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Family Constellations: Detoxing and Healing Family Pain

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Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

850 W Ann Arbor Trail

Plymouth, Michigan 48170

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Where Does Family Pain and/or Drama Come From?

Family pain and/or drama and unconscious limits to success often stem initially from the unresolved and many times unspoken traumas, tragedies and transgressions that weave themselves into the energy, “fabric” and family conversations. Entanglements and trapped energy is what can often limit (unconsciously) the flow of LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS & PROSPERITY.

These unconscious limits in our mind can give rise to:

Feelings and actions that block financial success
Lack of progress in career or business
Restrictive gender role perceptions
Family Conflict & Relationship Issues
Limiting beliefs and behavior patterns
Health issues including addictions & unwanted habits
Debt and lack of forgiveness
Limited Access To Confidence, Patience, Peace & Other Resources
Lack of clarity and/or ability to act on opportunities

This Experience Will Help You:

Identify & move beyond limiting family patterns
Clear your mind & let go of what’s holding you back
Right the energy in your family system
Find a new way for deep healing
Become free from unconscious roadblocks
Have different perspectives that will make it easier for you
create shifts in all areas of your life!
Develop new empowering beliefs, actions & results

Based On The Systemic Family Constellations Approach from Bert Helinger.

Here's what others have to say:

"Family Constellations was life changing for me. I see people differently. I have more patience with everyone. I'm letting go of other peoples' drama and its helping me create a more peaceful self. Thanks Vince and Bob."

Mary Schriro, Massage Therapist & Doula

"These workshops with Vince & Bob are AMAZING. Before attending this last one, a family issue was painfully weighing on my heart. We did the process and the magic worked again because we were all so happy to see each other at Christmas. I'm so grateful to everyone who attended this last one.

Diane Simmons, Business Owner
Total Health Colon Care & TLS Weight Management Coach

I attended one of the first workshops with Bob and Vince. In less than a hour, my process around abundance was complete. In the days following, I received a check for $10,000 from a brand new client.

Tom Borg, Small Business Consultant

I was very impressed with the Constellation Class that Vince & Bob facilitated. Their genuine concern and skills helped to create a space for healing and nonjudgement. I realized I had gained a greater sense of acceptance with myself & my family. I'd recommend this class to anyone looking for Freedom from old hurts & Happiness - Lori Ann Jones, Nashville Tennessee


Robert B. Auerbach
Certified Family Constellation Facilitator
Rolf Structural Integration

Vince Anthony Pitre

Licensed Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist

Online Franchise Developer


PS: Representatives can reap just as much benefit as if they've experienced a FULL Constellation. This is a new format with double the healing & integration time making this experience very efficient insofar as investment & value is adding up, so we really encourage you to go for it!

PSS: Please bring a light healthy lunch. Plenty of healthy snacks and beverages will be provided.

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Date and Time


Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

850 W Ann Arbor Trail

Plymouth, Michigan 48170

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