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(Private location provided upon registration)

St. George, Staten Island, NY 10301

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A gathering for Women . We have thrived for mellenia by gathering in sacred community, uniting and sharing in our experiences, receiving support and encouragement through the reflections in community and returning to our daily lives feeling refilled, recharged and able to take on whatever comes our way.

There are many times we get to be a queen (hopefully!), and many more we get to be modern day warriors in this life. It's time to honor the space in between, the recharge that allows us to refill ourselves, the space of your inner goddess - your true self and strength. You will leave this sacred space feeling revived, refreshed and ready to truly Thrive, not just survive the journey ahead.

We are in a time of great transformations, where not only do our collective world and communities need us to show up, but our inner selves also need us to be fully present, courageous and strong - for ourselves and those we love.

You are a divine feminine goddess, with unlimited strength, courage and grace.

Somewhere along the way, the world's thoughts may have layered on many misbeliefs, quited a voice that needs to be expressed, weighed down with busy schedules and responsibilities, putting all else first, perhaps you didn't give yourself the space to remember...

It's your time to Remember Who You Really Are - at Your Deepest Core. Remember how to step into your unique, divine presence.

We open the circle with drumming and intention, then each gathering is in two parts:

First half of the gathering, we open up the space for each woman who needs to speak, share, be heard, or be support to have the space to express. You can then decide if you want feedback, input from others, or simply be with your expereince of sharing. Second half, we move into supporting eachother in manifesting what we wish to call into our lives, in a very powerful, energized and creative way.

You are welcome to simply be in the energy with us or speak if you are inspired to do so.

Introverts, extroverts, are all welcome. Honor your expression as it feels aligned for you and know that this is a sacred, safe space for you to stretch and expand your comfort zones as we are all moving through evolutions.

Upon registration you agree to:

*honor the confidentiality of the group by not sharing anyone else's stories. You are welcome to share how YOU felt and what you receive from the experience, but please honor other's names, stories and privacy with sacredness.

*honor to respect each person's experience as fully valid for them, as your sharing is fully real to you. This is a space to honor each woman and her experience, not to compare. We are here to support, unconfiditionally without comparrison.

*Each woman must register individually please. One registration per woman for either a floor seat (goddess earth) or chair seat (goddess throne.)

I look forward to welcoming you home, back to your true source.

Logisitcal info:

Please be sure to honor your registration - if you are unable to join, open up the space for another sister. (email shama@shamaslight.com to let me know.)

Please only register Once, for either floor seat (goddess earth) or chair seat (goddess throne.)

This experience will be held in a private home, wtih shoe removal at door. There will be sage or insence burned in this space.

~This is a contribution based event in your choice of from $20, $30, $40 or more. Your contribution truly allows me to be supported in continuing to offer my work and keep it accessible in many ways.

The flip side to that is, If you are facing financial challenges, please email me letting me know. I keep a few spaces available to support those in need, so you can still plan to join us and contribute whatever you can. We all need a space to be held and often that is just what helps us raise up from challenges. We have all been there and sometimes we have to take a step back to move forward - let's do it with support.

(Please honor that this is an alcohol and substance free event and I ask that you do not bring any pork items into this home. No Exceptions.)

Each gathering has space for 12 chairs (throne) seats, plus a few floor seats (goddess earth).

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns - shama@shamaslight.com

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Date and Time


(Private location provided upon registration)

St. George, Staten Island, NY 10301

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