Feature FILM Challenge- In PRODUCTION  Oct 1st, 2, 8,9, 15, 16, 22,23, Nov6

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Feature FILM Challenge- In PRODUCTION Oct 1st, 2, 8,9, 15, 16, 22,23, Nov6

MAKING A FEATURE FILM!!! Sometimes, the only way to get it done is EVERYONE pitch in!! *Come ONE or ALL days to be part of it!

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MMTB Production Studios, Theater and Lounge 13 Pacific Ave DIRECTIONS- (10 Min from Berkeley- We are at the Pier in Rodeo, Ca- You will cross a bridge TURN RIGHT follow MMTB Signs- Brown Building with Palm Trees - (MAP to MMTB, Four Fools Winery Property, MMTB Building is on the Right) Rodeo, CA 94572

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About this event

Sorry SOLD OUT for ACTORS Except, one female 20-30's for two days, if this is you, email us at info@mmtb.org (CREW Welcome, shoot an email)

EVERYONE Pitches In To Make a Feature Film!!! -DRAMA/Thriller EDITION- Let's Go!!

CREW- PLEASE NOTE, if passes are sold out, please email us to get tickets at info@mmtb.org, you will still be able to get the following discount, otherwise ****USE CODE- CREW (for 50% off Crew-Only pass)

"We have been doing MMTB this way for over 12 years, and it's been great way to get the funds we need to get it done! We ALL pitch in to make it happen! "

**Come ONE or All days to be part of it. IN PRODUCTION - Oct 1st, 2nd, 15th, 16th, 22nd,23rd, Nov 6th, 20th (8 Day Pass Holder TBD- ADR/Red Carpet day)

This Feature Film Challenge may require we meet in different locations to get footage etc, but studio is home base, rides can be arranged from there.

- Food, Snacks, Drinks will be Provided Daily.


** 10am-6:30pm all days except some days can be adjusted based on our filming schedule (please email us about schedule questions and conflicts to info@mmtb.org)

- EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - want to pitch in, but don't have to be there physically to help out and get at least 7% profit share after costs per pass.

**Anyone who wants to have a big role must attend at least 6-8 days, the more days, the bigger the role.

CREW- Sooner You Register the Better, First Register First Choices after depending on skill level. Please email us with info about yourself and how you would like to contribute.

WRITERS - Must Have at least a 3 Day Pass or Executive Producers Pass and MUST be there for the first day for table read, on zoom or otherwise. Must have experience in screenwriting. Actors CAN'T also be writers, Contact us ASAP once registered, to get in on the writing. General story idea may be constructed as a team OR, other variations of writing, however the director will have a final say, may already have a general story in mind and/or will be filling in the story to be sure that everything can be accomplished in the time frame provided with the props etc available.

ACTORS WARNING****Once registered, Actors Please send in video clips and Pictures of yourself. Crew, let us know what you want to do on set and any info about yourself.  info@mmtb.org Actors with an 8 day pass, get major role -however sometimes, actors are not required to come all the days to participate (depending how schedule for filming is laid out, late Registrations are not guaranteed priority roles, 1st sign ups, bigger the roles). ** Even though you get a 8 day pass, some days may be "*Optional depending on shooting schedule and if you are needed that day. ALSO, please be aware that even though you are there most of the day, you may only be shooting bits depending on your part and schedule. EVEN if your role is bigger with a 8 day pass depending how soon you register, a generous amount of face time and lines will be given to all 8 day pass holders. All of this will depend SOLELY on story developed. Please Stay Home If You Are a Diva! We don't cater to bad attitudes, you will be asked to leave with no refunds.

A few other things about this event, compared to our usual challenges, here they are:

1. Food, snacks, drinks will be provided , however we do welcome donations

2. Everyone will be considered one team

3. No VIP passes or Free passes available for this event. Everyone pitches in equally. Actors that buy 8 day pass will automatically have a bigger part in the film if they will be there for all or most days.

4. The more days you buy, the bigger your role in the film, that is for cast and crew.

5. Film will be released on streaming, and wider distribution and possibly screened in a local theater, film festivals etc , all for optimized and maximum exposure. (All depending on the final production and financial assistance ie:executive producers etc.)

6. IMDB credits provided PRIOR to film final release and as it is in POST.

7. Executive Producer PASS holders get IMDB credit , at least 7% profit sharing and are not required to be there specific days

**PLEASE get an Executive producers pass if you are not able to physically or mentally contribute consistently, or be there with a positive attitude and work well in a team environment, to avoid any situations that brings the rest of the team down, being that, this is a fast paced project, we need people that are ready to take direction and make things happen, have fun and make film magic without any personal ego or diva problems etc..!!! BE READY TO PITCH IN WHERE YOU CAN. **Slackers or Attitudes need not apply... Be professional at all times regardless of the fast paced and crazy environment.

DAILY HOURS (could vary depending on production) will be 10am-6:30pm generally *PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME EACH DAY, and must stay til the end unless released early for the day* - Lunch will be around 1:30pm daily, drinks and Snacks will be available all day- Please make sure you eat a good BIG breakfast before you arrive daily we go straight to filming most days. (We welcome extra drink, food and snack donations, we are a non profit, can offer tax receipts). Lunch will usually be around 1:30pm.

**DO NOT BRING KIDS Without permit OR ANYONE THAT IS NOT ON THE CALL SHEET TO SET. Children under 18 must have an entertainment work permit to participate.

**OUR AIM is to have the film completed by early June 2023 and submit for distribution, however this may change depending on many factors.

Please visit our website for more info on MMTB- Movie Making Throughout the Bay! Inc. www.MovieMakingBay.com or www.MMTB.org we are a 501c3 non profit organization in the Bay Area.

Examples of past feature films made this way- Click Here

$0 – $350