includes generational wealth bootcamp (flpgwb), poverty think tank (ptt), open wealth builders blueprint (owbb) co-working sessions.

Event Agenda

  • Open Shopping / Open Networking / GB Fill-ups
  • Welcome / Intros
  • Mindset / Vision Development
  • 5 Stages Breakout Sessions + Job Fair
  • BREAK - Open Shopping / Open Networking
  • Poverty Think Tank
  • Resource Sign Ups
  • All ethnic identities and backgrounds welcome to attend.

See each individual date for specific location, times, hosts and other relevant event information.

​If you are seeking to learn...

  • how to develop a vision and purpose for your life (Stage 1)
  • investing 101 and pros / cons of different investment types ( Stages 2 - 5)
  • investment strategies for retirement funding (Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5)
  • investment strategies for growth and sustainability (Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5)
  • learn real estate ( Stages 3-5)
  • how and where to begin building a digital business, from idea stage to tax write offs and discipline with marketing strategies to growth/scale (Stage 3)
  • how to scale your connections and build with like-minded folks (Stages 1-5)
  • how to make a secure financial management and growth plan to secure a healthy financial future for yourself and loved ones (Stages 1-2)
  • how to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur// not just self employed ( Stages 2-3, mostly Stage 3)
  • how to maximize benefits of your savings and be financially fit (Stages 2-5)
  • debt freedom and best practices for helping yourself and loved ones without going broke ( Stages 2 - 3)
  • how the wealthy think and manage their money (Stages 1, 3 - 5 )
  • anything that we have to share about building wealth and investing... (All Stages)

Register for our upcoming generational wealth bootcamp today!

Register for our upcoming 5 Stages to Building Wealth Masterclass! Limited Seats Available per class so that those in attendance can have personal attention in each masterclass.

✨COVID-19 Safety:

Due to COVID, decided to attend in-person events is often a difficult decision to make. We intend to change that and want to make it a lot easier for you. We know that considering in-person events during this time can be stressful, so we want to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

If you are sick, have been tested positive for COVID and have not made a full recovery, please be respectful of the lives of others and stay home. We have a live-streamed version for ya, and you can still ask questions in the chat!

Here is some information that may help with that.


Are masks required? At this time, masks are strongly encouraged but not required for bootcamps with 15 or less people. For bootcamps with 15 or more people, masks are required when held indoors.

What is the dress code? Feel free to come in jeans, casual wear, formal wear or suit and tie--it's up to you. Just come ready to give your best to the process of self discovery, self growth and wealth building.

What to do when you arrive? There will be someone to assist you. Sign in, fill out a name tag and head to the meeting room to network and get seated for the masterclass.

What types of people attend this bootcamp?

We provide an environment of current, uplifting and supportive guidance, a simple, relevant and applicable presentation of the process to wealth building and loving people committed to supporting you in your journey to escaping the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle to build wealth, mindset and habit shifting and holding you accountable to your goals.

Most importantly, we believe you’ll find people just like you - lawyers, nurses, engineers, burger-flippers, you name it - coming from a range of diverse ethnic backgrounds and life experiences - wanting a faith-based journey in making a difference in their families, their bank accounts, their communities and in the world. Meet people that will forward your personal and professional growth.

✨ Tips for making the most of the bootcamp?

Come ready to ask lots of questions, and get to work! This event works best for us/you/everyone else in attendance (whether in-person or virtual) when those who attend ask what they really need and want to know and are ready to roll up their sleeves and get personal to work on improving their circumstances to where they would like to be.

It's better to win with those who you love and care about. Invite family and friends to join- whether online or in-person (--and be sure to grab them a ticket when you RSVP if you are attending in person!)

✨ Is there a virtual online version of this event?

Yes, you can become a member to access virtual recordings of the bootcamps.

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