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Molendinar, QLD


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FEMALE EJACULATION: A source of healing, power, magic & divinity.

Female Ejaculation still seems to be a myth, something just a few women are gifted with or something that is just connected to porn ( squirting ).

Even doctors and scientists are divided over this “possibly existing” phenomenon when the fact is
– FEMALE EJACULATION IS REAL!!! And it´s also not something that just porn stars are able to do or the best trained tantra practitioners or just the ones who are enlightened and or highly orgasmic. How do I know? Because I study this beautiful and magical nectar, the physical and emotional movements and the experience and I´m neither enlightened, nor a tantra professional or a porn star.

Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the divine nectar and magical juice of your inner goddess.

This 4h workshop is an introduction of this beautiful, magical and primal experience/ phenomenon
that can be achieved by everyone – with yourself or with a lover or partner.

The intention behind the workshop and my work is:

To bring something that has always been there back to awareness, and to reduce shame around sexuality, pleasure and all fluids involved.
To support women on there way to claim their power back.
To normalize Female Ejaculation and all female body fluids so that we can start embracing and honoring them again.
To share knowledge, wisdom and sex-positive education.
To open the mind, broaden the horizon and challenge all negative beliefs around Female Ejaculation.
To hold space for everyone to explore the possibilities and all aspects of Female Ejaculation, Sensuality and Sexuality

We dive deep into our power, wisdom and ancient knowledge through our senses, exploring; movement, ourselves and anatomy, through self-initiation, sharing, ritual and practice.

You'll emerge from the workshop with a deeper understanding of the female body, your capabilities and femininity.
You’ll arrive home transformed, feeling empowered and connected to something profound, universal, yourself and your partner.

This event is for the curious ones, the adventurer, the explorer, those who dare to reconnect and come back to an ancient wisdom and primal experience and for all those who want to know more about Female Ejaculation. You don´t have to be highly orgasmic or super experienced to join the workshop or to gain something from it.

This workshop includes a range of nudity & sexual touch/exploration “with yourself and your partner only”. You just go as far as you feel good and comfortable.

What to bring: comfortable clothes that make you feel sensual, two pens, a yoga mat and/ or blanket, a towel, a sarong if you like, some sort of lube, toys ( not mandatory ), a hand mirror and a glass or a little jar

There are only 16 spots available for each workshop to ensure a deep level of integrity, embodiment, support and focus. Make sure to claim your spot for this juicy event by buying your ticket.

The ticket includes a 30min follow up check in/ coaching session via video chat!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I´m also available for private sessions please get in touch if you’re interested.

Jasmin Freyjadóttir – Female Ejaculation Lover & (S)Explorista, Sex-Positive Mentoress and High Performance Coach

My own Journey with Female Ejaculation started in 2016 and before that I was totally oblivious to this beautiful experience existing out of the pornography industry frame. Growing up with way to much porn for a 11year old which totally messed with my head and the way I used to engage with sexuality ( pornography and it´s affects on peoples relating with one self and each other is actually a whole other topic that I could write a book about ) I always thought my body and I had to “function” a certain way, with this amount of pressure I was able to enjoy sexuality but looking at it now it was a quite one-sided way thing. Most of the time I felt like something is wrong with me because I wasn't able to orgasm when being intimate with a men or a woman and that even though
I´m a super sensual and sexual being and love physical connection and with the right person I can get quite insatiable. I was totally able to experience clitoral orgasms on my own but apart from that – I didn't experience what women in porn seem to experience or all my friends who seemed to be super orgasmic or the ex partners of my boyfriends. I did ask myself the question of how many of them really did cum and how many pretend to please their partner. I never wanted to do that because I felt it doesn't make sense to pretend something thats not gonna happen and how would that help anybody. I was 30 when I experienced my first orgasm with an ex partner who went down on me and used his hands at the same time – it was a divine experience and after that it never took much time with him to let myself fall over the edge. There were quite a few partner afterwards that I was able to share this with but I still don´t orgasm with every lover or partner as it takes heaps of trust for me to share myself with someone else in this way. I got to a point through a sexual traumatic experience that I wanted to heal myself and everything that was stored in my pussy and around shame. I received a yoni mapping session in 2014 which was followed by reading the ethical slut and a lot of work on myself before I was able in 2016 to let go with a lover that is now a dear friend and I ejaculated. What I found via the internet was a pool of illusions and disagreements even from the medical side and if it wasn't medical it seemed to belong to the porn section of things. I had 2 other lovers that I experienced female ejaculation with and it became something that I was more than fascinated about and so I started my training with Dr. Laura Méritt. I started to explore with myself through sensuality, intention and ritual on a deeper level and started to enjoy the pleasure, release, healing and empowering energy of ejaculation on my own. This practice holds so many gifts on so many levels that I love to share my experience and knowledge with everyone who is interested to dive deeper into the wisdom and magic of female ejaculation, sensuality and conscious sexuality.

Jasmin works as a sex-positive mentoress and high performance coach who facilitates events around the topic of sacred sensuality and conscious sexuality. She works with individuals and couples who are interested in a different path to intimacy or to their life itself. Her approach is sex-positive, conscious, sensual, and open minded, with a penchant for rituals and the primal.

If you want to learn to trust yourself more or get to know yourself better, gain a deeper knowledge of your essence, connect with your desires, embody stronger connections with your body, recognize your needs, find your truth, live your full potential, discover your purpose, and unleash your sensuality and feminine essence, Jasmin can guide and support you and bring your awareness to the next level.

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Molendinar, QLD


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