Feminine Leadership in Business – A Day Retreat

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Wild at Art Studio

Elgin Street


Hong Kong

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Saying ‘NO’ to the hustle! As business women, we know first-hand how stressful and overwhelming it can be running a business. You’re constantly ‘busy’ doing #allthethings. You feel there’s not enough time to get everything done, everything seems like a priority and your business progress isn’t as fast as you’d hoped. And your once ‘passion project’ can often feel like a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual drain.

The good news is that there is another way. (Hurrah!) We’ve both experienced the power of embracing our feminine powers when it comes to running our respective businesses and how taking a stand for feminine leadership not only benefits ourselves, but our clients and communities, all by working smarter, not harder.

We are incredibly excited to share this body of work in Hong Kong and we’d like to warmly welcome you to the Feminine Leadership in Business Day Retreat in the heart of Central.

**We will be sharing fresh and exciting content which means this Day Retreat is open to the business women who have attended any of our past retreats!

What you can expect:

In this One Day Retreat you’ll come together in the beautiful new Wild at Art Studio to join Ainslie, Nathalie and an incredible group of women to take a deep dive into what it means to drop the hustle and run a successful and sustainable businesses using your feminine powers.

Our aim is to walk you through powerful feminine embodiment and coaching practices, learn specific and practical feminine leadership tools and leave feeling empowered to run your business in a way that plays to your feminine strengths and brings you so much joy!

What you will learn:

We will run 3 different sessions including:

++ Fuel Your Business with Feminine Leadership + Magnetism ++

As a certified coach, consultant and writer, Ainslie has experienced first hand, that the constant ‘hustle’ that is sold to us in the business world, isn’t for her.

After becoming a mum in 2016, she quickly realised that her very ‘masculine’ way of doing business wasn’t sustainable (or joyful) so she devoted her energy to learning all she could about how to work smarter not harder and essentially do less, while maintaining her success!

The thing is, you can know all the marketing strategy, have all the best business systems and be stellar at sales. But if you’re not bringing in your feminine gifts and strengths to complement the ‘doing’ you’re missing a major ingredient in your business success.

That’s why Ainslie is extremely passionate about sharing a different, more feminine way of doing business as a part of this day retreat.

Ainslie will share with you her definition of Feminine Leadership and why it’s key to running a sustainable and successful business. You’ll also gain insight into the key principles of feminine leadership and Ainslie will give you examples, fuelling your ideas on how you may wish to apply each principle to your own business.

We’ll then move into magnetism! If you find that you have an ‘over-masculine’ energy of doing things and moving forward, then this is for you!

Together we will look at where you are on the magnetism spectrum and you’ll learn exactly how you can use your feminine ability to draw or magnetise your desires towards you, (this is different to manifesting, as it’s an embodied approach!).

This is going to be deep, juicy, rich and enlightening!

What we’ll cover:

  • What is Feminine Leadership and why it’s important to you and your business,
  • The 7 Key Principles of Feminine Leadership in Business and how you can easily apply them to ensure your business is sustainable and successful,
  • The embodied theory of magnetism and where you currently sit on the magnetism spectrum in relation to your business desires,
  • Ainslie will guide you through the 4 key steps of magnetism so you’ll always know how to cleverly combine the masculine ‘doing’ tasks with your feminine flow and receptivity when working towards your goals.

++ Empowered, Inner-Directed & Self-Confident - ­­­ Awaken Your Feminine Leadership In Your Business ++

As a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Nathalie knows the importance of creating healthy relationships and that includes the one you have with yourself and your business.

Your mindset has a big impact on the things that can block you from having a healthy and thriving relationship with your business. Luckily, women are natural bridge-builders, have intuitive masterminds with strategic vision, and are natural at web weaving. Using these incredible natural abilities can manifest great transformation with the right understanding and tools.

Nathalie will take you on a deep journey of what it means to come home to yourself and how to translate that on a practical level into your business.

On this journey Nathalie will guide you inwards through a series of insightful and powerful practices. Nathalie will teach you the skills to create an epic relationship with your business and show how you can HAVE IT ALL by leading in your feminine empowered way.

What you’ll learn:

+ How to become a stronger leader of yourself and of others,

+ Connect to your inner power and strength, your charisma and sensualism, and your ability to affect the people that you work with in your business

+ Discover the business and you want to create and how to make it happen with ease,

+ How to feel empowered, inner-directed and juicy by activating your feminine leadership in your business,

+ How to move from performance to pleasure and inner connection, so you feel self-confident,

+ Establish new patterns and discover new tools so you have a crystal-clear vision of how to get to where you want to go,

+ How setting clear boundaries will help you create a successful business

What you will receive as a part of the Day Retreat:

  • In-depth Master classes run be two experienced and professional coaches, filled with relevant, impactful and easy to implement content that will have you and your business thriving,
  • A mentor led, Business Mastermind Brainstorming session where you have the opportunity to be in the ‘Hot Seat’ and ask Ainslie and Nathalie questions, as well as the group, and receive customised support, guidance and feedback,
  • Meet and connect with other likeminded sisters in business,
  • A chance to take some time out to benefit not only your business, but yourself too!

This Day Retreat has been crafted specifically for:

++ Women who run product and service based businesses.

++ Female Business owners who desire a new lens to see their businesses through + want to learn how to use their feminine powers and gifts to work smarter, not harder in business,

++ Women who are keen to learn practical and easy to implement strategies and tools that will enhance their relationship with their businesses and magnetise their dream clients and customers towards them.

Event Details

VENUE – Wild at Art Studio, Elgin Street

DATE – Thursday 30th May, 10am – 3pm

TICKETS - Early Bird $1200 HKD, Full Price $1400 HKD

*not including admin fee

About Ainslie Young:

Ainslie Young is a Feminine Embodiment & Business Mentor who is passionate about partnering with female business leaders and showing them how to work smarter not harder, by combining feminine marketing strategies with their inner body wisdom so they too can create successful and sustainable businesses on their own terms.

Ainslie can be described as a heart-centred strategist thanks to her university qualifications in psychology and marketing, her life coaching and feminine embodiment certifications plus her extensive corporate experience in marketing coupled with her own entrepreneurial adventure across product and service based businesses. In addition to her high-end mentoring and consulting, she also runs sold out workshops, retreats and intimate in-person business mastermind events in both Hong Kong and Australia.

In 2018 Ainslie was awarded a Hong Kong Women’s Leadership in Business award and has been a Finalist in the Beautiful You International Coach of The Year category 2017-2018 and Emerging Coach of The Year category 2016-2017, plus was listed as a Young Entrepreneur To Watch in Anthill Magazine’s ‘30 Under 30 Rising Stars.’ She has been featured multiple times in the Australian Press including The Sunday Telegraph and the Collective Magazine and she also writes for The Huffington Post, Event Head Magazine and Sassy Mama Hong Kong.

Ainslie is obsessed with her ‘cute as a button’ daughter Xanthe, writing and consuming words, almond croissants and swimming in the ocean (although she doesn’t get to do it often living in Asia!). You can learn more about Ainslie over at her website

About Nathalie Sommer:

Over the last 14 years Nathalie’s entrepreneurial journey has led her own different paths from owning and operating a successful vegan cafe in Australia, a Health Retreat in Hong Kong, running sold out workshops, speaking at events and working as a coach with clients all over the world. Nathalie’s work has always been deeply rooted in holistic therapies, personal development and coaching. Which has led her to discover her true passion - working as a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, speaker and international workshop facilitator. Through her communities, 1:1 + group coaching, speaking and events Nathalie helps transforming women’s and couples relationships and lives from around the globe, helping them create grand love and epic sex.

Nathalie and her work has been featured in Green Queen, Sassy Hong Kong and Jet Star Magazine, just to name a few major online and print publications.

To find out more about her work head


What can I bring into the event?

Please make sure you bring a journal or notebook and your favourite writing implements. We are sure that you'll want to bring notes. Also, feel free to bring a water bottle, snacks and lunch.

What is the plan for lunch?

We will be having a short lunch break and you're welcome to bring your own lunch or sample the delights available on Elgin Street at your own cost.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

If you have any questions about the event please contact Ainslie via email

What's the refund policy?

Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds on the tickets. However, if you can no longer attend we can organise for tickets to be changed into the name of a friend or business partner.

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Date and Time


Wild at Art Studio

Elgin Street


Hong Kong

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