Fashion Meets Poetry presents Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU!
$75 – $325
Fashion Meets Poetry presents Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU!

Fashion Meets Poetry presents Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU!

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Cambria Gallery on 7th

625 2nd Ave S #101

Minneapolis, MN 55402

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Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU! is an empowerment series created from the mission of the presenting sponsor Fashion Meets Poetry - "To create an empowering space for women to embrace the journey of life, the power of story, and the beauty of oneself through poetry, creative self-expression, knowledge & sisterhood."

This 5 event series provides attendees with tools and resources to explore both inner and outer beauty; leaving attendees feeling rejuvenated, restored and confident. Come for one event or come for all; each event has something unique to offer and a series that you don't want to miss!

Each event includes 2 keynote speakers, interactive discussions, beverages and hors d'oevres, poetry and networking.

Bonus gifts with purchase of Individual Event Ticket or Event Ticket Package: Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories from a Poetic Heart by Lisa Harris ($30 Value) & Empowerment Gift including special products and tools provided by event speakers and supporters.

Advanced ticket purchase required to attend. Event schedule:

MARCH 23 Navigating Emotional Energy + Prioritizing Fitness w/ Jennifer Kern Collins & Cassie Gruber

APRIL 21 Discovering Your Inner Beauty + Caring for Your Skin w/ Nicole Pillow & Kathryn Mayer

MAY 12 Breaking Free from Broken + Creating Your Personal Style w/ Annie Meehan & Char Dobbs

JUNE 1 Healing through Words + Elevating Your Make-up Skills w/ Janaya Martin & Hillary Kline

June 29 Awakening Your Bravery + Translating Fashion Trends w/ Lisa Harris & Tressie Schneider

Read here about the Event Topics & Descriptions:

Navigating Emotional Energy w/ Jennifer Kern Collins

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, scattered, or stuck? Do you experience “highs and lows” more than you’d like? Is your emotional energy supporting or hindering your success? If this sounds familiar, you may be missing the key concepts and tools to navigate your emotional energy in ways that are both supportive and in Alignment with your unique Spirit and your Life path. When you know how to think about and take charge of your personal energy, your life can open up to offer you greater clarity, ease, freedom and fun along the way. In this session, we’ll look at what makes up your emotional energy and how you can begin to steer yourself toward the next highest level of success and well-being.

Prioritizing Fitness w/ Cassie Gruber

One of the most important foundations of well-being that can bring peace and happiness to our bodies is fitness. Fitness, however, doesn’t mean striving for the “perfect” body; it emphasizes self-care and loving your body for the miracle that it is. No matter where you are in life, there is a level of fitness for you. During this session, you will learn about exercises that will strengthen your body and bring you to peak performance, nutrition that will nourish and give you immense energy to be at your best, and how fitness helps to promote your current and future success.

Discovering Your Inner Beauty w/ Nicole Pillow

There is nothing more captivating and desirable than a woman who knows the value of who she is from the inside out. A woman, whose confidence is defined from within and radiates from her soul. In this faith-based session, we will take a closer look at how to overcome the superficial standards set by the world we live in. We will explore a set of “beauty tools” for you to apply internally each day that will empower you and give you the opportunity to dig deeper in discovering the source of your true AUTHENTIC beauty.

Caring for Your Skin w/ Kathryn Mayer

Our skin is unique to us and possesses qualities that mark our individuality in this world. However, just like any aspect of our life, our skin needs our tender love and care. In this informational session, we will identify the current trends in skincare, consider how trends have changed over the years, and focus on ways to treat different skin challenges that come with age, stress, and allergies. Together, we will discuss how to protect and preserve this irreplaceable organ that weathers the storm of life with us everyday.

Break Free from Broken w/ Annie Meehan

We all walk through challenges in life and some truly Break us. But what do you do with the broken Pieces? How do you rebuild? How do you take the Broken Pieces and make them Beautiful again? In this empowering session, we will discuss tips and techniques to overcome, rebuild, and speak the truth. Together we will reveal that even the most broken pieces can become beautiful with the right perspective and willingness to change. However, in order to find your beauty again, you must actively choose to change. Sit back, listen to the stories, share yours and be inspired.

Creating Your Personal Style w/ Char Dobbs

When it comes to our wardrobe, often, we are not showing up as our authentic selves. Why is this? Over time, the clothes in our closets may include layers of criticism, people-pleasing, opinions of others and job-required clothes. These clothes no longer represent our true selves or reflect the women we are and our own unique style. In this session, we will un-layer, re-discover and truly embrace our own personal style, so you can boldly walk out with confidence and authenticity.

Healing through Words w/ Janaya Martin

In life, sometimes moments that are completely out of our control have the greatest impact on who we become. When dealing with loss, death, or pain our strength can be challenged. However, finding a positive outlet can help us cope. In this session, we will discuss one outlet for dealing with these adversities: writing. You will discover how writing can reunite you with the inner power that has the ability to help you process difficult material, reflect on it, and rewrite the path for your future.

Elevating Your Make-Up Skills w/ Hillary Kline

Creativity can be represented and embraced in a variety of forms. One of those ways is through the use of makeup, an art and creative outlet all on its own. Whether your go-to style includes a speedy swipe of mascara while running out the door or taking the time to intricately produce the perfect cat eye, the art of makeup can help you become a more confident you and enhance your already beautiful features. During this session, we will delve into how the use of makeup isn’t about covering areas of imperfection, but rather, it’s an art that goes skin deep. We’ll share how having a creative outlet helped one local makeup artist turn her pain into power. Through a special demonstration, we’ll walk together on the journey of self-discovery; it’s more than mascara wands and fluffy makeup brushes: it’s about learning to love yourself by overcoming some of life’s toughest challenges.

Awakening Your Bravery w/ Lisa Harris

Do you feel lost? Are you going through the motions in your daily life? Have you abandoned yourself in pursuit of building a career, raising a family or simply following the expected path in life? It's time to re-discover your true essence, the woman you were before life happened. In order to awakening your bravery, you must first acknowledge the beauty within and allow your unique talents and passions to lead the way. In this soul-searching session, we’ll become reacquainted with our true selves, discuss ways to release the bravery and breathe life back into the beautiful woman buried deep within you. The world deserves to know you. You are Beautiful and Brave!

Translating Fashion Trends w/ Tressie Schneider

When fashion week comes around and it feels like all you're seeing is a steady stream of crazy, unwearable, unrelatable looks, it's easy to get overwhelmed by fashion trends or altogether dismiss fashion trends. In this informational and fun session, you will learn how to translate runway fashion trends to your everyday life. Together, we will practice "translating" to fit your own personal style and lifestyle!

Speaker Bios:

Jennifer Kern Collins

has worked in the helping professions for over ten years, as an addictions counselor and a certified coach. She has a master of science in psychology and is well credentialed in the areas of coaching and neuro-transformation. Jennifer is also the founder of Intrinsic SOULutions where she works with individual clients, leads private workshops, and does training and speaking for organizations. Author of The Drama-Free Way: A Thought Management Guide to Navigating Chaos and Thriving.

Cassie Gruber

has spent over six years in the health and wellness industry working with Isagenix and competing in numerous fitness bikini competitions. Today, as founder and ISSA certified personal trainer of Cassie Gruber Fitness, she inspires and motivates others to change their lives through personal shifts, fitness, and nutrition. Cassie is also a health and fitness columnist at KTSP - Channel 5. With a masters of science in communicative disorders, Cassie now follows her true passion to help others lead a healthier, more confident and empowered fit life.

Nicole Pillow

has inspired and educated audiences over the past two decades as a former commentator for Ebony Fashion Fair by Ebony Magazine (world's largest traveling fashion show) and Eagle University in Dallas, Texas. Nicole currently works as a media ambassador for Weight Watchers and an education director for Tapestry, a non-profit organization which helps women in crisis. As the founder and visionary for Inner Beauty Project, a faith-based series of events, she provides principles and practical applications for women to become their most confident selves.

Kathryn Mayer

has spent the last two decades making women look and feel their best as a certified, licensed senior medical aesthetician at Spalon Montage. She also practices as a Thai massage therapist for Core Power Yoga. Kathryn focuses sessions on educating her clients and helping them find what works best for their skin. Whether they are concentrating on anti-aging, problematic skin or just great moisturizing facials, she has some of the best advice. Kathryn simply loves making women feel beautiful in their skin.

Annie Meehan

has captivated large audiences across the country for years as a powerful keynote speaker who not only motivates, but awakens her audiences to take action in their lives. As the middle child of seven children raised by a single mom, she uses her personal childhood and life experiences to inspire others. Annie has been a guest on Oprah, Twin Cites Live, and KARE11. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, a graduate of their apprentice program and a certified life coach. Author of 3 books: Paths, Detours and Possibilities, Be the Exception, and Be the Exception Bible Study.

Char Dobbs

has combined her passion for fashion and empowering others to help women build a wardrobe that authentically reflects who they are — personality, lifestyle, and goals. As owner and style consultant of Char Style and Image Management Consulting, LLC, she offers her clients personal packages, concierge services as well as a Wine & Wardrobe Series full of fashion tips. Originally from an engineering background, Char now helps clients identify their unique style, release what no longer works, and build-on what makes them feel their best.

Janaya Martin

has journeyed through life as a talented poet harboring words in the dark crevices of her heart. She uses poetry as a tool to heal past wounds and to give her heart a voice. In between writing, Janaya is raising three children, works full-time at the University of Minnesota and hosts a monthly reading series, Writers Read, in northeast Minneapolis. Her poems have appeared in Oddball Magazine, The Grief Diaries, The Real Us and AutoAnatta. Author of Tiptoe and Whisper.

Hillary Kline

has graced the cameras and the red carpet with her witty personality as one of Minneapolis’ red carpet hosts for Hita & Hill. Hilary is also spreading her wings in the makeup industry with her brand Haute Hills. With beauty articles featured in Bustle, Living Magazine to mention a few, along with YouTube tutorials, she is making a name for herself. A public relations gal by day and former TV producer with WLUK-TV, Hillary uses her free time to make women feel beautiful.

Lisa Harris

has defined strategies, guided product development, and led marketing initiatives for over eighteen years in Corporate America. Today, Lisa’s passion is to inspire, heal and support women in order to reach their highest potential. She holds a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Wisconsin and is an active member of the Wisconsin Business Alumni Board. Currently, the founder and creative director of Fashion Meets Poetry, author of Unveiled Beauty: Handwritten Stories from a Poetic Heart, and host of a new empowerment series, Unveiled Beauty: Cultivating YOU.

Tressie Schneider

has transformed her deep love for beauty and fashion into a successful thirteen year career as a fashion editor, stylist and makeup artist. Tressie is the artistic director and creator of Trending with Tressie, a beauty & fashion website and online boutique as well as the editor of The Trend Report, a high fashion editorial magazine. She has also worked on many published editorials and at New York Fashion Week. Soon-to-be author of Live Life Fabulously: A Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Guide.

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Cambria Gallery on 7th

625 2nd Ave S #101

Minneapolis, MN 55402

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