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Film: Mantra - Sounds into Silence. A Film about Music, Meditation & Chant...

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Tucson Jewish Community Center

3800 East River Road

Tucson, AZ 85718

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Mantra: Sound into Silence - Lose Your Mind, (..Peacefully).

Mantra (Sanskrit: मन्त्र,)

1. A Sacred Utterance, having a strong spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity. Believed by practitioners to have Psychological and/or Spiritual Powers.

2. Sacred message, Charm, Spell, Incantation. Literally "instrument of thought.

Did you know that within Sanskrit there are mantras for nearly everything in Your Life?

There Are Mantras For:

- Healing Your Body, Your Mind or Your Chakras

- To Turn Negative Emotional States into Positive Ones

- Blessings or More Divinity or Enlightenment

- Removing Obstacles & Getting Rid of Unwanted Situations

- Peace & Harmony, & for Wholeness

- Dispeling The Impurities of Your Mind or Increase Your Intuition

- Mantras To Reinvigorate Sexual Energy

There are Even Mantras for Financial Prosperity....

Mantras are tools of the mind that break up patterns of thought that we don’t’ want & clear our energy to invite into our lives what we do want.

Mantras are tools for manifesting, whether states of consciousness or healing. They alleviate symptoms of mind & body & bring us peace & balance.

Even Hard Science (At Harvard Medical School) Supports Mantras As A Powerful & Useful Tool:

Scientists from Harvard Medical School found that Mantra is a powerful tool to induce “the relaxation response” and mantras also give users the ability to better cope with life’s unexpected stressors.

Brain Science Research shows that Mantra can be used to develop states of ‘connection & oneness’. Where the sense of self dissolves & gives someone a sense of connectedness & harmony with the world around them.

So with that, we think it’s important to see the upcoming Film about the Profound, Scientifically Proven Tool of Mantra!

This Exciting New Film is a powerful dive into an ancient, powerful, yet underutilized tool for peace, self-healing, transformation & manifestation available. And it’s accessible to everyone.

“Mantra is Free! It Has No Negative Side Effects & It’s Simple And So Easy!”

You’re going to want to be check this film out.


With the Frenetic pace of modern life, human beings move further & further from our evolutionary roots and face an enormous number of stressors never seen before in history.

Simply put, You & I, as Humans, Never Evolved To Live This Way.

Yet in Every Culture, in Every Corner of the World, & Since the Beginning of Recorded History, living in harmony with each other has always included joining together to sing in community.

Science is just beginning to show the positive power of mantra on our mental, emotional & physical health. But as we move away from our evolutionary roots, we move away from this important practice as well,... to our own detriment.

However this powerful practice is having a renaissance growing in legions of people across the globe from Russia, to Europe, to the East and to the West, bringing us back into Harmony with ourselves & our Community.

MANTRA – Sounds into Silence, charts the history, expansion & powerful personal effect of the musical & social phenomenon of chanting.

It’s a film about spirituality, people reconnecting with their true selves & finding meaning in their lives using this Powerful Ancient, Simple & Free Tool.

This Film Features Luminaries of this Movement (As Well As Their Gorgeous Musical Performances) such as:

- Deva Primal & Miten

- Krishna Das

- Snatam Kaur

- Buddhist Lama Gyurme

- Jai Uttal

- MC Yogi

And many others...

Through these encounters, we will discover how these spiritual chanters came to this music themselves, how it transformed their lives & how Mantra Can Transform Your Life Too.

You’ll See Brain Science of Mantra:

- How Mantra can create an Enlightened State of Connection among practitioners. It’s not an illusion, you can see it on the latest technology.

- How Mantra Stops the Crucial Part of The Brain That Buddhists Will Tell You is The Source Of ALL Of Your Problems

- How Mantra Affects The Essential Part Of Your Brain That Governs How You See Reality. Utilizing mantra helps you shift this “the seat of reality” for a different experience of life.

- What key part of Mantra is responsible for altering your Autonomic Nervous System so you can relax (you can do this one on your own)

- How mantra increases the activity & size of the ‘good parts’ of your brain (such as the prefrontal cortex) and helps to decrease activity in & shrink the ‘bad’ parts (such as the amygdala).

- Why Mantra is Actually the Exact Perfect Tool to Heal Addiction (or Just Your Addictive Behaviors)

You’ll Also Hear Powerful Stories Of How:

- Mantra helps people with addiction, depression and mental disorders

- Mantra is being used in prisions, & how mantra is saving people’s lives.

- Mantra gives people a feeling of purpose, connection & community in their lives

- People are finding healing & a sense of inner peace by singing mantras together

This simple, powerful tool is altering lives from hopelessness to happiness. From emptiness to fulfillment.

This Medicine for Your Mind is a Transcendent form Self-Expression & Expansion, Communication & Communion allowing us to say things we are unable to say in words alone.

It’s a tool that allows you to literally harness your own vibration. As you sing mantra, you entrain your mind, body & spirit and find the peace that most people are longing for.

Straight from the mantra masters themselves, you’ll discover that Mantra is not about becoming something else, but simply becoming yourself.

Join us and learn about this powerful tool to easily change your state of mind & elevate your consciousness!

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Date and Time


Tucson Jewish Community Center

3800 East River Road

Tucson, AZ 85718

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