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Festival of world music and crafts "World of Siberia"

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Krasnoyarsk Krai

village Shushenskoye, Krasnoyarsk Krai

Russian Federation

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"MIR Sibiri" is the biggest ethnic music landmark in Russia. Citizens and numerous guests of the Shushenskoje will have an opportunity to assess mastery and talant of world-known musicians. Live performances and high-quality sound is a guarantee of bright emotions for the spectators who come here every year.

There are several reasons why you must visit the “World of Siberia” Festival


Everything that happens with time at the Shushenskoye village is just amazing. You don’t need a time machine here; we invite you to visit three eras on a single occasion.

- at the “Shushenskoye” Historic and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve you can learn about lifestyle of people that used to inhabit imperial Russian villages in the 19th century.

- You can experience the Soviet Union atmosphere at the village’s administrative center.

- You can attend a concert at the main festival venue – highly-technological stage, where sound and lights as well as on-line translation provided for the whole world are at the 21st century level!


The “World of Siberia” is 215 000 square meters of ethnic interactive events, 4 stages, more than 10 theme tourist areas, dozens of master-classes, souvenir fair, traditional cuisines area and educational locations.

There are a lot of different locations for everyone: reconstructions of ancient rituals, master-classes on playing traditional music instruments, open-air cinema club, cooking master-classes with real Russian stove, tea ceremonies, dance flash mobs and lessons. In 2016 the Festival’s program included more than 50 events and activities.

You will never get bored at the festival!


The Festival’s music program can be divided in two parts – the competition and headliners performances. The “MIRA” Ethnic Music Award Competition is held in two stages. From all applications (more than 200 every year) the judges choose only 40 to come to the Shushenskoye village. After that nominees perform on the main stage and judges then choose the winner of the Award. Vocalists, musicians, dancers from small villages and big cities can apply for the competition. These are soloists and ensembles that transfer their traditions from one generation to another as well as professional performing artists. This competition is a unique chance to see such extraordinary music instruments and hear remarkable voices. Nominees perform for three days from 6 PM to 9 PM. At 9 PM the headliners program begins. There are more than 40 world music stars have performed at the Festival’s main stage in recent years. ‘Ivan Kupala’, ‘Karagod’, ‘Troitsa’ (Belarus), ‘Zdob si Zdub’ (Moldova), Nino Katamadze (Georgia), ‘Euzen’ (Norway, Denmark), ‘Hazmat Modine’ (USA) these are only several of those who performed at the Festival. Every year such ensembles as “Ayarkhaan’ (Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya)), Sergey Starostin, Inna Zhelannaya perform at the main Festival’s stage.


Crafts are also presented in two ways – the Craft Award Competition and the Crafts Fair. The Craft Award Competition has been held since 2015 and has become really popular and prestigious among crafters. Last year the Organizing Committee received more than 100 applications from crafters from 18 regions of the Russian Federation. Best crafters take part in the Craft Award Competition to get the main award – the “MIRA” Bowl. During 3 days there is an exhibition of works created by nominees and at the same time there is one of the most popular Festival venues working which is the Crafts Fair. Every year since the first festival more and more crafters gather in the Shushenskoye village and present their talents, craftsmanship and knowledge. There you can buy patchwork bedcovers, exotic music instruments, birch-bark boxes, bead necklaces and many other ethnic items and souvenirs – pieces of decorative and applied arts created by talented people.


At the Festival you can ride a huge bast shoe, flat-iron, taste salty tea at the Khakass tea house or try to cut the grass with a real scythe under downpour of rain.

You also have a chance to stay for the night at the tent by the fire, at the Russian traditional cabin at the “Novaya Derevnya” architecture complex or inside the nomad’s tent.

At the “World of Siberia” everything is possible!


34 000 people visited the “World of Siberia” Festival in 2016!

People come here by trains, buses, planes; they are attracted to the Festival, they are curious and hungry for emotions. People who come here are interested in culture of people of Russia and other countries. People come here for emotions, knowledge, sensations and new experience as well as for fresh air, morning dew, hot Siberian sun, Music and Crafts of Siberia!


Krasnoyarsk Krai

village Shushenskoye, Krasnoyarsk Krai

Russian Federation

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