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February Coaching 1-Month Coaching Intensive

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Note: This 1-month coaching intensive is part of the Conspire Coaching Monthly Themed Coaching Intensives. You can sign up for all 11 remaining intensives for a lower rate on our website. Or, sign up for this single month here. Each month includes:

1. An intro webinar to frame the coaching work for the month ahead (you may also listen to the recording on your own time)
2. Tools & worksheets to help you observe how the monthly theme plays out in your life
3. A private online space for connecting with the other women in the intensive
4. Structured co-conspirator (peer coaching) sessions two times by phone
5. One full length professional coaching session with a trained Conspire coach ($150 value)

February's Theme: Risk-Taking

Taking risks is a critical part of career advancement, life fulfillment, and innovation. Yet, many of us (especially women) are averse to risk. This can hold us back from promoting a great idea, making a big career/life changes, advocating for a view, stretching out of our comfort zones. Fear creeps in in big and small ways. Spend a week taking on risk challenges and observing when your fear kicks in and how it holds you back. Connect with co-conspirators who share similar fears and deepen your self-awareness about it with your coach. Set an intention for a new response to the same old fear and use coaching tools to develop the courage and commitment to following through on a risk you want to take. Be fearless in 2016!

Here's how the program will flow:

Getting Started:

We'll kick off with a self-assessment followed by a live webinar on 2/11 at 8:30 PM. During the webinar, we'll begin to get to know each other through the risks we are each pondering and the fears we have that are holding us back. This will initiate the process of forming a coaching community. We'll discuss a few ways of observing risk-taking and fear of it in our own lives. We'll also check out some strategies for knowing when taking a risk might really pay off.

Week 1:

We'll practice taking small risks and observe when fear creeps in and when we hold ourselvs back in small ways. We'll also do some reflecting and story-telling exercises to understand our histories with risk, both our successes and "failures." Members will share their reflections with each other and with their coach.

Week 2:

Each member will consider one calculated, high-value risk she could take and will develop a strategy for taking it, with the support of her co-conspirators in the group. Small groups will meet to establish accountability and support.

Week 3 & 4

During weeks 3 & 4 members will implement their risk intentions with the support of the coach and co-conspirators. Most people will have coaching sessions during weeks 3 & 4. Co-conspirator small groups will meet during week for to celebrate and close.

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