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Snyder Park

3299 southwest 4th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

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The 5th annual Fireball tournament is approaching! Join us at Snyder Park, January 27th, for a day of games and fun.

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The 4th annual Fireball tournament is approaching!

Join us at Snyder Park, January 27th, for a day of games and fun.

Register your team/ individual player today!

Please note that Parking is not included in the ticket price.





Playing By The Fireball Rules?

• Each team must have 8 to 10 players. Kids 12 years and under counts as hobbits, meaning half a person. Example: you may have 7 adults and 6 kids on your team and be perfectly legal.

• Game time is 20min total giving each team 10 min to bat.

• There will be a minimum of 2 referees per field game.


UTE LAGET (Outfield team)

• Objective is to get the ball to “Brännaren” “the burner” as quick as possible to stop the bater from making a home run.

• “Utelaget” can score by catching either a one handed lyra ( 5 points) or a two handed lyra (3 points). You can also score by burning the runners for “inne laget” in between cones. ( 1 point per burned runner) who also has to go back to the previous cone so you have a chance to burn them again.

• The burner may not waste time for the batting team by holding on to the ball or throw it badly to the next batter after he has shouted BRANN. (It will result in public branding as poor sportsmanship).

• If you succeed to keep all people of “innelaget” in the out field so there is no one left to bat, your team will receive 10 points and get to switch and become “innelaget”.

(For you rugby players out there, keep in mind that physically blocking the runner to reach a cone (safe zone) will give the runner a free run to home again. If the runner was in pursue of a homerun he will get his 5 points for free, if the runner was running for 1 point he will also receive the point for free. The only time you may hinder a runner, is if you pursue a “lyra”, which happen to land in the running track.

INNE LAGET (Batting team)

• Objective is to hit well and run around the field without getting burned.

• You have three tries to hit the ball. If you have a miss hit you can pick it up to try again as long as the out field player doesn’t take it first.

• “Innelaget” score (1 point) for every runner who makes it all the way around in to the batting zone again.

• A home run or also called “frivarv” gives (5 points).

• You may NOT run from the safe zone until the ball is hit.

If you think your inadequate running grants to cut corners by NOT rounding the cone on the outside, be aware you have to go all the way back to the 1st cone and start the run all over again, (which seriously will screw up your nice home run score)

Notes: To avoid giving the other team easy points you as a batter and runner need to keep two things in mind.

1. Don’t hit any easy “lyr bollar”.

2. Keep an eye on the ball while you are running as to not get burned. If you are in the air and land in the safe zone when “Brännaren” shouts brann you are safe. IF YOU DO NOT MAKE THE LANDING YOU ARE BURNED AND HAS TO GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS CONE. Keep in mind that the next batter can not proceed to bat until you have gone all the way back into the “safe zone”.

• IMPORTANT: The referee’s word is final!!!. NO DISCUSSIONS!!!!!

FIREBALL BANA (Field size):

• The outfield is 15m square.

• There is a fire platta for the “burner” where he can burn the runners once he has full control over the ball. There are two wooden bats for the adults, one flat and one round. For kids 12 and under there is a plastic bat, which is not as heavy. NOT TO BE USED BY ADULTS, whom might break it.

• There is a batting sector for the hitters. The ball need to land inside these lines to count as a valid shot.

• If someone in the outfield catch a lyra outside the sector it counts as a valid shot and the outfield will receive points for the lyra as well. If he drops the ball but it touched him before it hit the ground it is also considered a valid shot.

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Date and Time


Snyder Park

3299 southwest 4th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

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