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Feast of St Voloc 2019

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The Telico Gin

948 Kirkpatrick Road

Ennis, TX 75119

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Refund Policy

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Your Invitation

On the night of January 19, Her Majesty, Queen Margaret of Scotland & the Isles bids you to join her and the Royal Scottish Court to celebrate the Willowden Foundation, Inc. Royal Scottish Court Feast of Saint Voloc to benefit Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas.

You and your guests are invited to have dinner IN GARB and IN CHARACTER (or cocktail attire and as yourselves). Ticket sales commence on October 1, 2018.

Schedule of Events

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for a conversation and cocktail hour. Guests may also peruse and bid on the silent auction items at this time. Dinner seating will begin at 6:30 p.m. with entertainment throughout the evening. Winners of the auction items will be announced towards the end of the festivities. Doors will close at 10:00 p.m.

An evening in 16th Century Scotland

Visualize a winter night in Renaissance-era Scotland...

On a frosty January evening in the middle of the 1500s in Scotland, the Royal Scottish Court enters the Royal Hunting Lodge of Kilmaurs Castle after a day of hunting black grouse on the estates of the Duchess of Ayershire. The Royal Court and people from the village of Kilmaurs will celebrate the Feast of Saint Voloc the Foreigner, Irish Bishop to Scotland and mark the occasion with entertainments from foreign lands, exotic libations, and they shall dine upon the game birds collected during the hunt that day. Her Majesty’s Master Carver, Sir Muirdoch of Glencoe, and his wife, Lady Wendolyn of Glencoe will supervise the kitchens, while Her Majesty’s Irish Lord of Misrule, Seamus Agnew and his wife, Lady Aileen Agnew, will preside over the entertainments.

The hunting lodge itself is separate from Kilmaurs Castle, stationed some small distance away in the countryside nearest the breeding grounds of the black grouse. Its location was chosen so that noble hunters would be able to hunt the best and largest of the birds at their leisure and with ease.

The origins of the Royal Hunting Lodge of Kilmaurs Castle are humble. The lodge began as a crofter’s cottage on the lands of the Thane of Ayrshire in 1240 late in the reign of Alexander II, King of Scots. The original structure was built from timber and stone, but was destroyed by fire in 1306. Another larger cottage was constructed on the property to accommodate the 4th Thane of Ayrshire’s game warden in 1308, and stood for another century until it fell into disrepair and was demolished to make way for the newly created Earl of Ayrshire’s hunting lodge in 1422.

The current structure is an example of early 15th century Scottish hunting lodge architecture. The floor plan of the lodge is similar to that of cathedral in that it is laid out in almost a cross pattern.

In 1512, as negotiations among Scotland, England, and France began to break down, the late Duke of Ayrshire fortified the exterior walls of the lodge with iron and steel siding in the event that Scotland was invaded during war. He did so with the thought that he could safely house the reigning monarch and a large unit of soldiers in defense of Scotland’s interior should invaders come that far north. Fortunately, the fortifications were unnecessary, but they remain to this day, and some of the curious mechanical inventions built by His Majesty, James IV, late King of Scots sit near the lodge, particularly an ingenious war wagon, built both for combat and for farming. It is a prized possession on the property, and was one of the few weapons brought back from the Battle of Flodden Field by the late Duke of Ayrshire.

The lodge now belongs to Lady Rebecca Hunter, Duchess of Ayrshire and First Lady of the Queen’s Bedchamber, who uses it for its original purpose as well as for intimate gatherings of only the most preferred members of the Royal Scottish Court of Queen Margaret of Scotland & the Isles.

The atmosphere is cozy, congenial, and relaxed. The Royal Court and the people of Kilmaurs await you to join them. And the evening promises to be one you shall never forget.

Opportunity for Donations

Along with your ticket purchase, we are offering several other opportunities to encourage your donations.

Silent Auction tables set up for you to bid on a variety of items that usually generate much excitment. If you are interested in donating items to be auctioned, please contact Tom or Dana Hoffman through our Facebook page.

And, as always, your cash donations at the event are always accepted and appreciated!

For those of you that cannot attend but still wish to donate, please see the ticket catagory belows for the "Donate" button.

About Entertainment Sponsorships

Join the Masters of the Revels circle by purchasing a $20 entertainment sponsorship. With these purchases your name will join the honour roll of donors on the Willowden Foundation, Inc. website who contribute to sponsoring our entertainment for the 2019 Feast of Saint Voloc. Levels of sponsorship are:

  • DIAMOND CIRCLE - 5 or more
  • RUBY CIRCLE - 2 to 4

Ticket/Sponsorship Purchasing Assistance

If you have any questions concerning your ticket purchase, please direct them to Alison Easlick at aeaslick.willowden@gmail.com.

Photo and Video Release

By purchasing tickets to this event and In connection with your participation in The Feast of Saint Voloc 2019, you consent to the use of your photograph, video or other likeness in the promotional and other materials of The Willowden Foundation, Inc. and/or The Feast of Saint Voloc without payment or other consideration made to you. This consent also applies to any minor children for which you are legal parent/guardian. If you have any questions, please contact any board member of The Willowden Foundation, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be reserved seating?

The only reserved seating will be for the ROYAL Package ticket holders at the table of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Margaret, a reserved table for our guests from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and seats reserved for our entertainers. All others will be open seating to allow everyone to sit with their family and friends.

Is there a place to dress in costume at the venue?

Our venue this year is out in rural Ellis County, not in the city, so you may don your garb near your vehicle if you need to, just as many festival attendees do in the parking lot of Scarborough Renaissance Festival during the season run.

Do we need to bring period eating utensils?

You may bring them and we encourage you to do so. We will also provide utensils as needed and for those who are not in costume.

May I decorate my own table?

We have a set decoration format already in place, so there is no need to bring your own decorations.

May I bring my own snacks and munchies?

The menu is set. Those requiring a special diet are encourage to eat prior to attending the feast.

I bought a regular ticket, but now I want to upgrade to a Noble or Royal ticket. Can I do this?

In order to receive a Noble or Royal ticket, you must purchase a Noble or Royal ticket. There are no “upgrades” because they are sold at a limited number.

May I add to the evening’s entertainment?

The evening’s entertainment is preset. If you wish to participate in the entertainment in the future, please contact the Willowden Foundation, Inc. board of directors and submit a proposal.

Do we need to bring our own adult beverages?

Yes this event is Bring Your Own Drink (BYOD). Upon check-in you will be asked to take your beverages to our TABC licenced bartender at the event bar. Iced tea and water will be provided.

What if I purchase tickets but can't attend?

Tickets are non-refundable. We will consider your ticket purchase as a donation to our charity and we kindly thank you.

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Date and Time


The Telico Gin

948 Kirkpatrick Road

Ennis, TX 75119

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