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7A Odenplan

Norrtullsgatan 6



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Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the biggest search event in Northern Europe focusing entirely on how to find and display corporate information.

The agenda is full of inspiration, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to help develop your business, personal skills and professional network.


09.00 Registration

09.30 Introduction

09.35 The Future of Search: Martin White, Intranet Focus

10.20 Case: Big data for online insight - Christian Finstad, Meltwater

11.05 Coffee break

11.25 The 2013 Findability Survey: Kristian Norling, Findwise

11.45 Developing a Search & Findability Practice for the Enterprise: Ravi Mynampaty, Harvard Business school

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Breakout sessions:

  • Search as a driver in Mobile applications: Martin Öhléen, SKF
  • Master Data management + Enterprise Search = User Satisfaction: Sebastian Forseland, Husqvarna
  • Search as a service: Niclas Lillman and Nicklas Eriksson, Scania
  • The next generation business search engine: Jonas Berg, Svensk Byggtjänst

14.30 Big data in IT Operations and Security: DJ Skillman, Splunk

15.15 Course information

15.25 Coffee break

15.40 Case: Governance and the role of search in user satisfaction – Johan Johansson, Municipality of Norrköping

16.25 Unveil the hidden values in your organization: Troels Walsted Hansen, Microsoft

17.10 Building the Star Trek Computer: Daniel Bergqvist, Google

17.40 Drinks in the lounge

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The Future of Search – Martin White

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of search technology and yet many organizations still do not have a strategy for their investment in search. In this presentation Martin White looks at some of the search technologies that will have an impact on organizational performance over the next few years, including sentiment analysis, the integration of big data and enterprise search and in particular the importance of enterprise mobile search applications.

About the presenter

Martin White has been working with search related issues since the mid-1970s. He set up Intranet Focus Ltd in 1999 and specializes in intranet and information management strategy development. A visiting Professor at the iSchool, University of Sheffield since 2002 and he has written seven books within the field. In November 2011 his latest book, Enterprise Search – Enhancing Business Performance was published by O’Reilly Media. He has been Reviews Editor and a Contributing Editor for Intranets – Enterprise Strategies and Solutions since 2001 and has been a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Information Management since 1999. Martin writes a monthly column on enterprise search for CMSWire and is the Chair of the Enterprise Search Europe conference.

Unveil the hidden values in your organization – Troels Walsted Hansen, Microsoft

By using search as a tool for collaboration it is possible to connect people, social networks and information in new ways. It implies an opportunity to create completely new insights and it is a potential gold mine for businesses. This presentation gives you an idea of both the previously undiscovered potential and lays out a path for how to leverage your search solutions to convert this potential into real business value for your organization.

About the presenter

Troels Walsted Hansen, M.Sc. has been the project leader delivering many of the FAST ESP releases for FAST. After the acquisition of FAST by Microsoft – Troels has taken a role as Principal Development Manager in Microsoft. In this role, Troels has led the development of public sites offerings and introduced big data / analytics engines in the SharePoint 2013 search platform. Troels is currently leading the all-up Big Data effort in Office to combine Big Data and search to unveil the hidden values in your organization.

Developing a Search & Findability Practice for the Enterprise – Ravi Mynampaty, Harvard Business School

This presentation is a case study of how we are improving search at Harvard Business School (HBS) and building a practice area to support this endeavor. You will hear how we built the road towards the holy grail of one-stop Enterprise search as we travelled on it. This path initially included a set of incremental steps until we gained enough critical mass to formalize the process. While we have made significant progress towards the end goal, we are still very much on the journey. This talk will describe the path we took, where we are currently, and what the future roadmap looks like. Learn about the components of our search & findability practice, the skill sets of the people who comprise the team, tools we are using, and also some tactical steps you can take to improve search when you go back to work tomorrow so that you too can embark on this voyage.

About the presenter

Ravi is just another search guy standing tall on the shoulders of giants. He plays with Enterprise & Website Search and Findability and has a huge side interest in Linguistics. Formally trained as an engineer, he was recently naturalized into Information Management of which he is a very happy citizen. Ravi believes that making incremental changes is an effective path towards improving search and tries to make this happen on a daily basis. He is currently running the findability program at HBS, including the design and implementation of findability standards, search tools, and search user interfaces.

The 2013 Findability Survey – Kristian Norling, Findwise

The annual Findability Survey aims to find out how organizations think about and implements Enterprise Search and Findability. What are the current trends? How much budget is allocated and what kind of organizational resources are devoted to search? These questions and more will be answered when Kristian Norling presents the findings from the global survey.

About the presenter

Kristian Norling has been working in the intranet, webtech and search business since 2001 as a communications manager, IT-strategist and webmaster. Before joining Findwise he was an IT-strategist at Region Västra Götaland, setting web technology strategy and acting product owner of search.

Master Data management + Enterprise Search = User Satisfaction – Sebastian Forseland, Husqvarna

This presentation is a case study in how effective information management and governance plays a key role in creating findability at Husqvarna. Husqvarna is a global company and the vast number of product parts is an example of an area where master data management and enterprise search has generated clear benefits for users, lowering time spent searching for specific articles and avoiding work in silos.

About the presenter

Sebastian serves as an Information management evangelist within Husqvarna, where his primary role is Enterprise Architecture and the Information domain. Sebastian has over 15 years of experience in an international environment within a multitude of international companies in various industries. Taking the holistic approach is his calling, and his current primary focus at Husqvarna is to harmonize core information entities in a complex landscape and improve business efficiency in both process and organization.

Big data in IT Operations and Security – DJ Skillman, Splunk

Machine-generated data is massive in scale and can contain a record of transaction activity, system behavior, application performance, user actions, security threats and fraudulent activity. This presentation focuses on how to handle the complexity and scale of today's massive volumes of machine data and use it for monitoring of IT Operations and security.

About the presenter

DJ spent a majority of his early career focusing on Layer 4-7 scaling and acceleration technologies at Boostworks, Redline Networks and Juniper Networks as a Systems Engineer and later Technical and Product Marketing where he has pending patent in web acceleration. DJ joined Splunk in early 2008 and has intimate technical experience scaling Splunk to handle some of the largest sites in the world that generate multiple terabytes of machine-generated data a day with multi-petabyte historical data stores. With this experience and leveraging his knowledge of large scale web/networking environments, DJ is now Senior Director Technical Services, helping drive Splunk’s growth in EMEA. DJ holds a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University in the City of New York.

Big data for online insight – Christian Finstad, Meltwater

Leveraging big data volumes to create online insight and bring clarity to the unstructured data from outside the organization is what Meltwater aims for with its unified platform. This presentation focuses on the business value that can come from using search technology in innovative ways and how Meltwater have had to work to demonstrate the business value from social media to other parts of organizations than marketing departments.

About the presenter

Christian has been working for Meltwater since 2005. Starting as a sales trainee and now, eight years later as the Central European Client Success Director, he has personally witnessed the company's growth and successful accomplishment of becoming the global leader in Media Monitoring.

Search as a driver in Mobile applications - Martin Öhléen, SKF

The demand for mobile applications grow bigger everywhere. A business mobile application is often very dependent on content and data. This is something that a enterprise search is very well suited to deliver. The presentation will be a case study for how the SKF Enterprise Search platform have become the driver for the new SKF Bookshelf app. How search could be the key platform for this through the work done last year with developing the Search as a service platform within SKF. Where more and more contributors and consuments are added regularly. The presentation will show what SKF have done to make this possible.

About the presenter

Martin has a background as a developer, architect, business analyst and integration specialist at SKF, mainly working with the external website, He has been working with the Web since 1994. Martin is now working as Application Manager for Enterprise Search at SKF and one of the areas in focus is to develop a Community of Practice for Search-as-a-Service within SKF. Getting the different platforms to work together instead of in Silos, and together utilize the possibilities with a good enterprise search.

Building the Star Trek Computer, Daniel Bergqvist, Google

In this talk, Google search specialist Daniel Bergqvist, explains how Google is moving from being an information engine to a knowledge engine. Expect bold predictions, tons of data to back up the findings, and a glimpse into the future direction of Google search.

About the presenter

Daniel works as a search specialist at Google. With more than ten years of experience in the software industry, Daniel has held positions at companies such as Ericsson and Opera Software. Daniel holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University. He lives in Stockholm with his wife and daughter. In his spare time he likes to climb mountains.

The next generation business search engine, Jonas Berg, Svensk Byggtjänst (Note: Presentation in Swedish)

A presentation about one of Svensk Byggtjänst’s most innovative products, Partnersö A vertical business search engine for the construction industry that collects, aggregates and evaluates relevant information of companies from both internal and external sources. Partnersök is the next generation business search where a transparent picture of companies facilitates users to select suitable business partners and suppliers.

About the presenter

Jonas Berg, is product manager at Svensk Byggtjänst since 6 years. A marketer with his main focus on business development, but he has also spent some time on web development the last few years.

Governance and the role of search in user satisfaction – Johan Johansson, Municipality of Norrköping

Working in an organization with the ultimate goal of giving the best service to its citizens 24 hours a day, with full transparency, makes every day as a search manager challenging. Good governance has become key to deliver impact. How do you accomplish a large increase in the number of users who find what they look for, rebuild trust in the search function and create true user satisfaction? This case study from the municipality of Norrköping will answer these questions and inspire us to take governance to the next level.

About the presenter

Johan works as developer of digital channels for the municipality of Norrköping and as a web analytics ninja. Johan is not a traditional IT person and is all about the effect and business impact search can have.

One Common Search Service Niclas Lillman and Nicklas Eriksson, Scania

Scania is creating a platform for Search-as-a-Service, called the Common Search Service. In this presentation you will hear about the vision and the strategy to reach it, how the solution is being implemented, and what’s ahead on the roadmap.

About the presenter

Niclas Lillman – manager of Core Collaboration Services. Overall responsible and owner for the portfolio of collaboration services that support the Scania knowledge workers globally in their daily business. 19 years of experience from IT at Scania in different roles, of which many are from working within the collaboration area.

Nicklas Eriksson – collaboration architect. Overall responsibility for planning the roadmap and choosing and combining the solutions for the Scania Core Collaboration Portfolio. 10 years of experience from working at Scania, in the beginning as architect for the global intranet and now with a broader scope.

Date and time


7A Odenplan

Norrtullsgatan 6



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Organizer Findwise

Organizer of Findability Day 2013

Findwise is a growing and award winning IT consultancy with over 100 employees at offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland. Founded in 2005 by a team of experts from the enterprise search industry, Findwise now adds business value for organisations where information is a priority by enabling them with business critical solutions and applications. Put briefly, we help companies find, analyse and act on information! 



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