Feng Shui Master Certification START A NEW CAREER YOU WILL LOVE March 6th- 11th 2016
$1,499 – $1,799
Feng Shui Master Certification START A NEW CAREER YOU WILL LOVE March 6th- 11th 2016

Feng Shui Master Certification START A NEW CAREER YOU WILL LOVE March 6th-...

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Marina Village

1936 Quivira Way . San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA 92109

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Dear Feng Shui enthusiast,

Join Amanda Collins Feng Shui Master at the International Feng Shui School for the Feng Shui Master Certification Training, located in the beautiful San Diego Area.

The Training will be held March 6th- 11th 2017; during this time you will learn how to become a professional Feng Shui consultant.

The training includes receiving the compass, a 400 page manual, 4 laminated charts and all the resources needed to get your business up and running

The potential market for Feng Shui services is massive and growing. Feng Shui is unique in that every residence and business can benefit from it. Now more than ever, people are seeking the ancient art of Feng Shui to bring abundance, growth and give them that competitive edge.

This trailing builds a solid foundation for a Feng Shui practitioner by revealing its underlying theories. Develop the profound ability to analyze the unique “energy blueprint” of a business or home to reveal its past, present and future potential.

What you gain from attending the feng Shui Master Training

This class is such a great investment that is would cost much less then ever having to hire a feng shui consultant again whether for your present home, moving, remodeling, building or helping family members

You will be part of the International Feng Shui School alumni/ family where we have monthly classes, on-line support with all the previous graduates sharing there knowledge and experience.

You will receive a free listing on the International Feng Shui School web site.

All the resources from how to start your business from A- Z from Web designers, business coaches, how to register your domain name.

This class will be fun, empowering, you will meeting over amazing people and create some life long friendships

You will receive certificate of completion from the International Feng Shui School, on completion of the training you will have a level of confidence to go out in the world and help improve peoples lives why earning a fantastic living. During the training you will have hands on training together we will go an Feng Shui a house bringing all the knowledge that you have learnt to take out in the world to start your business right away.

Amanda will be teaching you everything she has learnt over the past decade from leading Feng Shui Master from all over the world, numerous trainings and running a successful business Feng Shui consulting for fortune 500 companies to thousands of residential clients

How this will benefit your life

This Feng Shui course will help you become the master of your own life.

  1. Improve health, family, love, creativity and prosperity in your life and the lives of others
  2. Being a Feng Shui Consultant is one of the most rewarding and personally fulfilling professions - really making a difference to people’s lives.
  3. Being conscious of your environment, making sure your home is a reflection of what you would like to manifest in your life.
  4. This Feng Shui training will be one of the best investments you will ever make - not just of financial benefit but an investment in you - knowledge you will have and use for life.
  5. The classical Feng Shui methods in this training have their basis in natural science and these ancient systems that have worked for over 6000 years.
  6. You will develop confidence, intuition and understanding to enhance your own life as well as the lives of others.
  7. You will learn all the necessary skills for success in the growing market for feng shui consultants
  8. How to pick the perfect home for yourself or a client whether buying or renting a house or an apartment
  9. On-going support when working with large or complex projects.
  10. You will learn how to run a successful business.

Know how to build or remodel a house with amazing Feng Shui.

If you feel a desire and calling to learn about Feng Shui and help people it can be the most rewarding and fun career, there are so many amazing opportunities from Feng Shui for large corporations to residential clients, doing celebrities homes, writing a books, doing a feng shui TV show, making a line of DVD’s or CD’s teaching, feng shui product development, an online store, a retail store even franchising.

The training is from 9am -5pm daily
If you just want to take certain days here is the price break down:
Day 1 Beginners classical Feng Shui
Day 2 Intermediate Classical Feng Shui
Day 3 Advanced Classical Feng Shui
Take Day 1, 2, and 3 at once for classical feng shui / flying stars

Day 4 Floor plans, landscaping with feng shui, how to attract your soul mate, EMF’s:
Day 5 Feng Shui color theory, art work, nursery, fertility, and clutter clearing
Day 6 Space clearing, home blessings, feng shui and real estate, living a greener life, creating altars and vision boards
Starting your Feng Shui Business
Going on a professional Feng Shui consultation half day

Deposit $500
Refer a friend get $100 discount

Sign up a friend and get a $100 gift voucher for the International Feng Shui School

Monthly payment plans available debit and credit card payment plans are available. Training to be paid in full by 1st day of class.

Email us at AmandaCollins.me@gmail.com we have graduates and staff available to answer all your questions.

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Date and Time


Marina Village

1936 Quivira Way . San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA 92109

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