Fearless Future Interactive Workshop (Online)

Fearless Future Interactive Workshop (Online)

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Ready to take control of your life, become successful & LIVE out your DREAMS! It's a simple proven system and we'll do it together.

About this event


No one tells you how to create the life of your dreams & what if debt has robbed you of them or others have told you to stop dreaming?

During this EXCLUSIVE online workshop limited to ONLY 25 guests, we will cover areas around Mindset, Goal-Setting, Digging Up Your Dreams, Finding More Time, Keeping Your Money, & Even Taking that Vacation!

✔️ If you're seeking:

  • A Simple Proven Plan to Get it ALL done & Balance!
  • Reconnecting with your Dreams, Goals & Purpose 📆
  • More Time & Energy
  • Reducing Stress & Anxiousness from the go-go-go rat race
  • Debt Crushing Momentum 👁
  • Cherished Family Moments
  • To Find Out How to Start Your Own Business
  • To Release Old Thought Patterns that are Holding You Back
  • Deep Rest that Goes Beyond 4 Hours of Sleep
  • A Reset in Life, More in Control and so much more....

[PDF Workbook included]

Then make time for yourself and come meet a supportive community that also values growth, honesty, humility, wellness and build friendships.

Enough is enough. You are meant for so much more than paycheck to paycheck and the fear that cripples you when you wake up or go to bed everyday.

We welcome you to a space to call your own. Let's also have fun dreaming together.

What to expect:

  • We'll begin with a short intro.
  • Mindset Reboot: Silent Reflection [Strengths & Challenges]
  • Year in Review: Where Are You Now?
  • Where Do You Want to Go? Get clear on your Goals & Dreams 📝
  • What's Holding You Back?
  • Create a Step-by-Step Action Plan on how to accomplish them 🔥
  • Q&A & Closing
  • **Don't forget there are discounted Add-Ons when you go to checkout**

    Only prerequisite is that you come with an open heart and open mind!

    ✨ BONUS: ✨

    1. Learn the proven method on how to stay on track throughout the year 🔒

    2. Meet other growth-minded people. 🧠

    Workshop Lead: Life & Wellness Strategist Coach, Lupita Alvarez.

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    What others are saying...

    "2 weeks before taking this workshop I was in the hospital because I was so stressed out, didn't know how to pay my bills and afraid for my family. Now since creating a plan for my life, I’m discovering pieces of the real me — I’m excited to see who I am!"
    - Jose (Florida)
    "I had so much debt and didn't know where to turn. When asked about my dreams, I'd cry because I was angry at myself for letting it go this far. But no more! I'm $500 from being debt free, don't let pride get in the way of your dreams!"
    - Anna (Florida)

    If you cannot register or provide payment via eventbrite, feel free to do so here:

    Paypal: @lupita0429 or Venmo.

    This is an online zoom workshop. Please be sure to have already downloaded the Zoom app ahead of time and have the PDF workbook printed before the session begins.

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