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Fitpreneurs: Ultimate Freedom LIVE at True Transformation Ranch San Diego

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San Diego

12340 Lorient Court

San Diego, CA 92130

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Dear Fitpreneur,

Here's an invitation to join myself, puppy Buddha and my amazing team at my home at the True Transformation Ranch in San Diego (my home) for three days of immersion into personal development, business and connecting with other likeminded professionals who want to change more lives.

Where are you with your business and life right now?

Do you want to get to the next level and create more freedom in your life?

Do you want to reduce your stress, overwhelm and reach financial freedom?

Are you struggling to get more leads or enroll ideal clients at the right price?

Do you want to improve the results you get with your clients?

Do you want to take your skills and knowledge online and take more time off?

By the end of this event you will get a huge shift in the way you think and this will help you take your business to a whole new level.

Here's what will be covered...


  • How to get to your clients’ real motivations and then provide the services that will ensure their satisfaction!

  • How to overcome fear, establish rapport and turn prospects into long-term clients!

  • How to get the beliefs you need to reach your monthly income goals – without true belief you’ll unconsciously sabotage even your best efforts!

  • How meditation can help you get centered and achieve greater success – both personally and professionally!

  • How to grow your business even faster by being passionate and sharing your true authentic self with prospects!

  • How to set goals and then develop the step by step blueprint you need to achieve those goals!

  • How to earn £10,000 a month in 30 days – a business is very easy to grow when you have the right systems in place … find out what those systems are here!

  • How to get prospects to connect with you and want to become paying clients – follow these three steps to ensure people trust you, feel like they know you and want to work with you!

  • How to avoid the triggers that cause you to lose your focus and get side-tracked from your goal of growing your business (and making more money)!

  • How to get over mental blocks and convert more leads into paying clients!

  • How I went from £60,000 to £100,000 in one month by working on myself and “peeling the layers of the onion” back – and how you can do this, too!

  • How to get in alignment with your purpose and then use that to ensure that your business goes up and up and up!

  • How to establish yourself as an expert and get clients to buy into your recommendations – don’t let your clients self-prescribe, find out how to become their “doctor” and set their treatment!

  • How to ditch one-to-one training and dramatically increase your earnings while decreasing your workload!

  • A proven system you can use to become among the top earners in the industry – top earners typically make £5,000 or more a month!

  • “The Flawed PT Model” and why it’s bad for clients and for you – plus, what you should be doing instead to make money and satisfy your clients!

  • Step by step what you need to do to convert leads into paying clients – including how to give them value for free that will make them want to come back to you and pay for more!

  • My simple sales formula that you can use to get clients – including how to overcome objections and turn “no’s” into “yeses”!

  • How to ask the right questions and get “yes” all the way through – including when you ask are you ready to sign up for my training!

  • How to get out of your comfort zone and use “the thing you don’t want to talk about” to transform lives and boost your business!


  • Whether you love it or hate it, how to use marketing to grow your business!

  • How to understand the challenges of the market you are serving and then make sure people understand that you are providing the solutions to those challenges

  • The biggest mistake fitpros make in their marketing and how to ensure you don’t do the same thing!

  • How to leverage your knowledge to gain clients – afraid of giving away too much? Find out why sharing your some of your best knowledge for free will have clients eager to sign up with you

  • How to use consistency in your marketing to convert prospects over time!

  • How to identify a prospect’s emotional state and use that to get them to sign up with you!

  • How to target your messages so that you appeal to your best prospects!

  • How to test promotions on a small scale and then roll out only the ones that really work to a larger audience – this will save you a great deal of money and frustration!

  • A powerful testimonial system that will completely transform your business and dramatically increase your client base!

  • How to get all the systems you need to automate your business and grow it on autopilot!

  • How to build a sales funnel and then optimize it to maximize sales!

  • How to identify a red-hot niche market and then dominate that market like the beast you are!

  • How to write headlines that grab prospects’ attention and get them to everything you’ve written!

  • How to write copy that gets prospects to take action – even if you hated high school English and don’t consider yourself to be a great writer!

  • How to build an email list of hungry, take-action buyers

  • How to write emails that engage, inspire and motivate your target audience!

  • How to use squeeze pages, sales letters, emails, autoresponders and more to convert prospects into paying clients!

  • How to determine how much money to spend on marketing – spend too little and you won’t get new clients, spend too much and you’ll waste your profits, find out here how much you really need to spend to market effectively!

  • How to survey prospects and clients and then use that information to create in-demand products and services AND to also effectively market to them!

  • How to write blog posts, articles and more to generate free leads for your business!

  • How to separate yourself from other trainers and have prospects practically lining up to work with you!

  • How to build a website that doesn’t just advertise you but that turns prospects into clients!

  • How I set up my sales funnels, including what I use, so you can do the same thing and achieve the same (or even better) results!

  • How to use attention-grabbing images that get people to stop what they are doing and pay attention to your marketing!

  • How to generate leads for free and then use video, value, free transformation sessions and more to convert those leads into clients!

  • How to create valuable content that will immediately help prospects while also enticing them to join your roster of paying clients

  • How to use social media to build relationships with prospects and clients and grow your business!

  • How to establish joint ventures with other businesses to grow your client base – find out how partnerships with hairdressers, chiropractors and more can quickly send a flood of new clients your way!


  • How to shortcut the road to success by 12 months, two years, even three to four years by learning to leverage your time better – that means doing away with time-zappers and focusing more on the things that will bring success!

  • How to train employees and use systems that will keep your business functioning smoothly in your absence

  • A powerfully effective lead conversion system – find out what needs to happen each step of the way to increase your conversion rate and raise your profits!

  • What questions to ask when speaking to a client to get the information you need to lead them down the path to a sale!

  • How to prequalify leads so you don’t waste your time with “tire-kickers” who never had any plans of buying!

  • How to recognize business cycles and use promotions to boost business during traditional down times

  • How to optimize the various areas of your business – you’ll be amazed at how smoothly and profitably your business operates after following these tips!

  • How to get organized and eliminate money-wasting chaos from your business!

  • How to create an open loop that pulls prospects back in and gets them to buy this time!

  • How to create a legacy so that your training business continues to help people and generate profits even when you are not around!

  • How to motivate clients to send you referrals – hint: money is not the best reward, find out what is here!

  • The keys to creating and running highly effective lead and sales-generating promotions

  • How to radically change your business … with leverage instead of costly assets!

  • How to build a product and then what you must do to maximize your profits from the sale of that product!

  • How to get inside your clients’ and prospects’ minds and determine their real needs and desires so that you can then satisfy them!

  • How to get prospects motivated and inspired to work with you!

  • A simple technique that will ensure most clients get big results with your product or service and become raving fans!

  • Why how and when you deliver information is as important as what the information is!

  • How to fine-tune your offers and payment options to generate more sales

  • How to build a powerful brand name AND get attention-grabbing language for your marketing campaigns!

  • The real reason why prospects will choose you to be their trainer – it’s not qualifications! Find out what they are really looking for and how to assure them you have it here!

  • Why you need to send more than a price list to get people motivated to sign up with you – get them to see you as their pain-reliever with these tips!

  • How to use apparel and other gear to reward clients AND raise the awareness of your business!

  • And much, much more!

Join us for three amazing days and leave having learned and implemented amazing new skills to help you grow.

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Date and Time


San Diego

12340 Lorient Court

San Diego, CA 92130

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