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DC9 Nightclub 1940 9th St NW Washington, DC 20001

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  • 3 hours
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Field Guide


“Field Guide creates a chimerical dreamlike soundscape, brought to life by his soft-spoken lyrical imaginings.” – Under the Radar

“With tender instrumentals and intimate vocals, [Field Guide] is sure to pull at your heartstrings...he has truly cemented a signature sound.” – Indie 88


Field Guide(aka Dylan MacDonald)is a weaver of worlds.Built around his inviting voice and wrapped in warm textures, his self-titled sophomore full-length builds his most engaging world yet.It lives in a place between darkness and hopefulness with unshakeable melodies at its heart.

“Melody is what makes words fall out of my mouth. It’s disarming. When I find a melody that represents my internal world, I drop my guard. I allow the words to appear out of thin air without judgement. A lot of these songs came to life that way. I wasn’t trying to make anything, but the songs became a home for words that I wasn’t yet ready to write on the page,”MacDonald says.

The past few years haven’t allowed for much escape from our interior worlds. There’s been a lot to move through, and many things can be true at once.This album lives at the sometimes-tense intersection of those truths–loving someone dearly while being pulled toward something new, feeling joy in the melancholy, a gratitude for deep friendship and an uncertainty of one’s place in it.

And constant inspiration was found in his circle of Winnipeg creators working away on their own projects.Like The Big Pink house–Boy Golden,Slow Spirit,Roman Clarke, Kris Ulrich and others dropped in on each other to share demos and often lend their sounds to each other’s albums.