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4-Week Live Webinar
This class meets live every week and students and instructors interacts livevia Speakers and microphones. You'll receive the login link and instructions upon registration.
(Streaming video of the each class will be available for playback in between meetings)

Monday October 22, 2018 - November 12, 2018 6pm-8pm PST (9pm-11pm ET)

Our Feng Shui For Residential Designers and Architects (CEU IDCEC Approved Course) is geared to provide Designers with professional grade Classic, Scientific Feng Shui for Residential Design training to cater to clients requesting Feng Shui design services and for the designer's personal use. This is a beginning level course, open to everyone with or without previous Feng Shui training.

After course completion, you will receive CEU credit with ASID, IIDA and IDC (members only).
NOTE: You must be a member of any or all these associations to receive credits.

No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is needed to attend this course.

Feng_Shui-Property-CentificationIn this 8 hours program you will learn about:

How to identify and correct bad Feng Shui design features
How to create good Feng Shui design features
How to apply Feng Shui to the kitchen
How to apply Feng Shui to the bedrooms
How to apply Feng Shui to rooms' layout
How building's design can effect occupant’s health & wellness
How the building's design can effect occupants' career and success

During live sessions, students microphones are open and there is a direct interaction between students and teacher so that she is able to answer all questions. All recordings are unabridged and students questions are included.

Either format of this course will qualify you to continue to Part 2 of our Advanced Feng Shui Course. You can Register here for Part 2, and Part 3-4 (no CEU credit offered for Part 2-3-4 at this time).



The request for Feng Shui consultations, often to accompany architectural and design services, is continuously growing worldwide. Now more than ever clients are requesting the ancient art of Feng Shui to be integrated with their designs to help bring them abundance, wellness, and positive growth (as well as give them an advantage on the competition).

Feng Shui is an ancient, natural science that gives us insights on how to create healthier and more successful living and working environments. Because each building is unique, each has to be treated specially. Ultimately all occupants of a building can benefit from it having good Feng Shui.

By learning how to analyze the unique “energy imprint” of a building or property you’ll be able to prevent potential issues by making adjustments with its design during the first development stage as well as give your design that extra something—that “energy glow” that will make the final effect truly unique.

This Advanced Feng Shui Certificate Program will help you address your client’s needs, as well as teach you how to integrate the principles in your own living and working environments. After teaching over 5,000 students at UCLA Extension and at multiple Feng Shui Conferences all over the world for the past 15 years, Dr. Simona Mainini has decided to take her in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui to the next level and create this Advanced Feng Shui Certificate Program for other motivated professionals like herself, and to help them succeed in following their passion about Feng Shui.

Attendees will benefit from Dr. Mainini’s almost 20 years of skills and knowledge acquired from working full-time herself as a successful, international Feng Shui professional. Her goal for her students is to gain Professional Mastery in Feng Shui.

No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is needed. However, a basic understanding of design procedures and drawing skills are preferred, either manual or by a computer, as you will be working on practical assignments which include both design and floor plans.


The following is a sample of the various themes and principles that will be covered throughout the 8-hour program:

Introduction: class & instructor
Syllabus Review, course logistic, general question
Basics of Feng Shui Science: What is Feng Shui (and what it is not)?
How the Human Physiology responds to built environment (effects of good and bad Feng Shui)
Historical Notes, Legends and Archeological Documentation
Qi (life force energy) description
Qi (life force energy) applications to design
Yin and Yang: description
Yin & Yang: applications to design
Five Element Theory: description
Five Element Theory: applications to design
Eight Trigrams: applications to design
Eight Trigrams: applications to design
Main Guidelines for Good Feng Shui Design
Qi and Built Environment
Landscape Design and Garden Arrangement
Sha versus Qi
Dangerous Features to Avoid
Sha and the Five Senses
Building's Design feature
Shape of buildings: how to correct them
Effects of various building structures
Lights and Shade
Foyers Design
Kitchen design
Bathroom Design
Master Bedroom Design
Children Bedroom Design
Overall Rooms’ Layouts: Qi flow
Ideal room design and how to correct non-ideal features
Introduction to the Feng Shui use of Colors for Residential
Introduction to the Feng Shui use of Surface Materials for Residential

All material covered in this 8-hour Certification Program is copyrighted by Dr. Mainini. Any reproduction of any kind and with any instrument is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

*The Completion of this Part 1 plus Part 2-3-4 of our Foundation Program is the pre-requisite to attend other Certificate Programs, such as our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Program or our Feng Shui Mastery Program.

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