Feature Film Acting Intensive w/Robert Russell

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Studio 353

353 West 48th St. 2nd Floor

NY, NY 10036

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Join us for our 4th Intensive

with Robert Russell, Feature Film Casting Director and Dramatic Arts Master Trainer


Robert Russell privately conditions and trains actors for A-list feature films. Robert’s technique is unique and effective, as it has been honed and polished through his extensive casting background of 30 years. “I train my actors like a trainer would train a fighter. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to mold a diverse actor...”

Start @ 1:00 pm
End @ 5:00 pm

Tactics - Exploring the "Drive" to the storyline through extensive script analysis.

Conditioning - Discovering and building personal emotional histories on both ends of the scene through key technique.

Technique - Developing the character and finding the "Truth" to the "Core Drive" of the storyline & the "Truth" to the feeling leading to the one and "Only" right choice through method & technique ie. Stanislavsky / Uta Hagen.

Method - Exploring the deep emotional content of the material through key method & technique. Exploration of script and scene. Key words-Key phrases to use. How to "Channel" rather than to act.

Business - Understanding what is casting from a feature casting directors perspective. Learning how the casting process works, what casting directors look for in a headshot. Hearing what casting directors look for in general and what a casting directors job actually entails.

Business - Clarifying the basics on how feature casting works. What is Feature chemistry testing / Screen testing.

Training - Eliminating fear through preparation. The art of Discipline/Conditioning as an actor.


"If you've never had a session with Robert, prepare to have your ass kicked in a bizarrely satisfying way. He conditions you how to use what's necessary, throw away what isn't, and find the truth to every moment which can be very challenging at times. He knows his stuff, he knows the business, and he knows what needs to get done to implant the necessary work ethic into his students. Working with him is always an intimidating pleasure, and I'd recommend his classes to anyone who is serious about training themselves and honing their abilities in this crazy field. Just make sure that you have one really good monologue prepared." - Daniel Pellicano

"Working with Robert has changed the way I view acting. He's knowledgeable and patient, which he shows through a no-nonsense teaching style. It forces me to have higher expectations on myself and my work."
- Andrew Dobbie

"Take. This. Workshop. It will change the way you think about this industry for the better. You'll want to work harder, more efficiently, specifically, and emotionally. Training with Robert challenges me in a way most acting classes never would. It's difficult, exciting, and definitely worth your time." - Arielle Beth

"ACTORS! ACTORS! ACTORS! Do ANYthing, and I mean ANYthing to get to this workshop with Robert Russell. Skip rent, sell your pearls, take an extra shift, tap dance in Times Square for spare change in a Dixie cup. Empty this day on your calendar at all costs, cancel your dinner with the Pope, fly in from Tahiti, whatever. Just make it happen. Let me be very clear: MAKE. IT. HAPPEN." - Jessica Polsky

This is something you honestly don't want to miss. Robert has changed my entire thought of film acting and two years later I'm thankful I met him! Get to know someone who was born into the business and knows the honest TRUTH behind it, I promise you won't regret going." - Simone Parrish

"By far one of the best classes I've taken to polish your skills and get you ready to take on anything casting throws at you in the audition room. When preparation meets opportunity great things happen and Robert keeps you on your toes prepared. If you're serious about the craft of Acting, this class is essential."
- Hannah Townsend

"Robert Russell is a well-known hard driving trainer/coach who gives 150% and helps actors find it within themselves to deliver as much. I don't believe it gets any better than this."
- Teresa Olivieri

"I STRONGLY recommend you go! He's the real deal, and is one of the best teachers/mentors you'll ever find. Do yourself a favor and GO!!!"
- Jessica Webb

"Here's the thing. It's probably the most valuable casting director/acting intensive workshop you could have, i.e. I super super recommend you showing up. He's fierce, caring, and will likely scare you in all the best possible ways." - Lexi Bean

"Guys! I'm sure you've heard me go on about how amazing my acting trainer Robert is, so don't miss out on a chance to work with him and see for yourself! He's amazing, he's changed acting for me SO MUCH! When I first started working with him I had no monologues and felt lost, since working with him I have 20 monologues and feel more confident in myself as an actor. He's so badass and teaches you what you don't learn in school; he really shows you how to find the truth and be certain about it." - Hannah Abney

"Casting Director and Master Trainer Robert Russell is hosting another Actor Intensive Workshop. He once told me to "Stop Acting".... And it was the best advice I was ever given." - Konrad Heppler

"Robert is an acting student's reality check. With his experience from the industry, he gives you the behind the scenes perspective of a casting director's thoughts in the audition room and informs the actor how to tackle the audition room with proper preparation." - Laura Pomykala

"The Seminar was amazing. It really helped me to figure what conversations were being had in the industry and what kind of work ethic I needed to thrive as an actor." - Michael Gene Jacobs

"Looking to take your performances to the next level? Want to learn from a top-notch, A-list acting coach? Check out this workshop and train with the best. I've been training with Robert for over a year now, and my skills and confidence are at their peak." - Jesse Tendler

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Date and Time


Studio 353

353 West 48th St. 2nd Floor

NY, NY 10036

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